Are AC Finally Going To Stop Being DC ?

Ask anyone to name the top three sides in world football and they’ll likely come up with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. All three of them came into existence around the turn of the 20th century and their charts have much in common.

They all have the Sun in mutable signs in conjunction with Mars ( if you allow up to 12 degrees in Barcelona’s case ). They also have major points in their chart connecting with the Uranus / Pluto opposition in Sagittarius / Gemini.

But there is one other club that belongs in this illustrious company


A C Milan

Milan may have fallen on hard times recently but they have still won as many European Cups since the early 1960s as Madrid.

The first one came in 1963 when Milan’s progressed Sun made a square aspect to Jupiter.

They won it in consecutive years 1968-69 with Uranus and Pluto in square to the Sun.

In 1980 the club was implicated in the Totonero match fixing scandal and relegated to Serie B. They were promoted at the first attempt but went straight back down again. Milan were promoted again in 1983.

This is the only time in the club’s history that they have been out of Serie A, it is also the only time that Neptune ( the planet of deception ) has been conjunct the Milan Sun.

They still struggled financially and were saved from bankruptcy by this  character


Silvio Berlusconi

The largest planet is Jupiter and it is most full of itself in its own sign, Sagittarius, so its no surprise to find that Silvio Berlusconi has this placing at the apex of a T square.

Apex planets are the ones that are most strongly thrusted forward in a person’s life and character. For more information about how this impacts on Silvio’s life see Life with the Berlusconis.

For the purposes of this article it is enough to see that Jupiter is conjunct the Milan Sun and opposite its Moon, a fitting placement for someone who pumped so much money and ego into the club.

Berlusconi’s purchase of Milan occurred in 1986 as Uranus was conjunct his Jupiter and opposite the club’s Moon.  Arrigo Sacchi was appointed manager and Ruud Gullit, Marco Van Basten and Frank Rijkaard were bought and Milan were transformed with Uranus conjunct its Sun.

With Uranus conjunct Milan’s Mars and Jupiter conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun in 1989, the European Cup was won after an absence of 20 years. It was retained the following season. They dominated for a while appearing in 3 Champions League finals from 1993-5 including the 4-0 win over Barcelona under Fabio Capello in 1994.

They hit the heights again with Pluto opposite the Moon for the Champions League win in 2003.

Pluto’s conjunction with the Sun always creates drama and usually major shock as well. It was there in 2005 when Milan lost a seemingly unassailable 3-0 lead over Liverpool in the Istanbul Champions League final.

Pluto was still there for the Calciopoli match fixing scandal of 2006, where Milan was initially punished with a 15-point deduction and was banned from the 2006-7 Champions League. An appeal saw that penalty reduced to eight points, and allowed them to play in the Champions League which they went on to win.

The Pluto transit had brought a major change however, and for the next few years their city rivals, Inter, dominated Serie A. Milan’s decline was gradual but by 2014 they dropped out of European competitions and managed by ex players Clarence Seedorf and Pippo Inzaghi they have been also rans in Italy.

This season they appointed another former player, notorious midfield hard man Gennaro Gattuso.


Gennaro Gattuso

As Capricorn Research has shown many hundreds of times the transit of Pluto to conjunct someone’s Sun is the single most powerful astrological event of their lifetime. This is particularly the case if they have a natal square between the two bodies.

Gattuso has the Sun square Pluto and the conjunction transit occurred this season as he was appointed by Milan. Capricorn Research’s immediate response was that this would have an extremely powerful impact on both Gattuso and Milan.

Milan have gone 10 games unbeaten and are steadily climbing back up the table. The next few games sees them up against Roma, Inter, Lazio and Arsenal ( in the Europa League ).

So will they make it back into the Champions League this year ?

At the time of writing they are 9 points adrift which sounds like a tall order, but Inter and the managers of Lazio and Roma have iffy transits through the remainder of the season, so its possible.

Whatever happens they will surely be back with a bang next season as Jupiter will be conjunct their Sun and opposite their Moon.




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  1. Hey bro, can you do a guide on how to predict timing of the goals ? I would really appreciate it, Also if you can predict if jevuntus stand a chance against Real Madrid let alone win the finals as I want Buffon to win, thx in advance my dude very informative blog

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