Uranus and the Decline of the Roman Empire ?

The most overused word by the football media has to be ” crisis “. This week its Chelsea’s turn with a particularly downbeat performance in the transfer window capped by losing 3-0 at home to relegation threatened Bournemouth.

But then again it was Arsenal’s turn on Tuesday and Liverpool’s on Saturday.

So how can we tell if the current crisis really is the genuine article or will it be forgotten by the next round of matches ?  Capricorn Research is ideally placed to provide an insight.

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte was indeed suffering from this week’s eclipse that fell within 3 degrees of his Leo Sun and now all the talk is not so much whether he will leave Stamford Bridge at the end of the season, but will he do it of his own accord or be pushed.

Many astrologers say that an eclipse can impact at any time over the 6 months until the next one. This may well be true but it does conveniently offer a catch all to explain just about anything and there’s a very good chance of it seeing Conte out.

No Chelsea manager lasts long anyway, even winning the Premier League and reaching a Wembley Cup Final at your first attempt is no defence against the sack as proved by Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti.

These three are among the most successful managers going but it didn’t save them, probably because they have one or more of their lights in Fixed signs.

Conte has Sun in Leo, Ancelotti the Moon in the same sign and Mourinho has the Sun and Moon in Aquarius which might explain why he was sacked twice.

Why should there be such a connection ? After all Fixed signs are usually good at keeping things together over a long run.


Roman Abramovich


Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has the Sun at the beginning of Scorpio in square  to Jupiter in Leo. This configuration fits neatly with the lights of Conte, Mourinho and Ancelotti. It explains why they have been successful together but also Scorpio is in difficult square aspect to both Leo and Aquarius, pointing to problems getting along and inevitable exits.

Not that this was obvious until the sackings came. The most secretive Sun / Moon combination in the Zodiac has to be Scorpio and Pisces and Abramovich is known for talking to no-one and keeping his cards very close to his chest.

But with the ruthlessness frequently associated with his Sun sign, out they go and are usually replaced on an interim basis by fellow Scorpio, Gus Hiddink.

Interestingly, Hiddink has a Sun / Jupiter conjunction in the sign and the big planet will be conjunct his Sun at the end of the season. So could it be that simple, yet another Jupiter Return to Chelsea ?

Capricorn Research thinks there could be more to it this time.

In May, Uranus changes signs and makes an opposition to Abramovich’s Sun. It stays around for the whole of next season.

And Uranus has always marked significant developments in his life.

It was sextile his Sun in 1988 – 89 when changes in Russia timed perfectly with Abramovich first setting up in business with his wife selling dolls.

It was square his Sun in 1995 when he and Boris Berezovsky acquired a controlling interest in the oil company Sibneft.

Uranus was trine his Sun when he bought Chelsea in 2003.

So could the more difficult opposition transit see him leaving Stamford Bridge ?

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with Uranus in tow Abramovich’s empire rose from nothing very suddenly indeed. The decline could be just as unexpected.




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