Real Madrid dumped out of the Copa by Leganes ? Pull the other one.

Astrology is both a science and an art. Nowhere is this more true than in predicting football results.

You have to use a combination of techniques from both natal astrology and horary.

On the scientific side you have to look at transits to the inception chart of the club itself, together with those of the manager, owner and star players.

But while these transits can generally tell you when a club is going to go through an auspicious or difficult time, they are unlikely to accurately predict actual results on their own.

For this we need to look at the chart drawn up for the time of the specific match and apply techniques that are more symbolic, using skills that are in the domain of horary astrology.

A couple of weeks ago Capricorn Research published a piece titled What is Going on at Real Madrid ?

This observed the transit of Neptune to Real’s Piscean Sun, noting that it had already counted for a surprising and as per the planets nature, utterly unexplainable dip in fortunes.

After all this Summer Real became the first club to retain the Champions League having won it for the 3rd Time in 4 years.

They also beat Barcelona comprehensively in the season opening Super Copa. Yet a few months later they find themselves trailing their Clasico rivals by 16 points.

Neptune first came to conjunct the Real Sun just after the Champions League win and stayed around for the early part of the summer.

Neptune is illumination or illusion, sometimes both at the same time. It is very easy to get carried away by its vision and to neglect the everyday reality of our existence. So the owner Florentino Perez, who also has Neptune about to conjunct his Sun, believed that everything was going so swimmingly ( a Neptune phrase if ever there was one ) that no new additions were needed in the transfer window.

This despite the fact that their forward line, the BBC ( Benzema, Bale and Cristiano ) have been struggling with form, injuries and age respectively.

Real’s recent form has been all over the place. Since returning from the World Club Cup in December they went 4 games without a win, including a 3 – 0 defeat in the Clasico at home to Barcelona.

This is a run that is almost without precedent in a league where the top two invariably crush everyone else. But a 7 – 1 home victory over Deportivo at the weekend convinced everyone that things were back to normal.

As they were already 1 – 0 up from the away leg of the Copa game against Leganes, manager Zinedine Zidane decided he could afford to rest Bale and Ronaldo. He obviously had not seen this chart.


Real v Leganes

Capricorn Research’s experience when looking at contest charts is that the tighter the aspects the more emphatic the pointers are.

As both the home team and undoubted favourites Real would be represented by the chart ruler Mercury, their opponents by the Descendant ruler Neptune.

Neptune, of course is the underlying symbol of Real’s current problems so immediately we are drawn to this symbol. Being in Pisces it is dignified anyway, but in this chart not only is it the ruler of Leganes but it is exactly conjunct ( within 6 minutes ) the Descendant.

In itself, that is a very powerful indicator of an away victory.

Mercury the ruler of Real is exactly in conjunction with Pluto ( an orb of one minute ). This is about as clear an indication of a shock as astrology can give you.

If ever a chart symbolised an illusory bubble that was suddenly about to be pricked, this is it.

And if Perez and Zidane want to work to know how to save themselves from further embarrassment in the Champions League they need to Get Ahead of the Game – Sports Predictions in Advance

This is the trouble with having an apex T Square Sun conjunction Mars in Pisces ( the sign of the foot ). Its very easy to get your Leg(anes) pulled.




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