Gino Pluto Slams Vicarage Road’s Revolving Door Shut Once Again

Astrology never ceases to amaze me with its sheer astounding simplicity. But every so often I come across a series of charts that are so gobsmacking as to be unbelievable, particularly since they’ve been under my nose all the time.

I’ve been researching this subject for over 40 years, but a devoted fan of Watford FC for over 50 even predating the Graham Taylor years. However I’ve struggle to bring these two favourites of mine together owing to a lack of a formation date for the club. I’ve searched everywhere but have only managed to come up with the year 1881.

But yesterday’s sacking of manager Marco Silva has set me off on a research track that has proved utterly astonishing.



Marco Silva

Readers familiar with Capricorn Research’s methods would realise there is no need to analyse Siva’s chart, just looking at the Sun’s degree position is enough. Pluto is currently at 19.30 Capricorn in opposition to Marco’s Sun.

This year was always going to be the watershed, the Turning Point of his Life.

This is particularly so as the Sun is widely square Pluto at birth.

So Silva’s departure was not a surprise, I have been expecting it ever since he joined us. I just hoped it would be to a big club on the back of a stunningly successful time with Watford. Just a few short months ago that looked to have been the case.

But the one thing with Pluto transits is that it brings the unexpected, and the result of its first contact has left Marco Silva looking out on a post nuclear landscape, his grand plan for a move to a top 6 club having been ripped to shreds.

This does not mean that he won’t still make it. Pluto will be opposite his Sun until the end of 2019 so there will inevitably be plenty of twists yet to this tale. 

Capricorn Research would advise any top club to avoid Marco Silva in the near future. This is not because of the last few months at Watford, more because Saturn opposing his Moon in 2019 is unlikely to win him any titles.

As with any managerial sacking, social media is full of people blaming the club’s board, saying this is what they always do. And they are right.


Pozzo at Watford

Gino Pozzo took over at Watford in June 2012. I only came across the chart of the beginning of his ownership of the club this morning but it is incredible.

The Sun 8.06 Cancer is in exact opposition to Pluto, a mere 10 minutes of arc and this projects onto a T Square with an apex Uranus also only a matter of minutes away. In 40 years of gazing at charts this is the tightest T Square Capricorn Research has ever seen.

Obviously Pozzo’s tenure at Vicarage Road is going to be one of continual upheaval. The noon chart projects the T Square onto the 7th house, suggesting that all the change and turmoil will occur around partnerships. As we are talking about a chart for the ownership of a club, this must refer to managers.

If we add on the fact that the noon chart gives us the Moon at 8.40 of Pluto’s sign Scorpio, forming part of a Grand Trine we can see a wider picture.

This shows that Gino’s reign will be a successful one and the policy of quickly getting rid of managers will not have a negative impact on the club or its finances ( as the Moon is in the 2nd house of money ). Pozzo inherited a club from the lower reaches of the Championship that had been badly treated by the previous owners and close to bankruptcy and has got them promoted to the Premier League and kept them there for a third season.

The first thing he did was get rid of an old school English manager who did not want to work as a coach with little say in transfers in and out of the club.


Dyche at Watford

But given that Sean Dyche had been appointed more or less the same time the year before it was inevitable. The chart for his managerial start also has the Sun opposite Pluto T Square to Uranus with an added Grand Cross to Saturn thrown in just to make it even more painful.


Zola at Watford

Within a week of buying the club, Gino Pozzo had installed his own man, compatriot Gianfranco Zola. Unfortunately because it was only a week the same Sun / Pluto / Uranus T Square was in operation with Mars getting involved as well.

Zola did well in his first season, taking Watford to the play offs, but had a poor start to the following year.  Zola resigned, obviously he had looked at the above chart and wanted to depart with his dignity still intact.

He was followed by Beppe Sannino


Sannino at Watford

The Sun is not involved with Pluto here, but the Moon is at 9 degrees Cancer, in exact opposition to Pluto with Uranus again forming a T Square and Mars making a Grand Cross.

Guiseppe Sannino lasted 8 months. He resigned because in true football manager speak ” he had lost the dressing room “.

Capricorn Research feels that this happens so often, maybe a few signposts might be in order.

Sannino was replaced by Oscar Garcia


Garcia at watford

Garcia was gone within a month. But strangely the chart shows no Pluto. This is because Garcia had to leave for health reasons.

What the chart does show is the Sun is in the sign of health ( Virgo ) and opposite the mysterious Neptune, showing that his career would be undermined by an unexpected health problem.

This opposition focuses onto a t Square to the Moon in Sagittarius, showing that he would be travelling ( Sagittarius ) back to his homeland ( Moon ).

Garcia was replaced by Billy McKinlay, a surprising Pozzo appointment given that he was British and on the staff at the time as an assistant.


McKinley at Watford

It took Gino Pozzo 8 days to realise his mistake and sack McKinlay.

The Sun in this chart, although in Libra was again forming a T Square with Uranus and Pluto

McKinlay was replaced by Slavisa Jokanovic. Unfortunately no-one told Pozzo that 8 days was not long enough for the Sun to move out of a T Square



In many ways Jokanovic was the most successful of Gino’s managers as he took Watford up to the Premier League in the 9 months that he was there.

However he expected an extra reward for this success and wanted a big pay rise which the club were not prepared to grant so out he went.

He was replaced by Quique Sanchez Flores


Flores at Watford

Flores, like Marco Silva, had a great start with Watford nicely placed in the top half of the Premier League and even took them to a F A Cup semi final. But a poor slide down the league in the 2nd half of the season did for him and he was sacked in the summer.

The Sun was not involved this time, but the Moon is, in conjunction with Pluto and square Uranus.

Flores was replaced by Walter Mazzarri


Mazzarri at watford

Here we are back to the Sun in opposition to Pluto. Its also worth noting that the Moon is Void Of Course at the end of her sign, which generally means that nothing good will come up the matter in hand. Mazzarri was roundly hated by most Watford supporters and the only surprise was that he lasted so long.

And so to Marco Silva. Of course Silva had his own Pluto transits on the way but the chart of his tenure as manager showed many of the familiar signs.


Silva at Watford

Pluto was again the apex of a T square, this time involving Venus and Jupiter.

The Moon was again Void Of Course and this time opposite Saturn so clearly it was all going to end in tears.

What would be the chances of a sequence of charts occurring randomly like this ?

Capricorn Research has no idea how to work it out but estimates it would be thousands to one against.

So what of the new man, Javi Gracia ?


Gracia at Watford

Many Watford fans have been clamouring for Silva’s sacking for the last 3 weeks since the abysmal defeat at home to bottom club Swansea. Looking at the above chart its just as well Gino Pozzo held fire on sacking him and appointing a new man until now because otherwise the Sun would have been conjunct Pluto.

This chart is relatively benign with the Moon trine Jupiter and sextile Pluto ( both harmonious flowing aspects ).

So what will happen ? Who knows, maybe Gracia will stay for a while and establish some consistency at The Vic. He has a natal Sun / Saturn conjunction in Taurus so he would be looking to the long term. He is likely to improve the team defensively and make them hard to beat.

But its quite possible that Gino Pozzo’s Sun / Pluto / Uranus inception chart will trump this one and continue to hire and fire every few months.

As befits his sign, Capricorn Research has frequently denounced the modern day short term approach to hiring managers.

But if it has to be done at Watford, can we not just pick people who are about to have Jupiter on their Sun, then after its passed usher we can them through the revolving door.




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