Mourinho and Abramovich – Will it Last ?

 Some people say it’s the 2nd coming and some say you should never go back. Jose Mourinho’s return to Chelsea could well be as successful as his first time there when he won two premier league titles, two league cups and an fa cup. The question many people, however, are asking is how long will it last. Mourinho has said he is back for the long term, but like all bar one of the previous Chelsea managers of the last 10 years, it’s probably not up to him.

Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea owner has fired 7 of the 9 managers that the club has had in the 10 years since he bought the club, and the other two were  interim managers whose tenure was not extended. Abramovich has funded the Chelsea revolution and most fans would say that his hiring and firing policy has not stopped the club gaining major honours.

Abramovich has the Sun in Scorpio, a sign that is capable of taking the tough decisions and being quite ruthless in order to get what they want.  He also has the Moon in Pisces in opposition to Mars, an aspect that can be rather impatient and prepared to act on instinct.  Mourinho has the same aspect of Mars to his Aquarian Sun but in other ways they are quite different characters.  Abramovich, as befitting a Scorpio / Pisces combination would value his privacy and keep away from the spotlight.  Mourinho as a double Aquarius is in his natural element in front of the media and is a master of the press conference.

The list of managers that Chelsea have been through in the last ten years is quite breathtaking. The extraordinary thing is that every time Abramovich has had a tricky transit to his Sun or Moon, Chelsea have parted company with their manager. The first one to go was Claudio Ranieri in June 2004 replaced by Mourinho when Uranus was conjunct the  Abramovich Moon opposite Mars. Mourinho himself left in September 2007 when Saturn was conjunct the owners Mars. The replacement Avram Grant didn’t last long, despite being one penalty slip away from Champions League glory he went when Saturn came back to conjunct Mars again in June 2008. Phil Scolari was sacked after an even shorter stay in February 2009 when the was no transit to explain it but as Abramovich’s birth time is not available there could be transits that  can’t be calculated.

Gus Hiddink was interim manager for 3 months and by all reports he was the only one Abramovich wanted to keep on. Despite winning the double in his first season Carlo Ancelotti was sacked a year later when Jupiter was opposite Abramovich’s Sun.  Andre Villas Boas was shown the door when Saturn was conjunct Abramovich’s Sun in March 2012 and Roberto Di Matteo was out in November of that year despite delivering the Champions League as Saturn came back to the Sun. Naturally there was a lot of opposition to Di Matteo’s sacking, but it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Two managers were shown the door when Saturn was conjunct Mars so at least two would have to go when Saturn was conjunct the Sun.  The last in line was Rafael Benitez who was an interim appointment but that wasn’t extended despite winning the Europa League, this time Neptune was conjunct Abramovich’s Moon.

Now its Mourinho’s turn again, it seems appropriate that his first tenure at Chelsea started with Uranus conjunct the owners Moon and his second has begun with Neptune in the same place.  So should we all hold our breath while we wait for more fireworks ? Well probably not as Neptune stays where it is for a while and if these two can keep going through 2015 when Saturn is square to that Moon / Mars opposition there are no clouds on the horizon until 2018. In 2018 Uranus is opposite Abramovich’s Sun and the following year it is square Mourinho’s  so the relationship is unlikely to survive that. They may both be gone by then.



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