Sir Matt Busby and the Power of a Pluto Transit

Next week marks the 60th anniversary of the Munich Air Crash, one of the biggest tragedies experienced in the football world. The Manchester United side were flying back from a European Cup fixture in Belgrade and taking off after a refuelling stopover at Munich in bad weather conditions caused the plane to crash killing more than half of the passengers including 8 of the United players.

The astrology of the event is unclear. This is often the case for crashes and disasters. Some astrologers will try very hard to equate the symbolism of the chart with the horrendous event. The Sun was in the 8th house of death at the time, but it is for a couple of hours every day.

The Sun was also closely inconjunct the Moon, an aspect that could be linked with endings, because of the angle between the Ascendant and the 8th house, but again this combination will occur for a few hours every month and no-one would suggest all the disasters would happen during this time.

In fact its very difficult to find a strong astrological link for a person’s death. This is probably just as well, as its really better not to know.

An astrological chart is a symbol for someone’s life and that which continues, so we are more likely to find pointers for someone who was in the crash and came close to death but survived and rebuilt his life.


Matt Busby

Sir Matt Busby is the spiritual father of Manchester United. He is principally known for managing the ” Busby Babes ” a young team that dominated English football for two seasons until they were decimated by the tragic event in Munich.

Despite being very close to death himself, Matt Busby recovered to rebuild his beloved United. If ever there was a Pluto story this is it.

Busby’s chart shows all of this.

It contains two T Squares. One is based on an opposition between Mars and Jupiter, a very appropriate one for a top footballer and successful manager. This opposition projects onto an apex of Busby’s Sun and Ascendant. Both of these are placed in Gemini, the sign most connected to the idea of youth. Hence the Busby Babes.

The other T Square is an opposition between Uranus and Neptune which focuses onto an apex Saturn in Aries, a simple symbol of a tragic accident.

Busby’s United came to prominence during the 1955-6 season when they won the league with a side with an unheard of average age of 21, hence the Babes.

Jupiter moved through Busby’s main T square during this season, returning to its own natal position, opposite his Mars and square to the Sun and Ascendant.

But by the time of Munich in February 1958, Pluto had moved into the same position, opposite his Mars at the time of the crash.

Busby came close to death himself having suffered multiple injuries and twice received the the last rites but he recovered and left hospital after nine weeks. He suffered tremendously over the loss of his young players. As well as those that had died there were other players who were injured so badly they could never play again. Naturally he felt like quitting football but while Pluto was moving through his T Square he recuperated and was persuaded to continue as United manager to rebuild a team as a tribute to those that died and an inspiration for future generations.

This was a slow process but by 1965 with a team containing George Best, Denis Law and Munich survivor Bobby Charlton, United were again League Champions.

In 1968 with Jupiter returning to the same place as it was in 1956, in the T square, opposite Mars and square his Sun, Busby lead United as the first English team to win the European Cup.

A real example to us all of how to deal with Pluto transits.




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