Gianfranco Zola – Success this Season ?

Last season was an extraordinary one for Watford and their manager Gianfranco Zola. Despite beginning the year with a large group of new players, many imported on loan from Udinese, Zola was able to turn a team that many had predicted would struggle into a real force who were promotion favourites for much of the year only to be denied in extra time of the playoff final.  Watford fans have talked of being on a Zolacoaster. This year many people are predicting promotion even without recourse to Astrology, particularly as so many of the loanees have been converted into permanent signings.

It is difficult to use astrology to predict a team’s results mainly because there is no data available on the time and date that a football club was formed. The best pointers can generally be gained by looking at the manager’s chart and hoping that personal fortune goes hand in hand with team progress.  Throughout his career as a player and manager, Zola has been revered and loved by many, thought of as both sensitive and intelligent  in a world where those virtues are not as common as they could be.  An extremely skilful player but without the domineering ego, Zola has been compared with Lionel Messi, a similar type of character.

Zola has the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius, a combination that gives both sensitivity and intelligence. Messi has a similar combination, Sun in Cancer and Moon in Gemini ( another Air sign ), as does Gareth Bale.  Zola’s chart is strengthened by an extremely close conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter, the kind of successful aspect that everyone would love to have.

This coming season Zola has a Jupiter return, the peak times being in August, January and April so this should be a successful season for him.  After the experience of last year, he might wish the last peak was in May rather than April, but with this transit confidence should be sky high.  In fact Zola is entering an astrological period that could well be one of the most significant of his life and could define his career as a manager.  Pluto will be in opposition to his Sun from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2015.  It’s interesting that Messi had the same transit in 2009 when he made his grand breakthrough at Barcelona scoring 38 goals that season including in the Champions League final against Man Utd and winning the Ballon D’Or and Fifa World Player of the Year for the first time.

The problem with Pluto aspects is that there is usually an sudden unexpected change involved.  So Zola’s future could be success with Watford under the Jupiter return followed by being poached by one of the big boys. There were times last season when he was being linked with the Chelsea job so there could well be more of the same.  If Watford fans think they’ve been on a Zolacoaster last year they need to really hold on tight this time.



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