2014 – 15 Astroguide – Tottenham

Last summer Capricorn Research was tempted to tip Spurs as possible title contenders on the back of their massive spending spree, but that was with the proviso that they kept hold of Gareth Bale during his Jupiter season.  Bale of course took his transits to Madrid to win la Decima and Spurs were left with a job lot of misfits.

Daniel Levy ignored the obvious and decided Spurs poor showing was Andre Villas Boas’ fault and replaced him with Tim Sherwood, a decision so astrologically ridiculous it has to rank alongside Man Utd’s ill fated David Moyes year. The fact that both Moyes and Sherwood had serious Saturn transits explains it all clearly. At least United and Spurs got rid of these two but it was a case of shutting stable doors after horses etc. If they’d been kept on they would both have had half decent Jupiter transits this year.

Instead we have Mauricio Pochettino in pole position and no money for incoming transfers.

Spurs fans, however will be hoping that all their newcomers from last summer will settle down and play to the level of the hype that justified their signings in the first place, particularly Roberto Soldado. Unfortunately Soldado has both Saturn and Neptune aspecting his Sun and Moon in 2015 so he will disappear without trace. Spurs should cut their losses and pack him back off to any Spanish club that will take him.

At least Erik Lamela had injuries as an excuse. It’s likely that he will always have this excuse however as a natal Mars / Saturn conjunction fits the description of someone with great talent always being held back somehow. Last season Saturn was transiting square to this pair so it was more stop than go. He has Jupiter opposite his Mars in the early part of the season so we should expect to see him play at least. Lamela one for the future ? No actually as Neptune will conjunct his Sun and Moon in 2017 – 18.

Paulinho has Jupiter on his Sun, which is great but also no use to anyone as it came to late for the World Cup and too early for Spurs new season.  Probably too late for a lucrative transfer as well.

The one success amongst Spurs’ last season buys was Christian Eriksen, but he has Saturn square his Sun in November so might not be so productive this time around.

Nacer Chadli has nothing at all, his best transits were what got Spurs to buy him in the first place. The same thing applies to Etienne Capoue.

Hugo Lloris also has nothing at all, but this is probably good news as at least he will stay where he is.

Exactly the same applies to Jan Vertonghen who will probably be hoping that the purchase of Ben Davies will mean he doesn’t have to play left back anymore.

Davies had Jupiter on his Mars for the transfer but nothing much else. Saturn opposite his Moon sometime this season so don’t expect too much.

Aaron Lennon has been an enigma, turning up occasionally whilst everyone waits for him to fulfil his potential. It won’t be this year as Saturn is conjunct his Moon sometime this Autumn and Neptune is square his Mars in the latter part of the season.

Andros Townsend was so last season with Jupiter on his Sun for his England breakthrough. Nothing this time.

Kyle Walker also seems to have fallen from grace and he could stay down through 2015 as Saturn and Neptune are plaguing his Sun.

Harry Kane might get a start at the beginning of the season with Jupiter on his Sun. It doesn’t last long though.

Michael Dawson seems to have fallen from favour recently but Saturn conjunct his Sun towards the end of 2014 will ensure that he doesn’t get back up for a while.

Younes Kaboul however should be well and truly back this season with Pluto on his Sun, expect a breakthrough year.

Vlad Chiriches has Saturn on his Sun in October but November and December should see an improvement.

Emmanuel Adebayor has Saturn conjunct his Mars in September indicating that he will start this season as he does most of them. In fact he has Neptune conjunct his Sun at the end of the season so he will probably disappear altogether in a puff of smoke.

Sandro, another Piscean has had Neptune square his Mars which has kept him away from the action recently. Neptune moves on but Saturn will be in opposition in 2015 so don’t expect him too much from him either.

Nabil Bentaleb emerged last season as one of Sherwood’s favourites. He’s unlikely to have the same place in Pochettino’s affections as Saturn does for his Mars and Sun this season.

Moussa Dembele has Jupiter on his Mars as the season starts but it passes quickly and then nothing.

Danny Rose and Zeki Fryers both have nothing.

Kyle Naughton has Saturn conjunct his Sun at the moment but things may get better for him with a few Jupiter transits this season.

Michel Vorm has nothing at all, but sitting on the Spurs bench for some reason seems preferable to playing for Swansea.

The new manager, Pochettino is a bit of an astrological unknown quantity. At some point he would have Pluto square his Moon depending on his birth time, but Capricorn Research feels that this has already past and was probably tied with his sudden emergence with Southampton.

As a Pisces he is due his Neptune transit in 2016 – 17, so the advice would be to dump him before then, but he is a Spurs manager so he’ll do well to last anything like that length of time.

Last season was disappointing with many people wondering where the goals are going to come from . This season looks like being more of the same.

Prediction 7th at best.



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