Nice House System You’ve Got There, Be A Shame If Anything Were To Happen To It – Exposing Astrology’s Profection Racket

There comes a time ( usually quite early on ) in every astrologer’s career where they realise the sheer awesome power of their subject.

For me this was a very specific date – 4th May 1979.

I had immersed myself totally in astrology 4 years previously and already had many clients but up to that point I still saw it as mainly a form of gaining psychological insight into character.

But I learnt more about astrology from this one chart than any other before or since. Despite the fact that I despised the owner more than anyone else that I have ever come across ( yes even more than Donald Trump ).

What I learnt can be crystallised into 4 main points.

  1. Sun sign astrology is rubbish
  2. Aspects are the most important thing in the subject
  3. The apex planet(s) of a T Square is the strongest indicator of the main direction of a person’s life.
  4. Pluto transits are overwhelmingly the most powerful thing that can happen to anyone.

In the 40 + years since then I have studied hundreds of thousands of birth charts and tested many astrological techniques and theories both modern and traditional.

And nothing I have come across in all that work has come anywhere near to challenging the above 4 tenets.

In Thatcher’s case

  1. She’s a Libran ffs
  2. Sun conjunct Mars – Iron Fist, Moon Leo conjunct Neptune – delusions of being the Queen, Saturn conjunct Scorpio Ascendant – ruthless authoritarian, Mars square Pluto – serial killer.
  3. Twin apex Sun conjunct Mars – all of 2. In spades.
  4. Pluto was conjunct the old bag’s Sun in May 1979, when she became UK Prime Minister, the first female political leader of any of the major world powers. This is also a transit that is so rare that the majority of people would never have it in their whole lives.

So there it is. Astrology is that simple.

Or at least it is if you stick with Sun, Moon and 8 planets and give very powerful weight to the transits of the slower moving ones.

But astrology is full of all kinds of theories and techniques that profess to widen and deepen our understanding but in actual practice merely serve to distract us from the key points and don’t actually add anything at all.

In many cases this distraction can lead us to seriously misunderstand what is actually in front of us.

Recent years has seen a form of Hellenistic astrology become fashionable.

They state that Whole Sign Houses rather than Quadrant systems is the correct way to go.

Many traditional astrologers refuse to use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and those that do downgrade their effects, largely ignoring the incredible power of their transits

So having stripped themselves of 60 % of their capacity to predict anything of any significance ( they still pay homage to Jupiter and Saturn ), they put forward a system of Profections to identify which of the remaining planets’ transits are the most significant during any particular year of the native’s life.

As with any new or old techniques put forward, most of the conclusions made are subjective in the extreme. There may be a few accompanying examples often taken from the writer’s own personal experience, but very few of these are about a specific verifiable event in the life of a famous person.

And once these methods are actually tested in this way they quickly evaporate into the thin air that they were plucked from.

Elections to high political office are a very good test of the predictive value of any technique, because when someone first becomes President or Prime Minister, it is obviously the peak moment of their own life.

If this leader is the first woman to reach the top political job in any major country, you would expect astrology to show this very clearly.

So if you are peddling a method like Profections, you would expect the year that they attained that office to point very powerfully to it.

And if it consistently doesn’t do that you would think the method should be shelved or at least altered to take note of this fact.

In fact Whole Sign Houses and Profections has a very poor record for predicting these type of events.

The Presidential election of 2016 offered a perfect opportunity as the Democrats put up the first woman candidate for the office

By any normal house system, Hilary Clinton has a 12th house Sun with Venus in square to a very close conjunction of her joint rulers, Mars and Pluto in the 9th house.

This in itself would indicate that her own ceiling would be Secretary of State and that she would make her name in foreign affairs.

This would be confirmed by her transits in 2009 when she was appointed to that role by Barack Obama.

She had Pluto sextile her Sun and Uranus conjunct her Moon at the time.

In November 2016, Clinton had no major transits at all.

In fact the inauguration in January 2017 occurred with Saturn square to her Moon, so there was no reason for any astrologer to predict her beating Donald Trump.

If we use WSH, however

With this ” house system ” Clinton has a 1st house Sun ( despite the fact that it was clearly visible above the horizon at the moment of her birth ) and Venus in square to a Mars / Pluto / Saturn conjunction in the 10th house, making the top job much more likely.

Furthermore, the election occurred just after Hillary’s 69th birthday, making it 10th house profection year, with the Sun as the ” Lord “.

