Auba The Moon ? Eclipse of the Transfer Window

Its never happened before. Arsenal being the biggest spenders on transfer deadline day, or any other day for that matter, but thats what a Super Duper Blue / Red Blood Moon Eclipse can do for you.

A Blue Moon Eclipse has happened before in 1982, interestingly at the end of Arsene Wenger’s playing career and another one in 1866 when the Arsenal manager was born.

And 20 years later under another Full Moon.




Arsenal’s troubles over the past few years have coincided with Saturn’s progress through Sagittarius, and the disaster of failing to qualify for the Champions League last season occurred with the planet aspecting the Arsenal Sun and Moon.

Naturally the people blamed for this have all had Sagittarius prominent.

Wenger himself has the sign rising and its also the home of his Sun ruler, Venus.

Stan Kroenke the owner has the Moon in Sagittarius as does Chairman Chips Keswick and Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis.

On the playing field its been Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Oil whose dwindling contracts and questionable loyalty have filled enough column inches to wipe out a virtual rain forest.

Sanchez has the Sun in Sagittarius and Ozil the Moon.

True to form, Saturn has been a pain in the butt for all of them. Fascinatingly as soon  as possible after it changed signs into Capricorn, Alexis was off to Man Utd and Mesut signed a new contract.

And they broke their world record transfer fee on


Pierre Aubameyang

Pierre – Emerick Aubamayeng’s chart has remarkable tie ups with the Arsenal one.

The Sun / Moon Sagittarius / Gemini opposition is there, but this one is the other way round.

It goes without saying that Aubamayeng has had his own troubles getting away from his club whilst Saturn was transiting his Sun and Moon.


Borussia Dortmund

The Dortmund chart has the Sun at 27 Sagittarius, in exact opposition to Auba’s Sun and conjunct his Moon.

The German club have also been struggling big time.

Saturn was exactly conjunct the Dortmund Sun last April when three explosions occurred near their team bus on their way to a Champions League match. Despite the complaints of their manager the match went ahead and Dortmund lost to Monaco.

Saturn came back to the same position as Dortmund were dumped out of the Champions League for the 2nd time in 7 months.

So what will happen to all these Sagittarians now Saturn has moved on ?

Capricorn Research will soon be publishing end of season predictions so stay tuned to Get Ahead of the Game to find out.

In the meantime we’ve survived a real red / blue-blooded eclipse so we should all be Auba the Moon.




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