The 2016 – 17 Season Version of Astro Football Manager

In his annual conference to explain why he’s not spending any of Stan Kroenke’s money, Arsene Wenger referred to the Premier League for the coming season as the ” World Championship of managers “.

It certainly looks that way, but Capricorn Research will not be convinced until they’re all famous enough to actually provide their birth times.

As it stands we only know the Ascendants of Guardiola ( Taurus with Saturn rising ), Mourinho ( Capricorn with Mercury ) Klopp ( Leo with Jupiter ) and Wenger himself ( Sagittarius with Venus ).

How much insight this will provide on the direction of the 2017 Premier League title is negligible, but I think it does explain the nature of their press conferences.

But even if Claudio Ranieri was born at 12.55 pm giving him Pluto on his Ascendant last May it would still have been nigh on impossible to predict Leicester’s incredible season.

Some astrology punters have suggested Jupiter in Virgo made it the season of the underdog, which would have a nice ring to it apart from the fact that the last time it happened in 2004, Arsenal’s Invincibles ended the season unbeaten.

The only theory Capricorn Research can put forward to explain it is that Ranieri is a reincarnation of Richard III ( check out the two charts ! ) Leicester City Summon the Spirit of Richard III – Literally

Given that such things can happen, and the genuine congestion at the top end of the Premier League only a Piscean would attempt to predict the destination of the title this year.

So this pragmatic Capricorn is going to sidestep such a trap and just put forward a few interesting themes to watch over the coming months.

Where to start ? With the Champions of course.

Ranieri has a difficult start to the season with both Saturn and Neptune afflicting his Mars and Venus. But he had both of these transits at times last year and Leicester stubbornly failed to fall back into the chasing pack.

He also has Uranus opposite his Sun for April / May 2017 so the Foxes will obviously win the Champions League and Gary Lineker will have to go the Full Monty on MOTD.

Jamie Vardy has both Uranus and Jupiter square his Sun at times this season so you would expect him to be chasing defenders with just as much of a snarl as usual.

Riyad Mahrez has the much the same Mars transits as his manager, so under normal service I would expect the words ” one season ” and ” wonder ” to be trotted out pretty quickly. But its Leicester so he’ll probably win Player of the Year before Xmas.

But watch out for new signing Ahmed Musa. The 2nd half of the season could be big for him.

Arsene Wenger has stubbornly refused to leave despite having Saturn on his Ascendant this summer. Its there again through the early Autumn so maybe we should expect the Arsene Out chants to occur a bit earlier this season.

Mohammed Elneny has Pluto opposite his Sun and trine his Mars from mid February onwards and Francis Coquelin has Jupiter and Uranus aspects for the same period. Perhaps Wenger’s refusal to buy a centre back will mean he’ll try everyone in the squad there and settle on this pairing to help them scrape into 4th place.

Mauricio Pochettino finished the season with Neptune conjunct his Sun which comfortably explains the most unlikely St Totteringham’s day for the last half century or so.

Most Spurs fans are naturally pessimistic so they will no doubt be expecting the more of the same between mid February and mid April 2017, when Neptune’s back in the same spot.

The extraordinary rise of Dele Alli will continue this season with Uranus conjunct and Jupiter opposite his Sun.

Fascinatingly his mate, Eric Dier has similar aspects although his Sun’s in Capricorn so Uranus is in square.

Harry Kane should get off to a reasonable start but overall this season doesn’t have the potency of last year when Jupiter was conjunct his Mars.

Knowing his birth time means we can say that Pep Guardiola has an exact natal Moon / Uranus conjunction ( an orb of 5 minutes ).

Jupiter will be conjunct that in November but perhaps more tellingly when the medals are handed out at the end.

As always there has been much talk about City’s buys this summer, but both Leroy Sane and particularly Nolito have strong Jupiter and Uranus transits later on this season so expect them to breakthrough and have a powerful impact.

And it goes without saying that Raheem Sterling will continue to have a miserable time, particularly in November as Saturn is conjunct his Sun again.

If ever a top club needed an astrologer on board it’s City, and Capricorn Research would be happy to oblige for a fraction of Sterling’s fee. I’d probably do it for one millionth of the fee to be honest.

