Manuel Pellegrini – Right Man for City ?

Whenever footballers are asked to define what makes a great manager they always use the words “ good vision and a keen eye for detail “.  It seems that this coupled with the ability to work out whether a player needs a kick up the backside or an arm round the shoulder is all that’s required to run even the biggest club.  This being the case perhaps the powers that be at Man City have really done their homework.

In Astrology the sign that is connected with the grand vision is Sagittarius, the one with the keen eye for detail has to be Virgo.  Manuel Pellegrini has the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Sagittarius and so would appear to have all the bases covered.  The only problem being that the last bloke, Roberto Mancini is also a Virgo / Sagittarius.  So has all that effort and money to change managers been wasted ?

Perhaps a more detailed look at the two men and their birthcharts may help.  Mancini actually has the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Virgo.  A Sagittarian Sun person certainly has a grand vision coupled with a great confidence in their ability to attain it.  They have a directness and a strong sense of the need to speak the truth as they see it openly.  The Moon in Virgo conveys a perfectionism which can lead to being overcritical of others who may struggle to reach their higher ideals.  Mancini’s Moon is also in conjunction with Mars, Uranus and Pluto which can tend to add an explosive temper. This combination would have given him great inspiration and battling qualities as a player and also as a manager.

Mancini’s actual achievements in taking City to the Premier League title for the first time in 48 years as well as winning the FA Cup were spectacular  and despite two failed campaigns in Europe in very tough groups, he will be remembered by the fans as a legend.  If Pellegrini achieved the same as Mancini, the City fans and hierarchy would probably be reasonably happy.  However, it appears that Mancini was sacked largely for man management reasons and it seems that his particular combination of Virgo / Sagittarius may have been a contributory factor.

So is Pellegrini the right man to replace Mancini ?  Pellegrini’s Sun in Virgo makes him equally a perfectionist with a strong work ethic but Virgoans are often known for doing all the work behind the scenes whilst allowing the credit to go to someone else.   His Sun is in a Tsquare aspect with the Moon and Jupiter which would indicate a very successful manager but not one with an big ego to match.  His achievements with Villareal and Malaga together with his year at Madrid where he amassed a record points total but was still sacked for finishing behind Barcelona suggest that he has not been given the credit he was due, but as a Sun Virgo he would accept that.  He is unlikely to be box office like Chelsea  manager Jose Mourinho but he will focus on the job in hand. Maybe City have found the right man after all.


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