Wagging the Dog’s – A Tail Of Venus and Pluto.

There is a system in astrology called the Sabian Symbols where each degree of the Zodiac has its own image. These pictures are intriguing in some ways but Capricorn Research would have liked symbols that were less new agey with a bit more edge to them.

I’ve often thought of giving my own versions for aspects.

If so Venus in Taurus opposite Pluto in Scorpio would surely mean being married to someone who shags grannies in his spare time.

And maybe Venus in Capricorn square Pluto would be being married to someone who looks like a rat but has lots of money.

Coleen Rooney has a T Square based on that Venus / Pluto opposition focusing onto an apex Moon and is married to England’s top scorer both on the pitch and in geriatric brothels.

Needless to say husband Wayne has the Sun at 1 Scorpio conjunct Pluto himself.

Rebekah Vardy has Venus at 24 Capricorn ( conjunct husband Jamie’s Sun ) and square to a thoroughly nasty Mars / Saturn / Pluto conjunction also enjoyed by Kim Jong Un.

These two nobodies are in the news at the moment because Vardy is sueing Rooney for libel because she accused her of sharing her private Instagram stories with that bastion of journalistic nobility, Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper.

Rooney has claimed ” she knew Vardy was responsible because she had blocked everyone except an account belonging to Vardy from seeing her Instagram stories ” and these ones ended up in Rupert’s gutter.

Very appropriately given the Venus / Pluto connection with detectives and hidden motivations this has been termed the ” Wagatha Christie trial “.

In fact Agatha Christie herself had Venus in Scorpio quincunx Pluto.

Most conveniently this all came to light just as transit Pluto and Saturn were conjunct Rebekah Vardy’s Venus.

Vardy has brought the case in order to clear her name, no doubt employing a top barrister to do so.

Shame then, that she didn’t employ a top astrologer who would have prevented this trial appearing during the nastiest eclipse for years with an apex Saturn falling on her Sun.

Because its not going very well.

In Australia we have another high profile case where the country’s most decorated ” war hero “, 6 planets in Scorpio, Ben Roberts Smith is bringing a suit against news outlets that have accused him of being a war criminal.

Saturn’s transits during the trial have shown Smith up for being exactly what he is.

Whether the same is happening for Rebekah Vardy, Capricorn Research couldn’t possibly comment.

But perhaps the Sabian Symbols were right after all as the degree of Vardy’s Sun ( 28 Aquarius ) says ” A tree felled and sawed “

And maybe the one for her Venus offers her the best advice from here – ” A woman entering a convent “

Of course, Coleen Rooney has yet to experience her own Pluto / Venus transits.

Over the next 3 years Pluto will be square to her Venus and probably conjunct her Moon.

Maybe she will start writing top selling crime novels or perhaps Wayne will get the United manager’s job ( they’ve given it to everyone else) .

More likely he’ll be onto great grannies by then.

Posted on May 13th 2022