Eclipse on a Blue Moon – Is The End Nigh For City ?

The last game of the year saw Manchester City cruise to a routine 2 – 1 win over West Brom with a goal from Steve Kinsey on his Maine Road debut. City were in 9th place but only three points away from the UEFA Cup places.

Why is this relevant ?

Because the year was 1982 and two days after that match there was an eclipse on a Blue Moon.

City only won another 4 games that season and were relegated to Division Two.

Lunar eclipses are quite common, occurring twice a year.

A Blue Moon is when there is a second Full Moon occurring within a calendar month, something that happens every 2.7 years. So by choosing it as their theme, City fans are showing their recognition that success comes rarely and it is to be treasured all the more.

But an Eclipse on with a Blue Moon, well yes the last one was December 28th 1982.

So could City be in for a shock ?

Maybe the powers that be will rule that they have fallen foul of Financial Fair Play and dock 50 points. Even then you’d still see the current side challenging for Europe.

Should City be worried ?

Well astrology says no.

Manchester City were formed on the 16th April 1894 which means their Sun is at 26 degrees Aries. The reason they went down in 1982 / 3 was because Pluto was opposite that Sun.

In fact the astrological reason for City sweeping all majestically before them this year is that Uranus is conjunct their Sun. The last time that happened was in 1934 when they won the FA Cup.

City fans have seen it all and so are naturally pessimistic, and singing Blue Moon during the eclipse on Wednesday might well bring a lump to a few throats.

They are playing West Brom at home.




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