2013 – 14 Predictions

In a sensible world the date and time of the setting up of all football clubs would be recorded so we could all follow their fortunes to our hearts content. In the absence of this, the only thing we can do is look at the charts of the managers and hope that their personal fates coincide with their team’s performance. Even with the managers it’s far from satisfactory as their birth times are not known in the majority of cases. Most football fans are quite happy to announce their own predictions based on very subjective data, so Capricorn Research is ready for the new season and is keen to add it’s own opinions to the mix.


Much has been made of Arsenal’s lack of trophies since winning the FA Cup in 2005 and Arsene Wenger has taken some stick for this. Arsenal fans seem to be evenly split between the In Arsene We Trust group and the Wenger Out brigade and some start a season as members of the latter only to jump to the other former as Arsenal somehow always manage to nick 4th place in front of the North London rivals. No-one however seems to take account of the fact that Wenger has not any particularly good transits since 2005 when Jupiter was conjunct his Sun. This successes before this point were marked by favourable Uranus and Jupiter aspects but since 2005 its been mostly Neptune and Saturn so really Wenger has done a great job keeping Arsenal in the Champions League throughout this period. Last season was typical with Saturn conjunct Wenger’s Sun early on but Arsenal still recovered to make 4th place.  This summer has been trying with Saturn conjunct Wenger’s Moon and the ongoing efforts to prise Luis Suarez away from Liverpool. There are no transits of note to come so this season could go either way. Top 4 again but no evidence of a serious title challenge yet.

Aston Villa

Villa were poor last season languishing in the relegation places only to make a late dash for the relative safety of 15th position. Its difficult to see much joy this year as Saturn is square Paul Lambert’s Sun in November and Neptune is square his Mars at the end of the season. Its not too bad but a listless end to the season could see them under pressure again.

Cardiff City

Cardiff had a great season last year, getting promoted with relative ease. Malky Mackay has had Saturn opposite his Mars all summer which could be just a growing recognition of the increased pressures of playing with the big boys. The start of the season may be difficult but there are no aspects of note so its hard to know what will happen. Most people are predicting a struggle for Cardiff and with no obvious astrological help at hand it would be hard to disagree.


Everyone’ s very happy with the return of the Special One who now insists he’s the Happy One and has mellowed with age. This new image for Jose Mourinho seems unlikely to last once the serious business begins, but for the time being he’s pleased to be away from Madrid having called last season the worst of his career. Mourinho’s well publicized dropping of the venerated club captain, Iker Casillas turned most of the press against him which certainly never happened in his previous time with Chelsea. Astrologically it was difficult for Mourinho as he had Saturn square his Sun in November and also at the end of the season. This aspect is still hanging over him and has so far stopped him getting his only transfer target, Wayne Rooney. Mourinho also has Saturn conjunct his Mars in December and again in May so this season may well not deliver the trophies that everyone is predicting. For 2014- 15 the Saturn transits are replaced by Jupiter ones so the expected success should come then. Maybe this year is just too soon so perhaps Chelsea will have to settle for 2nd place.

Crystal Palace

Jupiter in square to Ian Holloway’s Sun in May helped Crystal Palace gain promotion through the playoffs but since then he’s been struggling with Saturn square his Mars. Holloway may have been experiencing the same difficulties getting his transfer targets that other fellow Saturn sufferers have during the close season, but who would know given how little coverage Palace get in the national press. There’s no major transits for the coming season and whilst you could say there’s no bad news from the planets, Palace should need some help to stay in the Premier League and since that’s not available it looks like a swift return to the Championship is on the cards.


Roberto Martinez had a mixed season with Wigan last year winning the FA Cup which was an astonishing achievement but also going down after flirting with relegation for a number of years. His move to replace David Moyes at Everton has attracted mixed views. Martinez is used to working with a tight budget but Moyes had really overachieved with Everton for years so many are concerned that the Toffees might fall back this season. Judging by Martinez’s transits these fears are unnecessary. Jupiter is conjunct his Sun in November and most significantly at the end of the season and is square his Mars for much of the time in between. In fact Martinez has some seriously powerful apects of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter to his Sun and Mars over the next few years so he could be on the verge of a major breakthrough in his career. He has powerful aspects for the end of the coming season. Another FA Cup win for Martinez ? Could Everton seriously make the top 4 ? Perhaps if they hang onto Fellaini and Baines this could really be their year.


