What Next for Luis Suarez ?

Luis Suarez has always been good copy, everyone agrees that he’s a brilliant striker but what baggage he brings with him.  Astrologically he has the clarity and vision of a Sun Aquarius together with the intensity and passion of a Moon Scorpio but he does seem to find trouble with remarkable regularity. He has admitted that he is generally a calm and quiet family man but when he gets on the pitch a switch is thrown and he becomes a completely different animal.  Some of this probably comes from the Scorpio Moon but how one is on the battlefield usually owes something to the sign position of Mars.  Suarez’ Mars is in Aries, the classic position of the fighter giving him tremendous courage and assertiveness but also a tendency to act first and think about it later.  This is obviously quite useful for any sportsman but as anyone with Mars in Aries will know it can cause trouble.

Since the tail end of last season Uranus has been in conjunction with Suarez Mars, adding an explosive and unpredictable element into his life.  This transit does fit very well with the sudden impulsive action to bite Branislav Ivanovic and the consequences that have followed.  He is now apparently agitating for a transfer hopefully to Real Madrid who have yet to show an interest or to Arsenal who have made a bid.

When Uranus is conjunct ones Mars it is not easy to think about the long term consequences of ones actions but it is worth asking the question what would be the best next step for him.  It often useful to compare the charts of players and managers to see how they get on.  This being the case the relationship with Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool would be as good as it gets for Suarez. Rodgers also has a Scorpio Moon and an Aquarius Sun in close conjunction to Suarez Sun so in terms of empathy you couldn’t get a closer contact.  This has surely been in evidence throughout all the support that Rodgers and Liverpool have given Suarez over his various issues. The relationship is reciprocal in that without Suarez skills and goals, Rodgers would have had a much tougher first year at Liverpool.

The problem with having two people with their Sun’s in conjunction is that both would be affected by the same transits at the same time. At the moment Saturn is in square aspect to both Suarez and Rodgers Suns which is adding considerable strain to the relationship. It is also frustrating both of them and not allowing them to have what they want.

If Suarez moved to Arsenal he would benefit from Arsene Wenger also having a Scorpio Moon although the connection is not nearly a strong as with Rodgers.  A move to Real Madrid however might not work out as well as Suarez believes since Carlo Ancelotti has a Moon Mars conjunction in Leo in opposition to Suarez’ Sun. The Moon and Mars in Leo gives a strong sense of nobility and doing things in the right way, so the Madrid manager may be less inclined than Rodgers to indulge erratic behaviour.

At the moment Saturn is throwing difficult aspects to the Sun’s of Suarez and Rodgers and to the Moon of Wenger so noone is getting what they want at present.  Saturn continues hold back progress for Rodgers and Wenger right up to transfer deadline day and its difficult to see the standoff being resolved satisfactorily for either of them.

Uranus has started to move backwards now but will continue to be conjunct Suarez Mars throughout August and September.  The same planet returns for another hit in the early spring of 2014.  Uranian transits are by their own nature unpredictable so anything could happen but things could well be pointing to Suarez staying at Liverpool with an uneasy truce for the time being but with the same issues flaring up again for the next transfer window.  It may be best for Suarez to stick with Rodgers and Liverpool for the time being and to see if there is the chance of reaching the coveted top 4 spot.  Whatever happens there’s likely to be more issues surfacing next spring.



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