Consequently all of the modern day Hellenist astrologers predicted Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump and become the first woman POTUS.

Regular readers of these articles will not need reminding that I predicted a Trump victory 18 months before it happened, way before he had received the Republican nomination and backed him at 40 / 1 at the bookies.

There were a number reasons for this but the main one was that Uranus ( the planet that is conjunct his Sun in his natal 10th house ) was transiting sextile that Sun and trine his Moon at the time.

But of course many traditional astrologers do not use Uranus and the ones that do are unable to recognise its power in transit.

The 2016 humiliation for Hell – enism was so great that most of their big bosses refused to commit themselves to predicting a winner in 2020.

The strange thing is that they were so surprised to get 2016 wrong as I have documented the failures of WSH and Profections to point to the winners in the Presidential elections going back to John F Kennedy.

For details see Electing The President – Profection Or Perfection ?

You would think that in the light of such failure, the Hellenists would retreat licking their wounds, but in the last few years there has been a takeover of astrotwitter that would be comparable to a mafia family moving into a town and bringing all the businesses under control through thinly disguised threats and racketeering.

Now Whole Sign Houses is the system of choice by many who would never have touched it previously and reverence is paid to the Godfather of Profection himself.

No-one seems to have subjected these methods to any kind of statistical testing and memories of 2016 have been eradicated.

Maybe it’s because I’m a triple Capricorn, but I need evidence of a technique actually working before I start responding to extortion.

So how would these methods have affected a prediction for Margaret Thatcher in 1979 ?

First of all, WSH would have placed Thatcher’s Sun and Mars in the 12th house which according to traditional astrologers is the weakest of all, so seriously questioning her credentials of ever becoming the first female leader of a world power.

She was 53 when elected PM, so this would have been a 6th house Profection year, again not conducive to changing history.

Mars is the WSH 6th house ruler and it was transiting that house. It was also opposite Thatcher’s Sun for the few days before the election.

There were no significant transits to Mars.

It is therefore extremely unlikely that any traditional astrologer using these methods would have picked Margaret Thatcher as PM in 1979.

For that you would have had to recognise the power of Pluto transits, which is never going to happen.

To this day, Margaret Thatcher’s 11 year reign in the UK still represents a peak for female politicians.

There is probably only one that could challenge her.

With a 7th house Cancer stellium and Neptune conjunct the MC you wouldn’t necessarily pick Angela Merkel as the dominant force in German politics for the last 15 years.

But appropriately she is known as Mutti, the mother of the whole nation.

And like Princess Diana, who also made a powerful impact as a woman in a man’s world, her 7th house Cancer Sun is combined with a 2nd house Moon in Aquarius together with Sagittarius rising.

As ever the key is in the aspects.

Merkel has a tight Sun / Uranus conjunction which forms a close square to the 10th house Neptune.

As planets in the 10th house, Neptune and Saturn would inevitably be key players in her career.

In November 2005, Angela Merkel became Chancellor of Germany with the transiting Neptune conjunct her Moon and Saturn conjunct her Sun.

Two very simple facts that would be entirely missed if you used WSH

Neptune and Saturn have been elbowed out of Merkel’s 10th by the Whole Sign mob.

The election occurred in Merkel’s 52nd year with a 4th house profection.

Which given that she was a Cancer anyway would suggest that she was more likely to stay at home in 2005, particularly since Saturn ( in her 12th by WHS ) was conjunct her Sun at the time.

And given that 15 years later, Angela Merkel is still in charge in Germany, this is another political humiliation for the Ancient Greek mafia.

Although she was less well known, Julia Gillard becoming the first female Prime Minister of Australia was just as much of a breakthrough as the two above.

Julia Gillard shares the Sun Libra, Ascendant Scorpio combination with Thatcher.

Gillard’s Sun is in the career house 10th by Placidus.

She became PM in 2010 with Pluto ( her ruling planet ) transiting square to her Sun.

And WSH ?

This pushes Gillard’s Sun into the weak and feeble ( by traditional assessment ) 12th house making her unlikely to be strong enough to break through a couple of centuries of Aussie macho tradition.

The election fell in Gillard’s 49th year making it a 1st house profection, with Mars as the timelord.

Mars was at the time transiting through Virgo in the WSH 11th

But no self respecting traditional mob boss would predict a win from this chart.

In doing this research, I have obviously not used the charts of first women leaders where no reliable birth time is given, so people like Israel’s Golda Meir and Ireland’s Mary Robinson have to be excluded.

