Will Ellen DeGeneres Become A Depleted Uranian ?

The rulership of Aquarius has been a problem for astrologers. Is it Saturn, as the traditionalists would have it ? Or is it Uranus ? Or even both ?

In some areas of astrology this argument matters a great deal.

If we are doing a horary and Aquarius is rising or even on the cusp of the house of the thing enquired about, it is important which of these two planets is used as a significator.

As horary is a traditional art, it’s a fair bet that most practitioners would say Saturn and dismiss the newcomer out of hand.

But then most astrologers are either theorists or romantics.

Capricorn Research is neither. As the sign indicates I am a pragmatist.

If given a horary with Aquarius significant I will look at the condition of both Saturn and Uranus and decide which one fits the clients situation best and use that one.

In some cases both are relevant and can help with different aspects of the question.

Horary has strict rules but it is driven by the moment that the astrologer receives a question. Therefore the client has chosen that particular astrologer to ask so it’s likely that they will do so at a time which fits with that astrologers own instincts around planetary rulership.

When astrology is used in divination, and horary belongs in this sphere, it is each to his or her own.

Natal astrology is different however.

To try and understand Aquarius in a natal chart  without any reference to Uranus is ridiculous, only the most hipster of astrologers would defend such a position.

On the other hand, to deny Saturn’s influence completely would be wrong too.

Again the pragmatic route is the one that makes sense.

Assess the chart of each individual Aquarian in terms of the relative strengths of Saturn and Uranus and then decide.

One who definitely fits the Uranian picture is Ellen DeGeneres



Ellen’s Aquarian Sun is closely opposite Uranus. This is the placing of a rebel.

It’s true that she has Saturn in the 10th house, so it will have an impact on her life, particularly through her career, but Ellen is primarily a Uranian.

This is particularly so in her love life.

Ellen’s Venus is at 9.46 Aquarius – exactly, to the minute in opposition to Uranus.

There is no clear astrological gay signature, but there are some things that would be expected to feature.

Anyone with such an aspect is bound to find that their love life falls outside the conventional norms.

To some degree this could be backed up by Mars’ conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius. It’s as if this aspect is saying that society’s expectations in terms of sexual expression would be seen as deeply frustrating and a repression of her true nature.

In fact my collection of 390 charts of lesbians shows the Mars / Saturn conjunction to come up more than twice as often as would be expected.

This would also be confirmed by transits as well.

Anyone with Uranus in opposition to a major point in their chart would experience a powerful change in their life when the planet made a transit to conjunct it. This would occur around the 40th birthday.

Both Uranus and Jupiter were conjunct Ellen’s Sun in 1997 when she came out.

This would be the most powerful transit of her life to date.

But Uranus was playing a part long before that. It was opposite her Moon in 1973 when her parents separated.

Her breakthrough as a stand up comedian came on the Tonight show in 1986 when Pluto was square to her Sun ( the only transit it has made to date ).

Then in 2004, Ellen met Portia.

Pluto was conjunct Ellen’s Mars, and the extraordinary thing was it was conjunct Portia’s too.


Ellen and Portia have gobsmacking synastry.

Both are Aquarians with their Suns in conjunction.

Portia has a Moon / Mars / Ascendant conjunction which is right on Ellen’s Mars / Saturn conjunction.

Despite the fact that there is 15 years difference in their ages, they both have exact Venus / Uranus challenging aspects.

Ellen has the opposition as explained before and Portia has the square at 23 Libra / Capricorn.

Neptune went through Portia’s Moon / Ascendant combination when her father died when she was 9 years old.

Portia’s own Uranian turning point came in 1998 when her part in Ally McBeal gave her global attention with Uranus conjunct her Sun.

For most of her career, Ellen DeGeneres has enjoyed a strong positive coverage in the media. Over the last few months this has taken a turn for the worse.

Uranus is currently square to her Sun so her life has indeed been disrupted by the current crisis.

Uranus will move on to conjunct her Venus and Portia’s Sun over the next year or so. This could cause trouble in paradise.

Some unexpected development is on the cards, perhaps a separation.

Recently Ellen has been panned for complaining about the problems of social distancing from her vast mansion.

This has also given the opportunity for other complaints about the way she ignores many of her guests when they are not in front of the cameras.

It seems that this particularly Aquarian is all very Uranus when having a laugh on TV but comes over all Saturn behind the scenes.

These complaints have come up now because Saturn is heading her way.

The Dark planet has moved into Aquarius and will be conjunct Ellen’s Sun next year.

We are about to see a very depleted Uranian.

So much so that traditional astrologers will probably start using Ellen DeGeneres as an example of Saturn ruling Aquarius.



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