Can Brooklyn Bend It Like A Beckham ?

Apparently Arsenal have agreed to sign Brooklyn Beckham to their youth setup when the teenager turns 16 in March. To get him the Gunners reportedly fended off interest from both Manchester United and Chelsea.

Its difficult to know exactly what this means, whether Brooklyn is a serious prospect or the clubs that are interested in him are just looking at the publicity it will bring. If Arsenal do sign him up its a no lose situation for them.

But it has got Capricorn Research thinking about sons following their fathers into football. Are the skills and attitude required to make it in professional football genetic, or are they more to do with factors in early experience and upbringing or are they astrological ?

Many sons of famous footballers have tried but failed to live up to the pressure of following in their footsteps. If it was purely genetic, you would expect a lot more successful father / son teams than there have been.

You might think the obvious way to lower expectations would be to ply your trade at a different club, but that was definitely not the case for the Clough family.

Brian Clough

Whether or not Brian Clough was the greatest ever manager is hard to say, but in his own words he was certainly ” in the top one “. His achievement in taking 2nd division Nottingham Forest to win 2 European Cups is unparalleled and the astrology of it is documented in this article Clough and Taylor – The Greatest Managerial Double Act.

His style was particularly Arien, having the Sun, Venus and Uranus in the sign with a Moon / Mars conjunction. But the real skill was in motivation and getting players to run through walls for him. This undoubtedly came from the T Square Venus / Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra apex Pluto.

Clough’s managerial achievements disguised the fact that he was a prolific goalscorer in a career that was cut short by injury.

The man Cloughie referred to as his own centre forward, son Nigel spent most of his playing career at Forest and even followed his Dad as their manager as well as doing Derby County.

Nigel Clough

Nigel was not an Aries like Brian, he was a quiet understated Sun conjunct Saturn in Pisces. But his Sun, Mercury and Mars was conjunct his father’s Sun so this probably explains why he trod such a similar path. Though without so much success or noise.

Another example of a son following a famous father, not to the same club but certainly in the same position is that of the Scmeichel family.

Peter Schmeichel

Kaspar Scmeichel

Both Peter and Kaspar have the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Sagittarius. Peter has 6 planets between the two signs and Kaspar has 7.

They say the best goalkeepers are fearless, Peter has the Moon / Mars conjunction, Kaspar has the Sun / Pluto.

Like a number of people Capricorn Research has struggled to identify what it is about Harry Redknapp that makes him a successful manager, and to be perfectly honest his chart isn’t much help either.

Harry Redknapp

But with the Sun in the mysterious Pisces and the Moon in its own sideways shifting Cancer in square to the elusive Neptune, it’s very hard to get a handle on anyway.

Harry dislikes the caricature but a chart with that much Water does point to a fair amount of ducking and diving.

Harry’s Sun is trine his Moon, so whatever his methods are, by and large they work well for him.

Jamie Redknapp

Jamie Redknapp has the Sun in early Cancer, conjunct Harry’s Moon. This is an astrologically classic contact which shows the son inheriting his father’s touch. The fact that its Cancer reinforces the idea of a family dynasty.

In many ways Jamie’s chart is more typical of a successful footballer than his father’s. He has two T Squares.

Mars is in Aries in opposition to Pluto which focuses onto the apex Sun. This is a very powerful aspect giving great physical strength as well as skill.

His Moon is also in Aries opposite Uranus and this one focuses onto an apex Mercury / Venus opposition. This one is no doubt why he’s a prominent Sky pundit, that apex Mercury / Venus gives him the good looks and the gab for the role.

Both Harry and Jamie were attacking midfielders and it’s quite common for sons to play in their fathers positions but that wasn’t the case for the other side of the family.

Frank Lampard Sr

Frank Lampard Senior was a team mate of Harry’s at West Ham, a left back who made a few appearances for England.

Frank Sr has some similar patterns to his nephew. The Sun is the apex of a wide T square between Jupiter and Uranus.

His Moon is in Aries conjunct Jamie’s and Mars is in its own sign in square to Pluto. All good stuff for a tough tackling full back.

Frank Lampard

Frank Junior of course was an attacking midfielder, Chelsea’s record goalscorer and won a 100 caps for England.

Most of those goals were the result of arriving late in the box unnoticed and this is possibly evident in his chart. With the Sun in Gemini opposite to the Moon in Sagittarius, Frank’s role was all about movement rather than physical strength. As the Moon is conjunct Neptune you can just picture the words ” ghosting into the box “.

Frank’s Sun is square to his father’s and their Moons are in trine. Both Moons also aspect Pluto.

But no article on this subject could be complete without looking at the most successful pairing of all. The Maldini family of AC Milan and Italy. Both were defenders although Cesare played at centre back and Paolo was possibly the finest left back in world football history. Cesare went into a career in management which took him to the Italy national job whilst Paolo was the captain.

Cesare Maldini

Cesare has a stellium in Aquarius consisting of a close Sun / Mars conjunction with the Moon and Mercury conjunct as well.

Cesare’s Sun / Mars is in aspect with Jupiter by opposition.

Paolo Maldini

Paolo has a virtually identical stellium ( with Venus instead of Mercury ) but his is in the sign of Cancer.

Paolo’s Sun / Mars is in sextile with Jupiter. By the way a study of all 736 players at the 2014 World Cup showed the Mars / Jupiter sextile to be the most common aspect by far. This article explains more The Top Top Footballers Aspect.

So what accounts for the Maldini family success story, genetics or astrology. The truth is probably a bit of both.

What about Brooklyn then ? It appears that he favours the right side of midfield but can he seriously bend it like his Dad ?

Brooklyn Beckham

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries might suggest he has a good eye for a pass and the Sun in Pisces trine Mars in Scorpio suggests some good skills, but does this Sun with the Moon rising in Libra show the physical toughness required to succeed at the highest level ?

This is one aspect of David Beckham’s personna that sometimes gets overlooked.

David Beckham

Beckham senior has both the Sun and Ascendant in Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn and a T Square with an apex Saturn. That’s about as physically grounded and tough as they come. It also shows the incredible determination and work ethic that drove him to practice those free kicks over and over again.

David’s is not the chart of someone who is really obviously naturally talented, but it does show the persistence and strength of personality to make the most of what he has.

With all that Earth and Saturn it’s not surprising that he has earnt more money than any other footballer in history.

The Beckham boys will probably all want to follow in their famous father’s footsteps. Romeo might do ok as he has the Sun conjunct Mars in Virgo but with the Moon in Gemini and Libra rising.

Cruz is another Pisces with Moon in Cancer so with all three we have to ask questions about the desire to really make it to the top.

The youngest of all, daughter Harper Severn seems to be made of sterner stuff however with the Sun in Cancer, Scorpio Moon and Leo rising together with an imposing Grand Cross. She might break the caps record for England women in the very shirt that her name seems destined to wear.

So will Brooklyn make it at Arsenal ? The coming months will be a major turning point in his life because both Pluto and Uranus are aspecting that exact Moon / Venus opposition. But Capricorn Research can’t help thinking he’s being groomed for the wrong side of the family business.

With the Moon in Libra rising opposite Venus in Aries in the 7th, Brooklyn should surely be looking to follow his Mum, Victoria in whatever it is she does.


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