The big story of the summer is obviously Jose Mourinho at United and the crazy spending spree.

But which Mourinho are we going to get ? The Special One or the chaotic one from last season ?

And how to explain Chelsea’s demise astrologically.

Mourinho has the Sun and Moon in Aquarius but the Fixed signs have been relatively untroubled by transits for a while.

Many punters would say that Mourinho’s problems at Chelsea began with that rant about Eva Carneiro. And that his demise at Chelsea wasn’t because he had suddenly lost his managerial skills but had lost his usual charming way of expressing them.

The way we project ourselves to the world is governed by the Ascendant and this is where accurate birth times are so helpful.

Uranus was exactly square to Jose’s Ascendant at the time.

Uranus comes back to the same point between November and February 2017. In fact it stations square to his Ascendant at the end of December and is joined by Jupiter making a T Square.

So it will be an interesting Xmas in the Mourinho household. Lets hope noone runs into the kitchen to save the burning turkey too quickly.

But what about all the Glazer’s money, has that been well spent or will it go the way of Jose’s Xmas lunch ?

These days the Premier League resembles the old wild west gold rush where any old codger can just turn up and make and spend a fortune. And in times like this all the old rules go out of the window. But if there are any guidelines that still survive, surely one of them would be – don’t spend £ 93 million on a Piscean !

You can’t really blame Paul Pogba, he currently has Jupiter opposite his Sun which is generally the kind of thing you get when obscene amounts of money are bandied about. He also has a natal Sun / Moon square which tends to exaggerate the effects of any transits to the Sun because they also trigger the Moon as well and the Moon in Sagittarius can be extravagant enough on its own.

Nor can you blame Mr 20% Mino Raiola. He’s a Scorpio as all good self respecting agents should be. He also has a Venus / Pluto conjunction in Virgo exactly opposite Pogba’s Sun and square his Moon, and of course now being transitted by Jupiter as he’s waddling off, chuckling all the way to the bank.

What you can do is have a look at the ephemeris and start worrying that your bizarre investment will have Saturn hitting both his Sun and Moon in the New Year and whack up the insurance policy premium.

Still at least you don’t have to worry about Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has Jupiter on his Sun in October.

What is it with this guy anyway ? Well Zlatan has a natal Sun / Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in Libra ( not quite sure where the Saturn comes in ) with the Moon in Sagittarius and Leo rising with Mars right on the Ascendant.

I haven’t seen a chart of a Libra so full of themselves since Margaret Thatcher.

Most footballers don’t usually hang around long enough to experience the joys of their 3rd Jupiter Return whilst still on the field. No doubt they are swanning it in Dubai or the Maldives by then.

But Zlatan has decided to sacrifice all that just to prove that he can cut it in the Premier League ( this must be where the Saturn comes in ).

No doubt we’ll see plenty of overhead goals in October. After that who knows, perhaps he’ll just get tired of watching has passes to Wayne Rooney rebounding. The old George Best quote ” he can trap a ball as far as I can kick it ” comes to mind.

Maybe Zlatan will go round and set fire to Mourinho’s Xmas turkey. One thing’s for sure it will be fun to watch.

One who has impressed already is Eric Bailly. With Uranus conjunct his Sun and Jupiter opposite it for much of the season, he’s definitely one for the Fantasy League teams.

Henrik Mkhitaryan has reasonable transits, although nothing outstandingly strong either way.

Out of all the top managers, Jurgen Klopp has the strongest transits for the season with Pluto square and Jupiter conjunct his Mars for the mid season period. Uranus is sextile his Sun at the start and again at the end, but he also has Saturn opposite his Mars too in late January early February.

So being a Liverpool fan could be as exciting as last year, but consistency might be hard to come by.

As much could be said for Sadio Mane who will probably take time to get going at Anfield as he has Saturn and Neptune afflicting his Mars in the early part of the season. November to February might be fruitful as Uranus is conjunct his Sun and Jupiter also gets involved, but the same period has another Neptune / Mars thing so…

Giorgio Wijnaldum has similar Neptune / Mars aspects mid January to mid March which might slow him down a bit.

But Marko Grujic could prove to have a big breakthrough with Pluto square his Mars and Uranus conjunct his Sun.