Fulham had a decent start to last season but finished poorly with only one point from the last eight games which resulted in a 12th place finish. Martin Jol’s transits for last year were generally quite difficult but with nothing significant occurring this time it looks like the end of this season will be much the same.

Hull City

Steve Bruce had Pluto conjunct his Sun and opposite his Mars for 2013 so Hull’s promotion will change many people’s views of his managerial career. This aspect continues through until November and is followed by Uranus and Jupiter contacts until March.  Whilst its hard to see Hull making much impression on the Premier League they may get off to a battling start and surprise a few people this season.  Bruce’s reputation should remain strong and they may well avoid relegation.


Brendan Rodgers had a mixed first season in charge at Liverpool with some great signings and some who have not yet clicked so for many people the jury is still out. Saturn was conjunct his Moon and square his Sun this summer and he’s had to deal with Luiz Suarez who is sharing the same Sun transit and Arsene Wenger who has the same Moon one. Its hard to know how long these problems will last for Liverpool as Rodgers birthtime is not known, but a difficult summer and the lingering Suarez fallout could adversely affect the start of the season and there’s no real evidence of a breakthrough this year. Europa League maybe for Liverpool but no further.

Man City

Manuel Pellegrini has kept a relatively low profile since starting the City job, leaving the media to concentrate on all his main rivals. This is probably deliberate and maybe one of the reasons he was chosen in the first place. Pellegrini had particularly good transits in May and June with a Jupiter return aspecting his Sun and Moon but the concern for City might be that actually getting the job would be his peak. If only clubs would hire people with Jupiter transits for a year ahead, the managerial merry go round might make more sense. For Pellegrini there’s not much happening this season and if he was going to win the League first time round you would expect some indications, so top three might be as good as it gets.

Man Utd

David Moyes has made a major step up this summer in taking over United and the pressures and responsibilities of managing the country’s biggest club have been taking their toll. Saturn has opposed his Sun this summer and his troubles with the transfer window are well documented.  Saturn is moving away from his Sun now and this will be a relief but it does square his Mars at the end of October.  There are no strong positive aspects until next summer and as he has yet to win a major trophy its unlikely that he’ll win the League this year. Nothing disastrous though so will probably stay in the top 4.

Newcastle United

Newcastle were very disappointing time last season after the heroics of the year before.  Boom and bust has been the norm for years and their fans have got used to expectations being raised and then dashed.  This year will probably be neither. Alan Pardew had mixed transits last season with Saturn square his Sun along with Jupiter square Mars but there is nothing major on the cards for him until Jupiter conjuncts his Sun in June. This is probably too late to bring success this season but it is also unlikely to occur at the end of a bad year, so mid table is the most likely scenario. It is possible that the Jupiter transit could see Pardew move on to better things next summer, particularly if the chain of command at Newcastle is not sorted out in the meantime.

Norwich City

Norwich had an odd season last year, with a disastrous start when they didn’t get a win until October but managed to achieve a respectable 11th place finish helped by Jupiter opposite Chris Hughton’s Sun in May. Nothing so fortunate this season, with Saturn opposite Hughton’s Mars at the beginning and then again next June. Despite a few interesting purchases and some people predicting them to do well, it looks like they will be happy when they get to the magic 40 points. Bottom half of the table but probably safe from the drop.


Another new manager, who may have peaked in getting the job last season with Jupiter square his Sun, Mauricio Pochettino has nothing much to look forward to this time out. Saturn opposite his Sun in early November should cause some autumnal difficulties and this season looks fairly flat. Will probably just survive but nothing more for Southampton.

Stoke City

By any reckoning, Mark Hughes had a disastrous last season even though it only lasted until the end of November when he was sacked by QPR. He was subsequently out of work for 6 months and judging by the transits of Saturn conjunct the Sun and Neptune square his Mars, those months must have been very depressing. Certainly it was a time when his managerial reputation took a big hit and many of his early successes with Wales and Blackburn seemed a long time ago. There was some surprise when he landed the Stoke job and it might be tempting to think this post offers a Scorpio Sun the chance to reinvent himself. The transits for next season say otherwise, however, with Saturn conjunct his Sun again in September and the undermining Neptune square Mars through much of the winter. A season of struggle ahead.