I have also not used leaders like Indira Gandhi and Isabel Peron who were members of first political families and came to power owing to the death of a husband or other family member.

One reason put forward for the use of WSH is that in far northerly latitudes the houses get more and more distorted in quadrant systems.

This is a fair point, but the answer is a simple one. Use equal house for latitudes above 50 – 55 degrees. At least that system is based on the Ascendant as the start of house 1.

But even in cases like this, Placidus is still a better predictor than WSH

Norway’s first female Prime Minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland came to power in February 1981.

Even though the above chart looks distorted owing to a latitude of nearly 60 degrees north, the fact is that the Midheaven is still the point directly above, and Uranus was conjunct Brundtland’s MC at the time.

But a 6th house profection year with Mercury as timelord says nothing at all about this major breakthrough.

So why is it that in all of these cases, WSH makes it much less likely that these women would make it to the top and the profection years are miles out ?

Maybe these old school types just don’t like strong women.

Or perhaps their methods don’t actually work.

When profection doesnt cover it, the syndicate comes up with another method – Zodiacal Releasing.

This is a convoluted system based on the Arabic parts, particularly the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of Spirit.

Its important to know at the outset that Arabic parts don’t actually exist, they are points on the Zodiac that are calculated by adding and subtracting the degree numbers of planets and / or points.

The Lot of Fortune is the degree position of the Ascendant + that of the Moon – that of the Sun for daytime births with the Sun and Moon reversed for night time ones.

The Lot of Spirit is the other way round.

There are many other Arabic parts. There is the Part of Death – Ascendant + Mars – Saturn, a Part of Love – Ascendant + Venus – Sun, a Part of Fame – Ascendant + Jupiter – Sun.

There’s no limit really, you can just make up your own.

Do they actually work ?

Well they spectacularly failed to predict Donald Trump’s victory over Hilary Clinton in 2016.

So why did the Arabs or the Greeks or whoever come up with them in the first place and why are the mafia still using them today ?

The answer to the first part of that question is simple, the second part is more complicated.

The ancients were only aware of the Sun, Moon and 5 planets.

All bar two of these bodies move quickly and their transiting influence is too short to have any impact on or real connection with major life events.

So that leaves just Jupiter and Saturn.

Good or bad, expansion or contraction.

And this alone is really not enough to explain the kinds of things that can happen to people, even in the simpler times of those days.

If these astrologers had been aware of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto they would certainly have used them and this would have given them enough of a transit range to cover the vast majority of things that can happen on Earth.

But these three hadn’t been discovered yet, so they were forced to invent other things to try and explain phenomena that seemed to be out of the range of the traditional seven.

Why astrologers these days would choose to similarly limit themselves is very strange indeed. Its like deliberately giving up 60% of your predictive power and possibility.

Maybe it is just a yearning for simpler times.

Over the last century, astrology has become more complex and psychological. The subject has moved away from the old time religious / binary issues.

There have been efforts made to try and understand the many different shades of expression that come from the planets placements in different signs and not simply talk in terms of good and bad, strong and weak, dignity and detriment.

Perhaps traditional astrologers feel more comfortable with this narrow framework and focus on right and wrong.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that gender seems to play a part.

When we look back in history, the leading astrologers were all male, just like the leading lights in most subjects.

In the last half century or so the move towards a more varied psychological approach to astrology has been mainly led by female astrologers. This has been parallel to the larger impact of women in all careers and walks of life.

Most of the leaders and influencers in the traditional astrology world are men.

Traditional astrology has a much stronger investment in Day / Night, positive / negative aspects of the subject.

And the ” positive ” signs are masculine, the ” negative ” ones are feminine.

So maybe this move towards traditional astrology is led by men who are keen to hark back to times when the male / female roles were much more clearly defined and women knew their place.

I can think of a number of examples of leaders in the traditional astrology field who have the Sun in Scorpio and are reluctant to acknowledge Pluto as their ruler.

They would much rather be associated with the God of War, Mars rather than the God of the Underworld.

But we all know what Scorpio is really like.

And we’ve seen the Sopranos, a bunch of middle aged fat blokes who feel that modern life is a threat to their masculinity and their notions of ” family life ” and ” how things were always done in the past “.

Traditional astrologers can hide behind these notions if they like, but thanks to the discoveries of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the rest of us have grown up.

We don’t need your profection racket.

Posted November 29 2020