Zizou – Are You For Real ?

They say you should never go back.

Up until this year Zinedine Zidane had always demonstrated a magnificent sense of timing. As one of the all time great attacking midfielders, timing your runs ( or in Zizou’s case – leisurely strolls ) into the box just perfectly tuck away a pass that no-one else was expecting was a major feature of his game.

He also timed his announcement on the World Cup Final stage perfectly, with his 2 goals  taking full advantage of the chaos surrounding Ronaldo’s knee injury / fit / Nike picking the team situation in France’s victory over Brazil in 1998.

His progressed Sun was exactly conjunct his natal Mars at the time.

In one of those extraordinarily ironic synchronicities, Ronaldo had the exact same progression the year before when he broke the world transfer record and won the Ballon D’or. It was for this reason that the Brazilian was expected to dominate at the World Cup but Zizou’s own progression took over.

Zidane also took his leave of the French national team in a World Cup Final in 2006, being sent off for head butting Italy’s Marco Materazzi with Neptune square to his Scorpio Moon.

Apparently the reason for such an act was due to the Italian provoking him by casting aspersions on his sister’s honour, which was no doubt reflected by the fact that Zidane is a Cancer ( touchy about his family ) and had Pluto opposite his Venus in Gemini ( a nasty person saying bad things about his sister’s sex life ? ) at the time.

Zidane was obviously one of the all time Real Madrid greats, but no-one thought he could be a manager. After retirement he became an ambassador for the club but even when he was made assistant to Carlo Ancelotti, it was never as a stepping stone to the top job.

But Real Madrid are no ordinary club and have their own way of doing things.  For more information on this read  – Real Madrid – The Finest Football Team That The World Has Ever Seen ?

The club’s policy of paying mega bucks for galacticos had proved too much for a whole series of top managers including Jose Mourinho and Rafael Benitez, so when the latter was sacked in January 2016, Real turned to the only man with a name big enough to keep the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas in check – the original galactico himself – Zizou.

So Zidane took charge with the Sun closely conjunct Pluto. His managerial reign was utterly Plutonic.

The club whose name was synonymous with the European Cup having won the first 5 in a row had failed to win it for 14 years – in fact since Zidane’s goal against Bayer Leverkusen in 2002 decided it for them.

As a manager he immediately won the Cup with the big ears 3 times in succession, something that had never been done before and never will be again.

And then as soon as the 3rd victory was complete, Zidane who could see the writing on the wall, resigned immediately. He knew he had taken the club as far as it could go at the time.


Madrid has an immensely powerful T Square with an apex of a Sun / Mars conjunction in Pisces. This pretty much guarantees their status as No 1 – for all the time when there are no Neptune transits going on.

However since June 2017, Neptune has been conjunct the club’s Sun and they have been in freefall since then. They finished 3rd in 2018, 17 points behind their foes, Barcelona and the last CL win was ( in most people’s eyes ) undeserved and owed much to Sergio Ramos’ mastery of the dark arts.

So Zidane displayed perfect timing to leave.

And with Neptune still on the club’s Sun Real’s fortunes went from bad to worse. Two other managers were sacked in the following 9 months.

But for some reason, on March 11th 2019, Zidane’s sense of timing let him down. He decided to come back to play the role of saviour. So far, so appropriate for a club with an apex Sun in Pisces. He even took the job with the Sun conjunct the club’s Mars in the sign. Unfortunately the Sun was also conjunct Neptune and what seemed like a god stepping back down to earth turned out to be just the same as all the other promised prophets returns to planet Earth to date – a complete delusion.

Real have continued to disappoint. A win rate of 45 % puts him alongside the worst figures for any Real manager. The club have never failed to qualify from the Champions League group stages but with 1 point from 6 after a fortunate draw at home to the might of Bruges, that record looks in serious jeopardy at the moment.

So what will happen at the Bernabeu ?

The trouble for Zidane is that the club President Florentino Perez has a notoriously short fuse and has his own Sun at 17 Pisces closely conjunct the club’s.

Perez’ Sun is exactly square to Uranus, so he is eccentric at the best of times.

And currently Neptune is also conjunct Perez’ Sun, so the delusion goes right through the club to the top.

And apparently Perez has his own favourite.

Jose Mourinho has already managed Real once and has Jupiter at 14 Pisces, conjunct the club’s Sun as part of a T Square including Pluto with an apex Venus at 19 Sagittarius.

Jupiter is just about to reach 19 Sagittarius.

So pay close attention over the next month or so. The revolving door at the Bernabeu might be about to swing open again.

If it does, don’t forget that Neptune will still be conjunct both the Real Sun and Mars and Perez Sun right up until 2022.

So the Return of the Special One could quickly become more about needs rather than abilities.

They say you should never go back.



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