Wayne Rooney – Should he Stay or Go ?

One of the many transfer sagas that has kept us all entertained over the summer is the prospect of Wayne Rooney leaving United for Chelsea.  Rooney has had a difficult time astrologically since last October when Saturn moved to conjunct his Scorpio Sun. Saturn is the planet of limitation and when it comes to the Sun it can frustrate and hold people back from what they want to achieve, obstacles appear at every turn.  Rooney has the Sun conjunct Pluto in his birthchart which strengthens his Scorpio capacity to dig deep and find tremendous inner resources of energy that are beyond the rest of us.  The way he plays the game is dependent on these resources and since Saturn has been restricting him his natural fitness levels have been called into question and some people are saying he’s past his best.  Alex Ferguson seemed to think so and if he was still the United boss, Rooney would have probably moved on by now.

Should he stay at United with his old boss at Everton, David Moyes, now in charge ?  It has been mentioned that Rooney and Moyes have had their disagreements over comments made in Rooney’s biography but that they have put this behind them. Astrologically it may not be as simple as that.  Moyes is a Sun and Moon Taurus and his Sun is directly opposite Rooney’s Sun / Pluto.  Despite claims to the contrary this can create a tension between them which could be triggered by a passing planet. Whether this tension could be productive or not we will have to wait and see.

In an astrological chart the tension and energy created by two planets in opposition can be focused onto a third planet that is 90 degrees to each of them.  Jose Mourinho’s Sun at 5 degrees of Aquarius is 90 degrees to both Rooney and Moyes Sun.  Mourinho is therefore in a position to exploit this situation for his own ends.  Rooney would certainly see Chelsea as a way out because the Aquarian Mourinho provides the escape route from the opposition aspect between himself and Moyes.

There is, however, a square aspect between Aquarius and Scorpio which can itself create difficulties so a move to Chelsea for Rooney might not be the easiest way out.  On the face of it a move to Arsenal might be a better fit given that Arsene Wenger’s Sun at the end of Libra and Moon in early Scorpio are in conjunction with Rooney’s Sun. There would certainly be a natural sympathy with the Arsenal manager.  Perhaps the significant point is the conjunction between Rooney’s Jupiter and Mourinho’s Sun.  Jupiter rules expansion and success and both believe that Mourinho would get Rooney going again and help him put his recent Saturnine problems behind him.  A very important point in dealing with Scorpios is that you should never underestimate their incredible capacity for reinvention. So all those people currently writing Rooney off as past his best could well be proved wrong by a move to Chelsea.  This is perhaps Moyes greatest fear.

At the moment Saturn is still impacting on both Rooney and Moyes, it is close to Rooney’s Sun and opposite Moyes Sun. Saturn usually brings extra responsibility and Moyes will be feeling the increased pressure of his new job very acutely at the moment and Saturn is currently stopping him getting the incoming transfers that he needs.  Saturn is also in square to Mourinho’s Sun so nothing is happening for him at the moment. As we move into August however, Saturn starts to move away from Moyes’s Sun and then later Mourinho’s.  This could mean that the current transfer impasse that Moyes is experiencing will start to lift and he may get one of his midfield targets allowing him to afford to sell Rooney.

Either way, the next season should be an improvement for Rooney because Saturn has moved on but a move to London might well be in his best interests.



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