David Moyes – A Safe Pair of Hands ?

When your club has been run by probably the greatest  manager of all time for 26 years how do you replace him ?  Sir Alex Ferguson would be a hard act to follow even for someone as successful, confident and magnetic as Jose Mourinho who may or may not have been considered for the job.

The timing of Ferguson’s resignation may have been a surprise to everyone apart from Capricorn Astrology Research who predicted it as Pluto was conjunct his Sun at the end of last season. It was inevitable that it would happen at some stage so the United board would have carefully thought through his replacement. One option would be to go for a superstar like Mourinho who might want to change things too much and may only stay for 2 or 3 years.

The decision was to go for someone who would represent a safe pair of hands, who could preserve the United tradition and maintain and hopefully build on what has been achieved. If there is one sign in Astrology that would fit this bill it would be Taurus so it’s most appropriate that Ferguson has been replaced by David Moyes who has both the Sun and Moon in that sign. Moyes has had success on a small budget at Everton and has consistently achieved above expectation. He also has a reputation as someone who is in it for the long term.

Moving to Man Utd is still an enormous responsibility with incredible pressures.  A double Taurean is not easily phased and Moyes has appeared to handle the transition very capably. One thing he could have done without however is Saturn opposing his Sun in the first couple of months of taking the job. Saturn is the principle of limitation and when opposite the Sun can frustrate and place considerable obstacles in the way of progress. Saturn’s role in a birth chart is to teach acceptance and patience whilst building for the long term. It doesn’t help you get your transfer targets in, however, and Moyes has been frustrated so far in his attempts to bring in Cesc Fabregas or any other big name.

Saturn is starting to move away from Moyes’ Sun so there is still a little time in the transfer window but the effects of this transit may linger a while. United do have some difficult fixtures at the start of the season.  Saturn will also be opposite Moyes’ Moon towards the end of 2014 so it may be a while before things are working as he would wish.

Some fans may begin to lose patience and doubt the new man’s ability to attract the right players to the club.  It might help to look back to when Ferguson had Saturn opposite his Sun in the 2003 – 4 season.  This was a disappointing year for United, finishing third in the League after winning the previous year and also getting knocked out of the Champions League by Mourinho’s Porto.

When you get a manager in for the long term, its important to give him the time to establish himself.



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