Leicester City Summon the Spirit of Richard III – Literally

A year is a long time in football. Who would have thought last season’s champions Chelsea would blow up so spectacularly to the point where Jose Mourinho would be forced out by Xmas ? And even more mind boggling, who could have predicted that Leicester who were cast adrift at the bottom last March would now be top of the league and favourites to win it ?

Despite the best efforts of this column to make sense of it all, its the unpredictability of football that we love so much.

Football fans are known for their superstitions. Like wearing the same underpants or always attending the same pub before a game whilst your team is on a winning streak. This is our way of trying to influence the footballing gods to show favour to our heroes.

As a 14 year old I was convinced that every time I smoked a cigarette at a game, my team, Watford would score in the following 10 minutes. This was so sophisticated that I had two different brands, one for home games and another for away matches.

That season we romped home to win the 3rd division title scoring pretty much at will, which confirmed my view about the fags. Unfortunately, promotion to the 2nd division and the consequent hammerings received made me realised that our success was not tobacco related but by that time I was hooked. It took me another 15 years to give up cigarettes.

Which taught me a very valuable lesson. It’s best to research and test your particular superstition exhaustively in different situations before adopting it, particularly if it’s addictive.

But its interesting to ask what is superstition anyway ? Why should we believe that wearing a particular pair of pants or smoking a cigarette will influence anything else ?

It all comes from an unconscious recognition that everything is connected, that there really is a link between all things and if we could only just understand which link is the one, we would crack the code of unpredictability.

After 40 years of research, astrology is the answer for me. It explains most things although not on the face of it Leicester City’s rise to such splendid heights.

Maybe all their fans have taking to chain smoking outside the King Power before matches. Or maybe something even stranger. Some of their number are convinced that their current domination has got something to do with Richard III.

Richard, you may remember was the last of the Yorkist kings of England, defeated and killed at Bosworth field in 1485.

And over 500 years later he was discovered having been buried under a council offices car park in Leicester.

On March 22nd 2015 he was reinterned in Leicester Cathedral with a mass fit for a King. On the very same day, Leicester City were bottom of the table, 7 points into the relegation zone with 9 games left to play.

Those 9 games yielded a staggering 22 points, 3 more than the previous 29 had done and the miracle escape was made.

Could these two apparently unrelated facts be connected ?

It sounds plausible, after all City had been crap for the best part of 500 years and synchronicity being what it is….

Perhaps Richard holds the clue.

Richard 111

Of course we only have a noon chart for Richard III but as is frequently the case it works very well for our purposes.

Mars in Aries has a connection with driving so the Sun conjunct Saturn opposite Mars in Aries at the base of the chart just screams out being buried underneath a car park.

And Pluto is currently creating a T Square to Richard’s Sun and Mars, which probably accounts for him being dug up and placed in a more fitting situation but surely also links to the remarkable phoenix like rise of the home team.

There are many astrologers who will perceive a direct link between a person’s birth chart and their previous lives and will use this understanding to help with counselling their clients.

As a rule this is a direction that Capricorn Research steers clear of but there are some times when I have to seriously question that policy.

Particularly when the man who took over at Leicester during the summer has a chart like this


Claudio Ranieri


Incredibly Ranieri like Richard III has the Sun, Saturn and Neptune in Libra. That might not seem so surprising except that it only happened once between the years 1452 and 1951 ( in 1627 ).

Both men also have the Moon in Gemini.

Richard’s Saturn in Libra is opposite Mars in Aries, for Ranieri its Jupiter in the same sign. But staggeringly the two men’s Mercury are within two minutes of each other.

Last March Claudio Ranieri was out of work having been sacked by Greece for losing to the Faroe Islands, which must be the international football equivalent to being buried under a council car park.

Ranieri and Leicester’s fortunes since then can mean only one thing. The Tinkerman is the reincarnation of the Hunchback King.

But I think this is only half the story.

Last Spring when all this talk of Richard III was in the air, Capricorn Research decided to have a look at the old king and reexamine his reputation. Was he actually a baddie like everyone thought and specifically did he kill the Princes in the Tower ?

Looking at the charts of all the players in this drama, I came to the conclusion that while Richard probably did imprison the two young princes, he didn’t actually kill them. For more details see – The Princes in the Tower – Whodunnit

So not only was Richard III freed from his underground car park prison and given a proper burial with a state funeral but astrology restored his reputation. No wonder Leicester are unstoppable.

Not sure about this ? Well perhaps its helpful to know that the synastry and transits of the charts of the young princes point the finger to the chart of Henry Tudor, Richard’s nemesis.

Henry VII was an Aquarius with the Sun opposite a Uranus / Pluto conjunction which tied in very nicely with the young Edward V’s Grand Cross. So Henry bumped off the two boys and blamed Richard for it.

History is written by the victors and much of what we know about Richard’s character comes from Shakespeare’s portrayal of him. William Shakespeare wrote his play during the reign of Henry’s granddaughter, Elizabeth I, so if he wanted to keep his head in conjunction with his body, it would be best to show Richard as the villain.

In 1485 at Bosworth Field, one King’s star fell while the other one’s rose. Five hundred and thirty years later, Capricorn Research’s astrological detective work has changed the Premier League beyond recognition.

Because there is one manager’s chart that has quite a lot in common with that of Henry VII. Both have an Aquarius Sun with an aspect to Saturn. Both were born with a Uranus / Pluto conjunction. But the truly staggering thing is just like Richard and Claudio, they both have Mercury at the same degree, 23 Capricorn.

Who is this manager, the obvious reincarnation of Henry VII, whose own reputation has been badly besmirched by Capricorn Research’s accusation of prince murdering ?

Step forward Jose Mourinho.

It all makes sense now. Henry was also obsessed with winning and building his own image, but he was a parsimonious personality, his reign was full of bus parking 1-0 victories.

And all that bad blood between Jose and Claudio whilst they were managers in Italy. In 2010, Claudio’s Roma lost the lead in Serie A and the Coppa Italia Final to Jose’s Inter.

Well thanks to reincarnation and Capricorn Research’s revision of the history books, who’s laughing now ?



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2 thoughts on “Leicester City Summon the Spirit of Richard III – Literally

    • Yes thanks, there are some interesting connections between Ranieri and the Leicester chart. Some managers are just meant for some clubs and rubbish at other ones.

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