Saturn in the Transfer Window

What do David Moyes, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rogers all have in common. Obviously they are managers of very big clubs but they have all had problems in getting their way in the current transfer window. They also all have Saturn currently in aspect to their Sun or Moon.

Saturn, in astrology, is the principle of limitation, it creates restrictions and places obstacles in the way of achievement. Its purpose is to hold people back and insist that they use patience making the most of what they have. This is a noble aim for long term squad development but during the transfer window when big clubs have ambitious targets and a relatively short time to acquire them it can be very frustrating.

Saturn is currently in the early degrees of Scorpio. Conjunctions with Saturn can seem to work constructively asking for focus and hard work but with the oppositions it can appear that fate is against you. Wenger is struggling as Saturn is conjunct his Moon and Arsenal have been linked with a good number of big names but have failed to get any of them so far. Some people might say that the restraining factor of Saturn might be working in Wenger’s favour since it may prevent Arsenal signing Luis Suarez.   Moyes has been suffering the most as Saturn has been opposite his Sun and his attempts in the market so far this summer have been thwarted at every turn.

Mourinho and Rodgers both have the Sun in the early degrees of Aquarius which may help explain their own close relationship, and Saturn’s  current aspect to them is a milder 90 degree ( square ) one. They are both having problems in the transfer window but its interesting that their issues are tied up with those of the United and Arsenal manager respectively.  These square aspects between the managers Suns can help explain the particular personal rivalries above and beyond that of pure competition. Now that Mourinho has arrived on these shores this element will be increased and he can be expected to go after Moyes in a way that he would never have done with Sir Alex Ferguson because of the nature of the aspects between them. Saturn has recently given more focus to these rivalries so it will be interesting to watch them develope over the season.

Saturn is moving away from Moyes’ and Mourinho’s Suns so there may be room for them to get their men before the window closes. For Wenger and Rodgers, however the aspect runs throughout August so it appears that the current standoff between them will go to the wire.

Two people who could be happy with Saturn’s current position would be Manuel Pellegrini and Michel Platini.  Pellegrini had Jupiter transits through June with no Saturn problems  at all and Man City got their transfer targets in early. Platini has seen his Financial Fair Play guidelines largely ignored by his French compatriots at Monaco and PSG and the proposed record breaking transfer for Gareth Bale. Without Saturn’s restraining factor on some Premier League managers there could have been more embarrassment at UEFA. Perhaps the answer in future might be to move the transfer window to coincide with biggest spenders Saturn transits.



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