Uranus Causes A Short Circuit at the Stadium Of Light

Ever get irritated by something for no apparent reason only for astrology explain it all 20 years later ? Capricorn Research has had that experience many times, one of them being about Sunderland unveiling their Stadium of Light.

At the time I thought it was down to the name just not fitting with the whole Mackem experience. But now I know that Sunderland were unconsciously tampering with a symbolic astrological connection that had been responsible for the success of their early years.

Some clubs are more responsive to the transits of one planet than any of the others. For Sunderland its Uranus.



Sunderland were the first club to be elected into the Football League  in 1890 as Uranus was conjunct their Sun.

The period that followed was easily the most golden in their history.

They won the League in 1892 with Uranus conjunct their Mercury.

They won it again in 1893 and came 2nd in 94 with their progressed Sun sextile Uranus for both of those years.

The won it for the 3rd time in 4 seasons in 1895 and then beat Hearts to win the unofficial ” World Club Championship ” ( it did help that football was only played in England and Scotland at the time ) with Uranus conjunct their Moon.

Since then, not so good.

The club have had its ups and downs, some success in the 30s and being known as the Bank of England club in the late 40s for breaking the transfer record for Len Shackleton.

But really the next time they hit the headlines was in 1973 when goalkeeper Jim Montgomery singlehandedly kept out Leeds United as they won the FA Cup as a 2nd division club.

Uranus was back, conjunct their Sun again, 83 years after its first appearance. In true Uranian style it was a shock, possibly the biggest Cup Final giant killing of all time.

Astrology is based on the idea of a seed moment, that when something is born, initiated or opened, it carries with it the energies of that moment and is always affected by them.

With Uranus ruling electricity perhaps it was right to call their new ground the Stadium of Light. But having taken such great care to join the Football League with Uranus conjunct their Sun, they should really have paid more attention to when they opened it.


1st match at Stadium of Light

The Sun is in Leo an appropriate sign for Light but of course it always is at the start of the season which probably explains why all football fans ( even Sunderland ones ) are so absurdly optimistic.

The problem is that Sun is exactly opposite Uranus.

Its possible that Sunderland might have got away with such a crass misuse of symbolism, but for the the other opposition in the chart between Mars and Saturn particularly as the ringed planet is also opposite the Sun in the Mackems chart.

Millstone and necks come to mind.

Its interesting that Sunderland have always had as their nickname the Black Cats. Many people attest to the superstitions around black cats but are uncertain whether they are a symbol of good luck or bad.

Moving into a new ground with the Sun opposite Uranus and Saturn opposite Mars is the astrological equivalent of a black cat crapping in your favourite shoes.

In 2009 Sunderland were taken over by new owner Ellis Short


Ellis Short

Short is a Sun Libra, just like the club, but at 10 degrees their Suns are too far apart to be considered conjunct.

Ellis Short’s Sun is the apex of a tough T Square with a Mars / Saturn opposition. And to take control of the club just as Saturn was about to enter Libra was really asking for trouble, which was pretty much what he got from day one.

The first managerial appointment was Steve Bruce, very Short sighted considering Bruce’s Sun is at 9 Capricorn closely opposite Mars creating a lot of tension with the owner’s T Square.

Bruce was sacked and replaced by Martin O’Neill, another good manager but whose Saturn was exactly conjunct Short’s Sun.

O’Neill was sacked and replaced by Paulo di Canio who had a Sun / Mars conjunction in Cancer again hitting Ellis Short’s difficult T Square.

Every season Sunderland would start appallingly, the manager would be sacked, replaced by someone who would just save them from relegation by the skin of their teeth, only to start the next one badly and get the boot themselves. Di Canio, Gus Poyet and Dick Advocaat all went this way. Given time probably the same would have happened to Sam Allardyce.

To cap it all Uranus came to oppose the Sunderland Sun in the summer of 2016. Allardyce left for the England job and Short replaced him with David Moyes.

Sunderland went down, it had been inevitable for some time.

Moyes left in the summer to be replaced by Simon Grayson, whose tenure coincided with Saturn conjunct his Sun. Grayson was sacked after a matter of months in the job and he was replaced by Chris Coleman.

Coleman has Mars at 5 degrees Cancer just a couple of degrees away from Ellis Short’s own Mars. You think this would guarantee that they would be fighting for the same cause. In fact they are, with Saturn now conjunct Coleman’s Mars they are both fighting a losing battle.

Sunderland have just sunk to the bottom of the Championship and with Saturn staying around and Uranus still opposite the club’s Sun, a second consecutive relegation looks on the cards.

What’s more Ellis Short is now trying to give the club away for nothing. Only a couple of years ago figures of £ 170 million were being bandied about. Thats a fairly expensive 2nd Saturn Return.

So when will Sunderland make it back to the big time ? Well Uranus will be back on the right side of their Sun around 2060. Either wait till then or bulldoze the Stadium of Shite and start again.




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Stadium of Light opened Mars at 21 Libra opposite Saturn 20 Aries





in that time he has got rid of Roy Keane, Steve Bruce SO 9 CP 1800 MA 8 CA, Martin O’Neill SA 13.50 LI, Paulo Di Canio SO 12 CA 0 MA  17 CA, Gus Poyet MA 17 CP, Dick Advocaat, David Moyes and Simon Grayson while SA 0 his SO

Sam Allardyce did a good job there but left to become the England manager for one game. Sun 25 Libra.

And now Chris Coleman.  Mars at 5 Cancer, Saturn square it atm.

Saturn now coming into T Square again.

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