Jackie Coogan – From the Kid to Uncle Fester

Fifty years ago, as members of Capricorn Research’s generation will never cease to remind you, TV watching was not the same as it is now. Amazingly we didn’t have instant access to every programme ever recorded, in fact we had the choice of two channels and everybody’s viewing experience was the same. Fortunately during the sixties these two managed to come up with a diet of bizarre kids programmes that kept us glued to our sofas.

We all know that this decade is famous for the copious amounts of LSD that was consumed particularly in the US. From a young Capricorn Research’s perspective acid seemed to be main driver of American kids TV at the time.

It is a well known astrological law that because the US chart has the Sun in Cancer, every TV series and film has to be based somehow on ‘ The Family ‘. But the Uranus / Pluto conjunction of the mid 1960s took the family type in a tangential direction that would have startled even Timothy Leary.

Gone were the 1950s clean cut, suburban, how to do it programmes like ” Father Knows Best “, to be replaced by one where the father figure’s mother had died and reincarnated as his car and continued to plague his life by constantly giving him unwanted advice. We had a horse that could talk, an uncle from Mars who could move household objects around by pointing at them and a mother who could do the same by irritatingly doing that thing with her nose, but most of all we had the original ” Addams Family “.

The Addamses are a satire of the ideal American family; an eccentric, wealthy clan who delight in the ghoulish and the macabre and are unaware that people find them bizarre or frightening. The running joke is that everything is basically inverted, anything that ordinary people would find scary and horrible would be luxury to the Addamses and vice versa.

The head of the family was the extremely wealthy Gomez who played the stock market for the joy of losing money. His wife was the vampirish looking Morticia, and their children Pugsley and Wednesday who spent most of the time trying to torture and murder each other in the most peculiar ways. There was Grandmama, a witch and Lurch, a 6 ft 9 inch Frankenstein butler figure, Thing, a disembodied hand and Cousin Itt with long hair that covered the whole of his body to the floor. But the character that everyone loved best was Uncle Fester.

Fester was the most peculiar looking bald, barrel shaped man with strange sunken eyes and a manic crazy grin. He always wore a shabby floor length coat and his trademark was to place a lightbulb in his mouth which then lights up. Fester was always blowing things up and for relaxation he would sleep on a bed of nails or insert his head into a large book press, or be stretched on a wooden torture rack.

The character Fester was played by Jackie Coogan who auditioned for the role after shaving his own head, doing his own makeup, and creating his own costume.

At one point during the shooting of an scene the child actor playing Pugsley was not attending to the script. Coogan said, “Hey, kid, pay attention. I made a law for you.”

This law came from a previous incarnation when Uncle Fester was a Kid himself.

Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan was the original child film star whose first screen appearance was at the age of 18 months. This is shown by the Moon ( ruling children )  in Aquarius ( film and TV technology ) in the 5th house ( of acting ) in conjunction with Uranus ( sudden breakthrough ) and Jupiter ( great success and acclaim ).

His most famous young role was as The Kid with Charlie Chaplin and as the Moon was conjunct Jupiter he quickly became one of Hollywood’s highest paid stars.

There was just one problem however. The Moon / Jupiter / Uranus was opposite Neptune, a planet that has a way of making things mysteriously disappear.

Coogan’s parents had held his income in trust and in 1935 when he was 21 he was due to receive £ 4m. His father, however was killed in a car crash and his mother and step-father spent most of the money on such extravagances as fur coats, diamonds, and expensive cars. Coogan’s mother stated, “No promises were ever made to give Jackie anything. Every dollar a kid earns before he is 21 belongs to his parents. Jackie will not get a cent of his earnings”.

Coogan’s Moon / Neptune opposition is part of a Tsquare that focuses onto the Sun in Scorpio in the 2nd house of money. So his parents ( Moon ) extravagantly ( conjunct Jupiter ) did a disappearing act ( opposite Neptune ) with his money ( Sun in the 2nd ).

Coogan sued them in 1938, but, after legal expenses, received only $126,000 (US$2,111,000 in 2014) of the approximately $250,000 remaining of his earnings.

His subsequent litigation against them led to the passage of the “Coogan Act”, a California law which was designed to protect the interests of child actors.

Pluto was square to Coogan’s Sun in 1938 marking the turning point in his life and creating the law to benefit all future California ‘ Kids ‘.

Pluto made one other transit to his Sun in 1984 when he died of a heart attack.

The only other aspect was its conjunction to his Ascendant in 1966 during the Addams family run.

There is of course another way of looking at the symbolism in Jackie Coogan’s chart. Scorpio is certainly the scariest of all signs, its no coincidence that Halloween falls then. Scorpio is all about the dark depths and things that go bump in the night clearly  belong under its rulership.

Neptune is the planet of ghosts and spectres and things that can’t be explained.

Aquarius and particularly Uranus rules electricity and someone with the Moon conjunct Uranus and Jupiter in Aquarius might conceivably be able to generate their own.

So the Moon / Uranus / Jupiter opposite Neptune square to an apex Sun in Scorpio is clearly Uncle Fester with or without the LSD.


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