What is Going on at Real Madrid ?

It seems like only yesterday that Madrid were picking up their 3rd Champions League trophy in 4 seasons. The latest one came along with the La Liga title, a combination that they had not matched since the days of Di Stefano and Puskas.

Manager Zinedine Zidane could do no wrong, Cristiano Ronaldo was a shoe in for the Ballon D’Or and Real’s future European dominance looked assured by the progress of young stars like Isco and Marco Asensio.

They even began the current season in fine style, crushing their old rivals Barcelona in the Supercopa. It really seemed that we were in the middle of a period of Real domination not seen for 60 years.

Just a few months later, they find themselves 16 points behind Barcelona in La Liga. Even their European hegemony has been dented, they may have qualified for the group stage but were beaten by Spurs and a 2nd place finish in the group stage means they have to face the mighty PSG in the round of 16.


Real Madrid

A couple of years ago, Capricorn Research wrote an article which gives an explanation for why this chart symbolises  Real Madrid – The Finest Football Team that the World Has Ever Seen ?

So what on Earth has gone wrong ?

The answer is simple – one planet – Neptune.

Just a few days after Real took their 12th European title with that emphatic win over Juventus, Neptune reached 15 degrees Pisces and conjuncted the Real Sun.

Neptune is the planet of divine inspiration but also of illusion and very often in the sporting world its transits bring the latter quality.

A Neptunian fall in terms of results is often hard to explain as well. Saturn transits tend to put clear obstacles in the path, like specific injuries to key players. But a Neptune period can seem as if the Universe itself has just decided to undermine things. These periods often occur just when everything appears to be going perfectly.

After Madrid, the most successful club on the continent is A C Milan with 7 European Cups.


A C Milan

The Milan chart is a fascinating one with a Sun / Saturn conjunction in opposition to a Moon / Neptune / Pluto one.

Neptune plays a much stronger role in this chart than the one for Real Madrid because it is closely opposite the Milan Sun. The Sun high up in the chart opposite to Neptune often points to a fall from grace and in many cases some sort of scandal.

So what to expect when Neptune reached the other end of that opposition by transit. This occurred between the years of 1978 – 82 a time when the club were relegated from Serie A twice ( the only times in its history ).

The first one was in 1980 as punishment for the club’s involvement in the Totonero match fixing scandal. Despite winning promotion at the first time of asking they were relegated again in 1982 for finishing in the bottom three.

Once the transit was over, Milan were promoted straight back again and this time stayed up. In 1986 the club was bought by Silvio Berlusconi and they became a European Superpower once again.

Neptune’s transits are not simple however. They can have the exact opposite effect, that of illumination and the discovery of a spiritual identity. These are not generally traits that would be positively linked to football clubs, but in one case they certainly were.


Madrid’s great rivals Barcelona have a chart that is quite outstanding. Six planets in Sagittarius including the Sun says that if any club is going to have a spiritual identity it would have to be this one.

The close conjunction between the Sun and Uranus shows a rebellious image which is backed up by Barca’s links with Catalonia”s independence movement. Barcelona were always seen as the anti Franco club and many of their players fought against the military in the Spanish Civil War.

” Mes ques un club ” indeed.

So what happened at Barcelona when Neptune came to conjunct the Sun between 1973 and 74 ?

Up to this point the club had been in the doldrums, having failed to win La Liga since 1960.

The 1973–74 season saw the arrival of Johann Cruyff, who said that he chose Barcelona over Real Madrid because he could not play for a club associated with Franco. Barcelona won the title that season defeating Real Madrid 5–0 at the Santiago Bernabéu en route.

Ever since this point Cruyff as player and manager and all round ambassador for the club has been seen as their spiritual father who provided them with a playing identity that is unique in the world of football.

So where does all this currently leave Madrid ?

Is Neptune’s current transit to the Real Sun going to be spiritual vision or a destabilising and undermining influence. The key to this is probably what has gone on before.

Invariably a major transit of a slow moving planet brings something different to the table. So Neptune, if the team have been very successful previously as with Milan, will destabilise what has been achieved.

On the other hand, if they have been doing very badly as with Barcelona, a powerful Neptune transit could provide them with the inspiration needed to reach great heights.

And since Madrid have been at a globally recognised peak, there’s only one way and that is down.

Perhaps we should have a look at some of the major players in this drama.



Real manager and all round legend had his own Neptune fall from grace when it was square his Moon in 2006. This was the time when he exited stage left in the World Cup Final after having head butted Marco Materazzi, an act which effectively marked the end of his playing career.

There are no Neptune transits for Zidane at the moment but he does have Saturn opposite his Sun picking out that powerful T Square.

Saturn leaves the Sun on January 12th and the 2nd half of the month sees Jupiter conjunct his Moon, so results are bound to pick up for Real. There may well be a big signing coming in to reinforce the team as well.

Saturn is back again however at the end of the summer and if there is a poor start to next season, Zidane’s job could be under threat. Jupiter being conjunct his Moon again, might just save him however.

What about Cristiano ?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite winning the Ballon D’Or most observers say he has had a very poor 1st half of the season having only scored 4 times in La Liga.

He seems unhappy and is trying to get Madrid to reduce his release clause from a billion Euros to 100 million so that he can go somewhere he is more appreciated. Of course, this does happen every so often with Cristiano but things are no currently being helped by the fact that Saturn is conjunct his Ascendant and square to his Mars / Venus conjunction in Aries.

What about the man who pulls the purse strings ?

Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez has the Sun at 17 Pisces, closely conjunct the Real Madrid Sun. This means that his very personna is closely identified with the club and will naturally receive all of the plaudits when things go well.

However Neptune will hit his Sun too, beginning in May this year and lasting for the next two years. Given this we would have to expect Perez to be voted out sometime during this transit.

So is this Neptune transit a temporary blip or are we about to see a Real change of fortune ? Who can say, but it stays around their Sun until the end of 2019 and then comes to conjunct the Real Mars for 2020 and 21.

With the rise of PSG and Man City amongst others we could easily find that Real Madrid’s time as the most dominant galactico club is over.




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