Paulo Di Canio has had a whirlwind last few months. He was appointed manager of Sunderland in March, exactly coinciding with Pluto opposite his Mars. Pluto will be opposite his Sun in 2016 and 17, so this would point to a watershed time in his life. The next few years are strewn with powerful aspects so it looks like he will go from strength to strength as a manager and pick up a job at a top club in the next 3 or 4 years. Di Canio has the Moon opposite Mars, an aspect that he shares with Jose Mourinho and Roberto Mancini, which can be both inspiring and volatile. He has overseen a lot of new transfers this summer and many punters have observed that Sunderland could go on to achieve great things or crash and burn with Di Canio leaving by Xmas. With Jupiter conjunct his Sun and Mars for much of this season together with Uranus square his Mars, it will be an exciting  but successful ride.  Sunderland should be this season’s surprise package and finish in the top ten.


Last year was a brilliant one for Swansea, winning their first major trophy and qualifying for Europe. Michael Laudrup had Jupiter conjunct his Mars when he got the Swansea job and conjunct his Sun at the end of the season so it was a fair reflection of his good fortune. He was roundly praised for Swansea’s style of play as well as their results but next season may not go so well. There are no aspects of note at all to Laudrup’s chart, so this year could be a bit of a non event. There have been some interesting signings but the squad could be stretched by the Thursday / Sunday return of the Europa League. Midtable this year.


Andre Villas Boas had a brilliant season as Porto manager, winning the Portuguese double as well as the Europa League under a staggeringly good transit of Jupiter in Tsquare to both the Sun and Mars in May 2011. As we all know he scooped the Chelsea job on the back of this transit. Unfortunately for him and his new employers, Saturn arrived almost instantly to conjunct his Sun and square his Mars, so last season was the exact opposite to the previous one. Villas Boas has the Sun square Mars in his birthchart and this is a great aspect to have as a manager but it can exaggerate the ups and downs as any transit to one always includes the other. Saturn transits frequently bring trouble with authority or with older people and it appears that Villas Boas’ time at Chelsea was undermined by difficulties with senior players in the dressing room.  The timing of all this goes to prove that Roman Abramovich might have more money than the rest of us, but he knows nothing about Astrology.

Since arriving at Spurs, Villas Boas has had quite good transits of a Jupiter return and opposition to the Moon, but as we have seen, not quite good enough to take them into the Champions League. This season there is nothing happening until June when Jupiter makes similar aspects to those he had at Porto. Ideally you would want to have this at the end of May when the trophies are handed out. Gareth Bale is obviously the key here and he has close astrological ties with Villas Boas. Bale also has Jupiter aspecting his Sun next June. Capricorn Research would advise Bale to stay at Spurs for another year, if he does there’s a seriously good chance of a tilt at the title and Jupiter conjunct the Sun next June could still get him a big move away. If Bale leaves this month, Spurs should still have a decent season but Villas Boas may look for a new challenge elsewhere next summer.

West Brom

Last season was Steve Clarke’s first as a manager in his own right joining West Brom whilst Jupiter was in square to his Sun. He got off to a great start and the Baggies were often spoken of as challenging for a Europa League spot during the first half of the season. Towards the end of the season, they fell away a bit as Neptune moved to oppose Clarke’s Sun. They still finished a creditable 8th in the table but some of the early enthusiasm had faded. Neptune returns to oppose Clarke’s Sun from February to April next year, it’s influence is not obvious but it can tend to undermine things, and despite Jupiter giving some help by squaring his Mars it would be hard to see West Brom having quite as much success this season. Probably mid table.

West Ham United

Sam Allardyce had an interesting time last season as West Ham defied expectations, playing well for most of the year and ultimately finishing a respectable 10th. Allardyce has nothing of note happening this year so another mid table finish is expected. The West Ham faithful are naturally pleased, but they have never really taken the manager to heart and as he has some good strong transits for next summer, Allardyce might be tempted to move on to bigger things.

No title winning predictions then as there are no real wonder aspects for any of the usual suspects. The top 6 in no particular order will probably be Arsenal, Chelsea, City, United, Spurs and Everton with Sunderland the surprise package. One thing for sure is it will be much closer with more teams involved than last year. If Bale stays, Villas Boas has the best transits of the big boys so maybe Spurs for the title.  Martinez has by far the best transits, but we also have to take into account money and common sense.  Capricorn Research has a policy of not taking any of these insights down to the bookies, but if Everton win the title this season, that policy will come under serious review.

For the Championship things look good for Gianfranco Zola at Watford to take the title. Brian McDermott could be the man to take Leeds United back where they belong.  For the playoffs its a hard choice to make between Owen Coyle’s Wigan and Nigel Pearson’s Leicester. Dougie Freedman should come close at Bolton but probably not quite make it.



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