Otherwise I would pick Nathaniel Clyne, Emre Can and Roberto Firminho to all have good seasons.

Antonio Conte has nothing much going on although depending on birth time could well have Neptune conjunct his Moon for a large chunk of the season. Its difficult to know how this would impact anyway.

With Pluto conjunct his Sun you would expect this one to be a peak season for Eden Hazard. You would except it was also there for some of the time last season and did him no good at all.

The one thing with Pluto transits are that they will be a shock, so when you are already player of the year, perhaps the only way is down.

But now noone is expecting Hazard to do anything much so maybe he’ll be back on top again.

A Pluto / Sun transit gave David Cameron an overall majority and then forced him to resign a year or so later, so perhaps we’ll see the same in reverse for Eden.

Diego Costa will have Jupiter conjunct his Sun for November and opposite his Mars in September so as long as Chelsea don’t sell him over the next couple of weeks, he should be scoring freely.

Other than that lot, Pluto trine his Sun and Uranus and Jupiter making sympathetic aspects to his Mars should be helpful to West Ham manager, Slaven Bilic for the 2nd half of the season although he could be in for a rocky December with Saturn square his Sun.

Andy Carroll still has Pluto conjunct his Sun, and with Sam Allardyce now England manager who knows ? Its not as if he’s completely against the long ball up to the big man with the ponytail.

Speaking of England, Southampton’s Frederick Forster has Pluto conjunct his Mars and Jupiter opposite his Sun over the next few months, while Joe Hart has Saturn and Neptune afflicting his Mars, so the City keeper might not stay head and shoulders above everyone else.

Otherwise Southampton’s Claude Puel has pretty difficult transits and could find Ronald Koeman a hard act to follow.

Koeman himself has a reasonably good start to the season but not much to shout about later on.

Mark Hughes has generally quite good transits through the season so Stoke could do fairly well. If so Xerdan Shaquiri could be an important part of that as Pluto is square his Sun.

The rest of them, I can’t really be bothered to look up, which probably means one of them will do a Leicester and win the League.

Of the promoted clubs, none of them look like promising anything, although Hull’s current boss Mike Phelan does have Jupiter conjunct his Sun in September.

Given the current state of both boardroom and playing staff at the KC stadium, he could celebrate this transit by having a nice holiday after being replaced or by playing in midfield for City.

If only we had his birth time, we would know which.



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4 thoughts on “The 2016 – 17 Season Version of Astro Football Manager

  1. Another brilliant article CC.

    I love my football and especially my beloved Reds. Klopp is a great personality and you can see his Jupiter rising on a Leo ascendant in his touchline antics and his football style. I never pegged Wegner as a Sag rising though Venus on the ascendant gives his French style and some of the beautiful football (at times) Arsenal have played. I very hopeful for these season especially the way we beat Barcelona 4-0 I know it was only a friendly but even so……….

    • Thanks SK. I think Wenger’s Venus in Sag rising is that je ne sais qui philosophical Le Professeur thing.
      Liverpool are my 2nd team after the mighty Hornets and I hope its the 4-0 against Barca and not the 4-0 against Mainz that we see this season. Here’s to it.

      • Just a quickie on Pisces’ maybe not being a good bet for football, well long term at least? Pisces rules the foot which we kick the ball with! LOL We also have Kenny Daglish one of Liverpool’s greatest footballers who is a Pisces Sun. Kenny does though have a Mars/Venus conjunction in Aries in opposition to Saturn in Libra and (you will be glad to know) a Capricorn Moon! (My wife was born 3 years later but has all the above aspects and same planets in same signs, though her opposition includes Saturn conjunct Neptune. She can’t kick a football for toffee though she has amazing stamina with our large extended family.) I think it was probably the Piscean Sun that made Kenny such a fantastic ambassador for Liverpool during Hillbrough and Heysel disaster’s. Keep up the good work CC.

      • Thanks SK. I agree completely about Dalglish. The Piscean thing is just a long running joke that I’ve had going since I wrote this article about Nicholas Anelka
        I’m not really against Pisceans in football it’s just that Neptune transitting many of their Suns has had an undermining effect, so I wouldn’t be spending 93 m on one.
        For a look at which sign produces the top players in history see

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