2014 – 15 Astroguide – Liverpool

Last season Liverpool were within a Steven Gerrard slip of becoming champions. Liverpool fans hoping that this was just a high profile one off were no doubt concerned about his back header for Luis Suarez against Uruguay. They would be right to be concerned as Gerrard has Neptune square his Sun and opposite Mars next spring which is the footballing equivalent of alzheimers.

But never let it be said that Capricorn Research just dishes out the dirt without any help about how to make the best of difficult transits. The advice for Gerrard is – retire and start a new religion, he would have plenty of scouse followers anyway. Liverpool’s fortunes this season could well depend on how quickly and successfully they phase their captain out.

Daniel Sturridge has Neptune opposite his Sun at the same time so his form will mysteriously disappear just when its really needed. Unlike Gerrard, Sturridge will come back from this place, as 2015 – 16 sees Jupiter conjunct his Sun, Moon and Mars.

Raheem Sterling’s phenomenal rise is down to a close natal T square between Mars, the Moon with a double apex of Jupiter and Pluto. Saturn is there at the end of 2014, so this season may not be as explosive as last.

Jordan Henderson’s similar trajectory has been down to Pluto and Uranus transiting his Mars. They are both still there for the first half of the season. How long it continues, however depends on his birth time, Liverpool fans must be hoping he was born in the afternoon as a later Moon would extend his renaissance period.

Adam Lallana was Liverpool’s first buy of the summer but it soon turned out to be the one they regretted quickest. With Saturn opposite his Sun and square Mars he was never going to make a great start and so it proved with him picking up a knee injury almost immediately.  Saturn isn’t clear until the 2nd half of October, so don’t expect anything quickly. Fortunately for Lallana, Jupiter takes over then so November to January should see him doing well. The one concern is his Moon. If he is born around noon he has Neptune on it at the end of the season which will leave fans questioning the wisdom of this transfer.

Other new signing Emre Can has an extraordinary chart with 7 planets in Capricorn within 10 degrees. Pluto’s transit through that lot will prove the saying ” if anyone can, Can can “. Not yet however as the first of these Mars is at 18 degrees. Definitely one for the future, but Uranus is square his Mars in April / May so he could have an impact then. If Liverpool have any sense they will bring him in for Gerrard.

Rickie Lambert is a Liverpool fan and is just pleased to be along for the ride. He won’t get much of one in November, however as Saturn is square his Sun.

Phillipe Coutinho may have a difficult start to the season, but we don’t quite know when it will be as Saturn is conjunct his Moon.

Lazar Markovic will have Saturn square his Mars in November but more worrying than that is he will have Neptune conjunct his Sun 2016 – 17. Will managers please stop buying players with their Sun around 7 – 12 Pisces ?

Mamadou Sakho is another one with Saturn troubles in November as its square his Sun.

Glen Johnson has nothing going on at all, but a lot of punters have been saying this for a while.

Jon Flanagan’s progress will continue as Pluto is still conjunct his Sun and will be square his Moon too if he was born around noon. Expect him to hold onto to Johnson’s old right back slot.

The one signing who will be an instant success is Dejan Lovren who has Jupiter on his Moon, Mars and Venus in August and September. Pluto is opposite his Sun for the whole season so it should be a big breakthrough for him.

Liverpool will need a quick start from Lovren as both Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel have Saturn square their Mars around end of September and October.

Agger may well not get his hoped for transfer to Barcelona. Even if he does he will find the Nou Camp bench just as uncomfortable as Anfield’s.

Both Agger and Skrtel would hope for a better year end however as Jupiter opposes their Mars. This could however, result in January transfers for either or even both of them.

Pepe Reina has Saturn on his Mars at the moment so he can’t get the move he so desperately wants away from Liverpool. He has Neptune coming to oppose his Sun for the latter part of the season so like Gerrard maybe should be considering retirement.

The current stopper, Simon Mignolet might have Uranus opposite his Moon depending on his birth time but Liverpool would be advised to look for another keeper anyway.

Joe Allen has been called the Welsh Xavi presumably because his Mars is conjunct the maestro’s Sun. The astrological similarities end there, however and Allen has nothing going on this season, but then again nor does Xavi.

Jose Enriquez is still injured but with Saturn conjunct his Mars in November, you can’t really see him making an impact in 2014.

Fabio Borini has nothing at all, but this may be Sunderland’s concern rather than Liverpool’s.

Kole Toure has nothing either.

Lucas Leiva has Pluto coming on to his Sun in a couple of years time, but thats no good to Liverpool at the moment.

Sebastian Coates has Pluto and Uranus aspecting his Sun this season, so this should be his breakthrough year. Don’t be surprised if Coates and Lovren become the main defensive pairing for 2015.

Luis Suarez’ success and controversy whilst at Liverpool was built on Uranus and Pluto transiting his Mars. Liverpool haven’t managed to replace him with anyone who has anything like these kind of transits so unless they do, they won’t repeat the success of last season.

As usual the most important single chart is that of the manager and Brendan Rodgers had a magnificent season last year. For that reason Capricorn Research is going to assume he was born in the morning, which would mean his Moon was in the first decanate of Scorpio probably square to his Sun at 6 Aquarius. This also means that Saturn’s aspect to both Sun and Moon were over by the time Suarez came back from his suspension last autumn. Saturn’s aspects very neatly describe the stresses Rodgers was under after the Ivanovich biting incident but they were over before they had a chance to seriously impact on last season.

This means that Jupiter will be doing much the same this year. He has it coming to oppose his Sun and square the Moon at the moment which explains the feverish transfer activity this summer and also suggests there is more to come. However, Jupiter will be of little use to him once the season really gets going. Otherwise nothing much happening.

Expect Liverpool to be tighter defensively but Rodgers lack of transits and Gerrard and Sturridge’s Neptune suggest disappointment at the end of the season.

Prediction – 6th even below their city rivals, Everton.



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