2014 – 15 Astroguide – Arsenal

Arsenal have definitely progressed, they have gone from a team that only bought unheard of tiny French attacking midfielders to blowing their massive season ticket revenues on one big name per year.

Last year’s big deal was Mesut Ozil but his lack of any significant transits meant his impact was underwhelming and this season there’s still no sign of Ozil’s supposed genius.

Big buy this time is Alexi Sanchez who has Uranus and Pluto aspecting his Mars. The only comparison that can be made is with Luis Suarez who had the same transit last season. Sanchez does not look like the biting sort, so we could be looking at the next footballer of the year.

Arsenal seem to have acquired a new striker that they’d always had on loan somewhere in Joel Campbell. Jupiter’s square to Mars could get him a starting place at the beginning of the season, but there’s nothing much happening otherwise.

There’s nothing much going on in Aaron Ramsey’s chart this season, but that didn’t seem to hurt him last season.

Nothing much for Olivier Giroud although Saturn will square his Moon some time this Autumn.

Similar for Jack Wilshere who has Saturn conjunct his Moon sometime in the new year. Since he burst onto the scene with Pluto conjunct his Sun, his progress seems to have flattened out.

Nothing for Lucas Podolski either.

Theo Walcott has nothing much either but in a sense this is good news as Neptune has stopped plaguing his Mars so his constant disappearance from the side due to injury may well be a thing of the past.

For Santi Cazorla, the end of September to October does not look good as Saturn is opposite his Mars, its conjunct his Moon as well but its hard to know how long this will last with no birth time.

Many people are saying that this will be a big season for Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. Not in October it won’t be as Saturn is square his Sun but November and December look very promising as Jupiter is conjunct it.

Pluto is conjunct Thomas Vermaelen’s Mars which should get him a transfer to Man Utd or somewhere interesting. Wherever it is he won’t get going until November but then should have a very strong couple of months.

Mathieu Debuchy had wonderful transits over the summer but so you’d expect from someone who played in the World Cup and managed to get away from Newcastle. There’s nothing much after that however.

With Per Mertesacker, its difficult to know what we’re going to see this term, the all conquering giant of Arsenal’s defence as in last year or the scared rigid by the pacy attack of Ghana and Algeria of the summer. If he was born in the morning he will have Saturn conjunct his Moon in 2015 so it could be a bit of the latter.

His central defensive partner Laurent Koscielny was lauded to the skies last season but has nothing going on this time. It still seems like a pairing that doesn’t quite cut it at the very top.

A number of people were beginning to write off Mikel Arteta last season, but this is unwise as Pluto square his Mars could still offer the chance for reinvention in the first half of the season.

New signing, Colombia keeper David Ospina has Pluto square his Mars as you’d expect from someone who had a magnificent tournament in Brazil and got a transfer to a big club on the back of it. Pluto’s still there for the rest of 2014, so there’s a good chance it will get him into the Arsenal first team.

Wojciech Szczesny has Saturn square his Mars in December so it could happen then.

Arsene Wenger has seen something in Yaya Sanogo that noone else can. His occasional presence in the Arsenal side has been down to Pluto being square his Mars for much of the last year or so. It continues for a few more months and Jupiter is opposite his Sun at the start of the season so don’t rule out a few more appearances. There’s nothing much for the longer term, however.

The injury prone Abou Diaby is unlikely to make a comeback before October as Saturn is opposite his Sun in September although its possible we may get a few glimpses of this strange phenomena from then onwards as Jupiter is square his Sun.

Another erratic presence is Tomas Rosicky. Pluto has been square his Sun this year so it really should have been his big breakthrough but a natal Mars / Uranus conjunction has always meant his appearances would be inspiring but sporadic. November doesn’t look good as Saturn is on this conjunction then.

Mathieu Flamini’s Mars is the same degree as Rosicky’s so he will probably also be out during November.

Kieran Gibbs has nothing going on but like Walcott that could be a good sign given his many injuries.

Young Serge Gnabry looked promising last season but he would as he had Jupiter on his Sun. Nothing on the cards this time, maybe time to go out on loan.

Nacho Monreal looked promising last season but ultimately failed to convince many punters who have suggested he go back to Spain. This makes sense as the business end of the season sees Neptune conjunct his Sun, which is not a pretty sight for a footballer.

Not that new signing Calum Chambers would necessarily benefit as he has nothing going on this season.

By and large the same goes for Arsene Wenger, although that won’t stop the customary mid season grumbles and demands for his head particularly around November / December when Saturn is square his Mars.

The striking options still seem a bit underwhelming for a side with real aims for the title but this could be part of Wenger’s plan to use Sanchez as a false nine and play a kind of 4 – 6 – 0 formation that he’s used to at Barcelona.

They will probably make 4th however because they always do.



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