Christophe Anguin – Around the World in 105 Days

For the best part of 40 years, Capricorn Research has been studying astrology and is pleased to admit that he is still learning and discovering new stuff daily. The main thing that is being learnt however is how wonderfully simple the subject is.

Essentially the study of astrology is about putting your own ego and preconceptions to one side and simply observing what is. After all we are talking about a subject that was widely understood by most people for millennia. All that was required was to look up at the sky.

The only reason people don’t understand and use astrology today is because they’ve got there heads already stuffed full of all kinds of irrelevant nonsense.

I’ve long been convinced that its easy to prove astrology works. The only problem is people will not accept it no matter how much evidence you put before their eyes.

A simple experiment could be conducted by getting a collection of say 100 charts with biographies that were previously unknown to an astrologer. The astrologer would be allowed to group them in pairs, making the choice of two charts as  different from each other as possible. Then they would be required to pick which one fitted with which of the two biographies.

You could even use the same pairings with lots of different astrologers. Capricorn Research is convinced this would bring a success rate of at least 80% and therefore prove that it works.

When I used to teach astrology to beginners, I would run a competition like this at the end of the course. Even complete novices would get it right almost every time.

Christophe Anguin’s is the kind of chart that I’d choose.

Anguin was a French sailor, the winner of the boat challenge in Sydney who completed the Vendée Globe single-handed non-stop race around the world. In doing so, he set a new course record of 105 days, 20 hours, 31 minutes and 23 seconds, more than three and a half days better than the previous record. Auguin is considered to be one of the greatest single-handed sailors of all time.

Christophe Anguin


Long distance travel is a very specific symbol in astrology. It is ruled by one planet – Jupiter, one sign – Sagittarius and one house – the 9th.

So for someone whose life was so focused on travel, its very appropriate that Christophe Anguin had the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th house. As he was a competitive traveller is only natural that he should have Mars there as well.

The one man against nature theme of Anguin’s achievements would be reinforced by his Moon in the pioneering and assertively singular sign Aries in the 1st house.

The fact that it was sailing is confirmed by the three planets in Water signs, Mercury and a Venus / Neptune conjunction in Scorpio and an Ascendant in Pisces.

To give even more power to his achievement, his Mars is the apex of a T square based on an opposition between the Ascendant and Pluto.

So when would this all occur. Regular readers of this site are accustomed to Pluto’s aspects to the Sun as being the turning point in someone’s life and are probably already expecting the conjunction to be the one that won him the record.

Pluto was conjunct Anduin’s Sun in 2001 – 2 when he retired from competitive sailing, which when you think of it was a major life change for him.

As Pluto was part of his T Square closely square Mars we would actually expect his greatest competitive achievement to be made when it came to make the conjunction with the red planet by transit.

Christophe Anguin broke the round the world record on 17th February 1997 with Pluto conjunct his Mars.

Astrology is utterly simple, the only problem is that we are too complicated to see it.



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