When The Sun Is In The 7th House And Jupiter Aligns With Mars…..

If there’s one media astrology theme I hate more than anything else its all the bullshit surrounding the supposedly approaching Age Of Aquarius.

According to some airheads we will all be hugging trees and performing witchy ceremonies in the woods in a socialist hippy utopia and that it’s all about to start at the end of this year when Jupiter and Saturn move into the sign.

Of course these same people were heralding the same stuff for the year 1997 when Jupiter and Uranus entered Aquarius.

What happened was we got Tony Blair with the transit Uranus conjunct his 10th house Moon in the sign and rather than moving forward as suggested in the ” Things Can Only Get Better ” Labour manifesto, what we actually got was the Iraq War and a half decent attempt to revive the Crusades.

This is the trouble with Aquarians. They are very big on politically and spiritually correct PR, but when it comes to it, they are just as reactionary as the rest of us, only more dogmatic.

For every Angela Davis, I’ll give you a Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney and Nicolai Ceausescu.

So when the bubble brains forecast peace and love for the next 2400 years, what will actually happen is we will all die in an environmental catastrophe and / or the world will be run by robots.

And that song ” The Age Of Aquarius ” ?

It was written by Jerome Ragni who actually had the Moon in Aquarius in the 7th house and a Mars / Jupiter alignment in Scorpio.

Just another Aquarian bigging himself up then.

What they are good at is calling themselves gurus and persuading others to do their dirty work for them.

And some times that work is very dirty indeed.

Karin Aparo was an Aquarian violinist from Glastonbury. What could possibly go wrong ?

The Mars / Jupiter / Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius in the 5th shows the musical talent but this is not what she became known for.

I have often found that people with a 7th house Sun and particularly with planets right on the Descendant have their lives dominated by the themes of their partner.

Karin’s Mercury is right on the 7th cusp and it was her capacity to persuade her lover to do something that dominated hers.

What was that ?

The clue is in the quincunx aspect between the Sun and Moon in conjunction with Pluto.

Karin Aparo urged her boyfriend ( Sun in 7th ) to kill ( Pluto ) her mother Joyce ( Moon ) because she was apparently trying to keep them apart.

Dennis Coleman was the obsessed killer.

Coleman was a Sun Pisces with two difficult T squares.

One including a Mars / Saturn conjunction in Aries opposite Uranus focusing onto a Capricorn Moon.

This would already be suggesting a sudden ( Uranus ) act of violence ( Mars / Saturn in Aries ) to an older ( Capricorn ) woman ( Moon ).

The second is his Sun / Jupiter opposition aiming at an apex Neptune on the 8th house cusp of death.

Dennis Coleman strangled Joyce Aparo when the two apex planets met. In August 1987 Neptune was conjunct his Moon.

Coleman was sentenced to 34 years.

Aparo was found not guilty of being an accessory and conspiracy to murder. She managed to talk her way out of it.

Typical Aquarius. When the Sun is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars you can literally get away with murder.

Posted Sep 6th 2020


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