Predict the Champions League ? You’re Having a Laugh.

The feedback that astrologers get is interesting, to say the least. Much of the time we are praised to the heavens themselves for the profundity of our insights and their life changing / accepting impact. On the other hand many also receive quite crass insults from sceptics and trolls alike, much of it questioning their sanity and morality for trying to exploit their naive followers.

It may well be that the real challenge for astrological writers is that Kiplingesque one to treat all these things alike with detachment and lack of ego. Capricorn Research is working on that one with mixed results to be honest.

One of the problems with critics of astrology is that they attack its scientific claims because they think it must therefore be a subject like Maths. So if someone predicts that 2 + 2 = 5, they say no you’ve got it wrong, therefore the whole subject is invalid.

In fact astrology is a science, but it is more akin to economics or psychology. Astrologers are studying a series of symbols and trying to piece together what might happen when a combination of these symbols occurs mainly by looking at what happened when a similar grouping occurred. Exactly the same conditions will never occur again so there always has to be a bit of a shot in the dark as far as prediction is concerned.

Astrology sceptics will never allow the same leeway that they automatically give to any other social science.

Apart from the odd voice, the vast majority of the world’s economists failed to predict the biggest worldwide depression since the 1930s, but this failure didn’t lead to economics being down graded as a subject and dropped from University curriculums.

In fact its a fair bet that a much greater percentage of astrologers than economists predicted the recession based on the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto which last occurred during the 1930s. For more information on this see article The Recession – When Will it End ?

Astrological prediction is not an exact science, the astrologer reflects on the symbols and tries to imagine how they might apply in a given individual’s situation. Its also true that there is always a number of planets transiting various points in a birth chart at any one time, so its a matter of giving each one a certain weight and deciding which are most likely to dominate and have the greatest impact.

But the biggest difficulty is in translating what are essentially psychological symbols into predicting specific events. For example a manager might have Jupiter aspecting his Sun at the end of May. The astrologer has to decide what this means. It could be that his transits reflect the team’s success and they will win the Champions League, or it could work out in purely personal matters, ie his team may get knocked out in the quarter finals and because the season ends earlier for him he is able to have a lovely Jupiterean holiday with the wife and kids.

Astrologers generally don’t show their workings, the thought processes that went into them coming up with their judgements. Its likely that most of the readers would not be interested, they just want a cosmic tip to take down to the bookies. But perhaps it would help if these thoughts were explained a little.

One example that occurred this week was the sacking of Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert. At the beginning of the season Lambert had Roy Keane as his assistant manager. On face value this might have worked as both Lambert and Keane had the Sun’s in conjunction. However these Suns are in Leo and really you can only have one of those running things.

It was never going to work in the long term and that is without taking Keane’s Sun / Mars opposition into account. This aspect that allowed him to rule the midfield during United’s golden age of the late 1990s, stamping on anyone who dared cross his path, has also hampered his career as a manager making it almost impossible for him to get along with anyone for more than a few months.

When looking at Villa’s prospects for the season, two transits were dominating things. Jupiter was conjunct both Lambert and Keane’s Suns ( and opposed Roy’s Mars ) and Neptune was square Paul’s Mars.

How to make sense of that combination ? My prediction last summer was that Lambert would get the sack in February due to Neptune ( which proved to be right on the nail ) and that Keane would take over the main job and his Jupiter would get Villa to finish quite high up the table.

Obviously the fact that two Leos couldn’t work together kicked in earlier and Roy flounced out a few months back after having one more training ground confrontation, kicked the second part of my prediction into touch.

So unless Randy Lerner does an about face and reappoints the heavily bearded one and Villa suddenly shoot up the table, the responses to my beginning of season prediction will be predictable.

My supporters will point to the wonderful insight that saw the end of Lambert, particularly as it was made at a time when most people thought that he was over his difficulties. My sceptical followers will point to Villa’s relegation struggles and call me a charlatan. The truth as ever probably lies in between.

Anyway undeterred by any future accusations of  misleading the masses, Capricorn Research is keen to find out what is going to happen in the Champions League.

And right on cue, just as we’re all getting bored with Chelsea’s seemingly inevitable procession to the Premier League title ( as predicted last summer ), the Big Cup returns from its winter hibernation.

Incidentally anyone wondering why the Champions League is so successful might take into consideration the fact that it refuses to appear during Capricorn and most of Aquarius, those boring Saturn signs, but chooses to get going during unpredictable Pisces

As regular readers know the main method is to look at the chart of the manager and hope for the best.

So where to start ? Well it obviously has to be with the British clubs so it might as well be with the only one that anyone gives a chance of winning it, which handily fits this article as Jose Mourinho has a Leo / Aquarius opposition including Mars just like Roy Keane.

They are both battle hardened winners, but they do have a different emphasis. Keane’s focus in that opposition is on the Leo Sun, so he is a man of action and few words. Mourinho’s focus is with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius so he will kill you with words.

Jose has Jupiter in his T square opposite his Moon and conjunct his Mars and square his Neptune for the end of season. Uranus also creates a Grand Trine with his Venus and Mars. This looks exceptionally promising.

It is almost one whole Jupiter cycle since Mourinho burst into global football consciousness with that knee slide at Old Trafford on the way to winning the Champions League with unfancied Porto in 2004.

In fact whenever Jupiter has been in his T Square, Mourinho has always won the league with Porto in 2003, Chelsea 2006, Inter 2009 and Madrid 2012. It is on this evidence that Capricorn Research predicted Chelsea a shoe in for the Premier League for 2015.

His two Champions League victories in 2004 and 2010 however, came during seasons when Jupiter was returning to aspect its natal position either by conjunction or opposition. So it might be tempting to say Premier League this year, Champions league next.

