2014 – 15 Astroguide – Chelsea

Last season Chelsea won nothing, but this apparently didn’t concern manager Jose Mourinho because he was building for the future. Now we all know Jose doesn’t do long term so he must have meant this season. So what are their prospects ?

The goalkeeping situation is interesting. Chelsea have got themselves two keepers both with the Sun in the last decanate of Taurus. They may have their Suns in conjunction but their Mars’ are in opposition, so the sense of competition is strong. Thibault Courtois has an extraordinary chart with a Grand Trine in Earth and a Sun / Pluto / Saturn T Square, you really couldn’t get much better for a goalkeeper.

The trouble with late Taurus is that they are both going to have Saturn opposite their Suns this season. Courtois has his around late September /early October whereas Cech has it in December. Looking at the transits you could make a case for Chelsea starting with the tried and trusted Cech but shifting before the end of the year. We should expect Cech to leave Chelsea next summer, with the younger man in his place.

Frank Lampard has gone to City after a brief stopover in New York, where the locals reminding him of his part in 9/ 11 has sent him scurrying back to these shores. John Terry is still there. Terry surprised everyone last season by playing some of his best football at the age of 33. This was because he’s had Pluto conjunct his Mars which has given him a new lease of life. This transit continues to the end of 2014, but surely after that the old warrior will start to show signs of age.

Talking of age, Chelsea have resigned Didier Drogba at 35. This makes no sense at all astrologically or otherwise. Jupiter conjunct his Mars for the early stages of the World Cup gave him the chance to show he can still cut it but this has gone now.It seems that his only purpose at Stamford Bridge is to wind up Fernando Torres.

Torres seems to have been having a tough time for ages. Things were never likely to improve for him last season with his Saturn Return in conjunction with his Moon. He still has it to conjunct his Mars in November, so we are unlikely to see consistent improvement before the end of 2014.

By which time Chelsea new boy Diego Costa will have Pluto square to and Uranus opposite his Sun so we are about to witness a display of power not seen from someone with a Libran Sun since the days of Margaret Thatcher. Costa however has Mars in Aries like Luis Suarez so an avalanche of goals could well come with some extra bonus entertainment.

Cesc Fabregas had an underwhelming season at Barcelona as evidenced by Saturn being opposite his Sun for the first half of it. Jupiter conjunct his Moon got him the transfer to Chelsea, but he has nothing much happening this season so its hard to imagine him having as much impact as he did for Arsenal.

Cesar Azpilicueta has Neptune opposite his Sun for the first half of the season so its probably just as well Chelsea have bought Felipe Luis. Luis has Jupiter conjunct his Sun and Mars for much of the season so he should quickly become an important feature.

Branislav Ivanovich will probably take until the end of September to get going as Saturn is conjunct his Moon and Mars.

Oscar will probably flit in and out like last season as he has nothing much happening.  Willian should take advantage of this, however with Jupiter conjunct his Sun for much of the season.

Eden Hazard is definitely going to click sometime soon. He has Pluto and Uranus aspecting his Sun over the next couple of years and his Moon as well. The trouble is without knowing his birth time its hard to know when this purple patch will begin. Probably not 2014, however as he has Saturn opposite his Mars near the end of the year.

Mo Salah has nothing much, as does Gary Cahill.

Ramires could have a few problems in October with Saturn opposite his Mars.

Andre Schurrle could do no wrong in Brazil but has nothing much coming up this year.

Expect Nemanja Matic to get off to a flyer at the start of the season, which is probably not great news for John Obi Mikel who has Saturn square his Moon.

One to watch for the future is Isaiah Brown who will probably make a big breakthrough in 2016.

Chelsea had a good squad last season, but have made great additions in Costa, Luis and Courtois. But the most important chart for Chelsea is Mourinho’s and he has Jupiter opposite his Sun and Moon this season so we would expect even more confidence than usual from the special one.

Mourinho has always won the league when Jupiter has been in a fixed sign and the Champions League when in Virgo or Pisces. So Premier League this year and Champions League next season. That’s long term enough.

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