Big Sam Allardyce – England Expects the Unexpected ?

The FA seem to pick England managers with a pin, a blindfold, a map of Europe and the command ” make sure he’s nothing like the last idiot ”

This rather peculiar method of recruitment has been in operation for over 20 years, ever since Graham Taylor managed to turn Bobby Robson’s 1990 penalty losing semi finalists into a team that lost all their group games at the following Euros and didn’t even qualify for the World Cup.

The informed analysis of this debacle was that a manager who had not played the game at the highest level could not command the respect of his players. They decided that the lowly Virgo, Taylor was out and went for the experience of Sun and Moon in Capricorn, Terry Venables.

Venables was a great success in Euro 1996, but like all good Capricorns wanted to concentrate on what he called his business dealings. The FA felt that these dealings had a bit too much of the flavour of ducking and diving for their taste and Venables resigned.

So they replaced him with the spiritual Sun in Scorpio, Moon Sagittarius vision of Glenn Hoddle.

Hoddle did reasonably well as manager but was often pilloried for his aloofness and his use of spiritual healer, Eileen Drewery and was sacked when his religious views about reincarnation and the disabled brought exactly the kind of disrepute that the FA had been expecting under Venables.

So they replaced him with Kevin Keegan whose Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon combination suggested someone who’d be happy to go out clubbing with the lads and certainly wouldn’t have any truck with any religious nonsense.

The team were rubbish under Keegan and this was mainly attributed to him being a naive little Englander.

So he was replaced a sophisticated foreigner with a Moon / Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, Sven Goran Eriksson.

Unusually for a football manager, Eriksson had a T square with an apex Venus, but then not many England coaches had affairs with Ulrika Johnson.

Sven’s time came to an end when he was caught on camera by a ” fake sheikh ” trying to negotiate a job at Aston Villa, which even these days might be considered an upgrade on England.

Next up was boring but reliable Taurean Steve McLaren, who the FA correctly identified as someone who was not foreign, would be unlikely to shack up with Nancy Del Olio and would never even be offered a job by anyone else.

England under ” the wally with the brolly ” was a disaster, failing to qualify for the 2008 Euros. The FA reasoned that the problem was a lack of high level managerial experience ( perhaps they might have considered this before appointing him ) and being too friendly with his so called golden generation of senior players.

So they replaced him with a high achieving but emotionally detached Moon in Aquarius figure, Fabio Capello.

England were still rubbish in the 2010 World Cup with many of the players complaining about the aloofness and rigidity of Capello’s management and being bored in their hotels.

Fabio resigned in 2012 over the John Terry captaincy issue and was again replaced by an exact opposite, the kindly, avuncular arm around the shoulder quality of Sun in Leo, Roy Hodgson.

Hodgson has had three tournaments to improve England’s performances but when it became clear that they couldn’t even beat Iceland he resigned.

The general consensus was that England players lose the plot in their minds, that the pressure of pulling on the three lions shirt turns Premier League high achievers into Vauxhall conference type plodders.

So they looked to replace Uncle Roy with someone who understood and worked with sports psychology.

Readers might be forgiven for asking why they’ve appointed Sam Allardyce then. His association with the long ball up front to big man Kevin Davies / Andy Carroll etc is rather ” on me ‘ead ” than ” in me ‘ead ”

But a quick glance at his chart reveals Fat Sam to be a fully paid up member of the quacks union.


Sam Allardyce

The sign that is associated with psychology is Libra.

And if there is one planet that symbolises the kind of weird ideas that football folk generally view with suspicion, its Neptune.

Allardyce has an exact Sun / Neptune conjunction in Libra.

By appointing someone with this conjunction, it seems that the FA are ditching their usually materialist approach and trusting the Universe to move in a mysterious way.

But it is flavour of the month because Claudio Ranieri also has it and since noone can quite put their finger on why Leicester have done the 5000 / 1 thing this season, the best thing is not to question it.

For anyone interested in Capricorn Research’s take on Ranieri’s success see – Leicester City Summon the Spirit of Richard III – Literally

Allardyce’s Sun / Neptune is at the apex of a tight T Square including Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

His Sun / Neptune is in square to his Capricorn Mars, so he manages to combine the apparent opposites of innovative sports psychology with an old fashioned and even industrial method of actually playing the game.

But will this combination work for England ?

In the short term the answer is probably yes.

Both Uranus and Jupiter are in close conjunction natally and aspect his Sun and Mars and will renew their acquaintance with the T Square by transit over the next couple of seasons.

Uranus is opposite Sam’s Sun from April 2017 to February 2018 and continues to be involved with Mars, Jupiter and itself right up until early 2019.

This transit is very powerful and unusual but also can be exceptionally erratic and disruptive, so its difficult to know how it might all pan out.

If you ask any England fan when was the last time they actually enjoyed watching their heroes in a summer tournament, the answer would surely be Euro 1996.

And a quick look at Jupiter’s position that summer, transitting through Capricorn, conjunct manager Terry Venables Sun and probably Moon too ( no birth time available ).

In fact Jupiter was conjunct his Sun from the start of the tournament right up to June 22nd, seeing off Scotland, Holland in exhilarating style and Spain for once a victory on penalties.

Sadly by June 26th for the game against Germany, Jupiter had moved on and we reverted to type.

So any chance of having Jupiter conjunct the current manager’s Sun ?

Well yes actually. Jupiter is about to move into Libra and will be conjunct Allardyce’s Sun and in the T Square during September and October of 2017.

This coincides with the peak of the qualifying tournament for Russia 2018, so we should have no trouble getting there.

But we have been here before.

Roy Hodgson had Jupiter conjunct his Sun for most of the 2014 – 15 season which goes a long way to explaining the 100% success rate during the last qualifying tournament.

Its invariably the case that Jupiter will be in one sign for the qualifying rounds of any international tournament but will be in the next sign for the finals.

By the time Euro 2016 came round, Jupiter had moved on into Virgo.

So Sam Allardyce may have it conjunct his Libran Sun in qualifying but for Russia 2018, Jupiter will be between 13 and 14 Scorpio.

How to solve this conundrum ?

Simple, just have one manager for the qualifiers and another for the tournament proper.

So Allardyce can have the job until the end of 2017 and then get in someone like Guus Hiddink who has Jupiter at 9 and the Sun at 15 degrees Scorpio.

Maybe its not fair on Fat Sam, who would no doubt complain to all and sundry that if he’d been called Allardici (or even Allardickov ) he would be going to Russia, but it would be a suitable reflection of Uranus being opposite his Sun.



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