Man City have been struggling recently, a fact that is mainly down to Saturn being square to Manuel Pellegrini’s Mars. Saturn has moved away temporarily so we should be seeing some improvement, but its unlikely to be enough to win the Champions League. Saturn returns to make the same aspect at the end of the season and again in the early Autumn next year. Given the nature of things, the most likely result of this is that Pellegrini will be sacked which would of course be a mistake as Jupiter’s progression through Virgo in the 2015 – 16 season should bring out the best in him.

Arsene Wenger has nothing much happening astrologically until Saturn and Neptune aspect his Venus and Ascendant in 2016 – 17. Capricorn research fully expects him to retire from serious football at this point or to go and manage France which would be much the same thing.

So Arsenal will no doubt disappointingly fold as soon as they meet a difficult opponent in the Champions League, but will probably come close to getting back into it in the second leg whilst failing nobly, just like the usually do. On which note they will probably finish 4th in the Premier League to have another shot next year.

But of course any real assessment of the Champions League prospects should not spend much time on these shores. The real winners are likely to come from Spain or Munich.

Carlo Ancelotti does not have any really strong major aspect transits, but he didn’t last year either. He does have both Uranus and Jupiter making sweet flowing sextiles to his Sun around the date for the final so this could be an omen.

What’s more Cristiano Ronaldo has Jupiter conjunct his Moon and opposite his Sun at the end of the season, so this is either an heroic winning performance in the final or the most expensive transfer ever, probably back to United as they are the only team that could afford him. The exact timing of Jupiter makes the first solution more likely.

Barcelona’s Luis Enrique has had some difficulties recently what with the Spanish press ready to dump him for daring to drop Lionel Messi. This is just a storm in a teacup, however and recent improvements where Barca have trimmed the gap in La Liga to a single point have occurred whilst Jupiter is square to Enrique’s Sun.

This aspect is repeated exactly on the day of the Champions League final and between now and then, Enrique has Jupiter sextile his Venus / Mars conjunction, so things look very promising g for Barcelona. They should despatch Man City comfortably anyway.

One manager who seems to defy all expectations is Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone. This is also true astrologically as there are no stand out transits to explain the incredible success Atletico have had in the last 12 months.

Saturn is conjunct Simeone’s Neptune and opposite his Venus at the end of the season, but if anyone could eat this transit for breakfast and still be hungry it would be Simeone.

Pep Guardiola has Pluto square his Moon and Uranus for the whole of 2015. Really someone who has had as much success as him should not be allowed to have Pluto transits, but its difficult to know exactly what this will mean.

Jupiter is also sextile Moon and Uranus from March to early May so the Bundesliga should be the procession that everyone expects it to be, but perhaps not the Champions League this year.

Talking of Pluto square the Moon, PSG’s Laurent Blanc has the same transit this year, but this might well mean the end of his tenure. Blanc has had a difficult time of it this season with Saturn conjunct his Sun towards the end of 2014. It comes back very close this summer so he could lose his post then.

For the Chelsea game, Uranus is opposite his Moon but sextile Mourinho’s so you would expect PSG to go out at this stage.

In Italy, most people have given up hope of any of their clubs ever winning the Champions League again, but such desperation may be premature.

When Antonio Conte left Juventus many predicted that their superiority in Serie A would be diluted, but the board have obviously been taking astrological advice. Not only did they appoint someone with a Sun / Jupiter conjunction but it was in Leo and nicely placed for a Jupiter return just in time for the end of this season.

It was Napoleon who said that the most important thing for a general was to be lucky, and he should know having the Sun in Leo in square aspect to a rising Jupiter.

Massimiliano Allegri the Juve manager could be just the man in the right place at the right time.

Shaktar’s Mirceau Lucescu has Saturn opposite his Mars so you wouldn’t see Donetsk beating Bayern next week.

Basel manager Paulo Sousa does not have much going on, but Porto manager Julen Lopetegui has Saturn square his Sun so there’s a good chance that the unfancied Swiss side will make the quarter finals.

Neptune is square to Roberto di Matteo’s Sun so its unlikely that Schalke will make it past Madrid.

There is no clear astrological reason why Dortmund are doing so badly this season as Jurgen Klopp has nothing much going on at all. They’re unlikely to recover their form enough to beat Juventus.

Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim had his Jupiter moment when he got the job, but that has gone now and Saturn is square to his Mars, a transit that will be of much relief to Arsenal as they play them next week.

There’s nothing happening for Bayer Leverkusen manager Roger Schmidt so Atletico should proceed from that tie fairly easily.

So Capricorn Research’s predictions for the quarter finals are Chelsea, Arsenal, Real, Barcelona, Atletico, Juventus, Bayern and Basel.

No doubt June 6th will see the usual suspects lining up and its tempting to look to Real and Barcelona, but if Capricorn Research was to stick his neck out at this stage and predict purely on the strength of the manager’s transits, don’t be surprised to see Juventus beat Chelsea in the final.

The main trouble with predicting cup competitions is the effect of the draw, so perhaps the most sensible thing is to proceed round by round and see how it goes.

For the African Nations Cup, I fancied Algeria, but they lost to Ivory Coast on their way to becoming champions.

My pre tournament prediction that Ghana would lose the African Nation Cup Final on penalties was, unlike Avram Grant’s team, spot on. That I said the deciding penalty would be blasted over the bar by captain Asamoah Gyan did not come to pass. But then one of my most devoted followers suggested that this must have been because Grant himself read my prediction and decided to substitute Gyan during the game so as not to be tied to the player’s Saturn transits and his previous when it comes to penalties.

The most important thing is whoever wins the Champions League we have all got to stay detached and have a laugh at the same time.


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