Serie A Hots Up As Pluto Goes South

Many footballers are superstitious but Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri takes the whole packet of digestives. He was an hour late for training one day because a black cat crossed his path and he had to stop his car and wait until another car passed him. But it was a quiet country road and no-one came for ages.

This is such a beautiful story. Not only does Sarri have a great respect for omens he also has the patience and obsessive determination to honour them even at considerable discomfort and inconvenience to himself. Short term gain is not important, far more pressing is the need not to anger any of the gods on the path. Anyone would think he was  a …..



Readers with good memories may recall I wrote a piece about Sarri and Napoli at the beginning of February when they were a point clear of Juventus at the top of the table. This article was called – Just Two Scudettos – Can Napoli Do It Again ?

Pluto was conjunct Sarri’s Sun and trine his Mars and they had built a strong lead earlier on in the season, but the Juventus club chart has the Sun in Scorpio and Jupiter’s transit through the sign had chipped away at this lead.

By the end of February, Pluto had progressed onwards and moved out of orb with Sarri’s Sun and Napoli’s 4 games in March yielded only 5 points as Juve sped past them to establish what looked like an unassailable lead at the top of Serie A.

But this week 3 planets have changed direction. While the astrological world and his wife have been having a collective orgasm about the largely irrelevant Mercury going direct again, Saturn has threateningly turned retrograde and even more important than that, Pluto has too.

In fact Pluto turned retrograde at approximately 4.00 pm yesterday.

In order to provide this service, Capricorn Research has to spend hours flicking from the ephemeris to the fixture lists of nations all around the world, and as soon as Pluto’s movements had entered my consciousness, I headed straight for Serie A.

And just as these things do tend to happen, Napoli were due to play in Turin a few hours after this momentous astrological event, with Pluto facing Sarri’s Sun again.

And of course Pluto was saying, hang on a minute, I haven’t finished here.

Not only that but Jupiter came into opposition with Sarri’s Mars on the same day too.

Bookmakers have some of the most sophisticated technology that exists but they don’t as yet include an ephemeris otherwise the odds of a Napoli win would have been 5 / 13 rather than 13 / 5.

So what more could a person do than take advantage of such unusually naive generosity, particularly with a contest chart like this.


Juve v Napoli

The Moon has just changed signs, indicating a general change of direction. It makes no aspect to Mars for Juventus, but it does eventually a square to Venus for Napoli. But the distance between the two is vast, almost 27 degrees, so Napoli would win but it would be by a very late decider.

And so Kalidou Khoulibaly scored the winner for Napoli in injury time, to bring the club back to within a point of their hated northern rivals.

So will Pluto’s return towards Sarri’s Sun finally bring the Scudetto down south ?

Its going to be really tight because without a birth time we cant actually be sure whether this aspect comes into orbs before the season ends.

And Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri has Jupiter square his Sun for the final countdown.

Allegri has the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo natally anyway, a fact that earnt Capricorn Research a sizeable sum with an each way bet at 28 / 1 for them to make the 2015 Champions League final on his Jupiter Return.

So its a tricky one – Jupiter versus Pluto ?

Don’t be surprised if on the last day of the season vast numbers of black cats are found encircling the Stadio San Paulo in Napoli.

After all its Juventus we are talking about, they’ve tried much more dastardly tricks in the past.



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