Are City Out Of It Already ?

Eight games in and already eight points behind. This was unthinkable at the start of the season. It was true that everyone had the Premier League down as a two horse race, the new La Liga, but even so Manchester City were the favourites.

Since the Abu Dhabi buyout in 2008, City have been by far and away the richest club in England but since Pep Guardiola came on board they have been unstoppable.

The last two seasons has seen them gross 198 points out of a possible 228. Their nearest rivals Liverpool garnered 172.

Granted the Reds ran them very close last season, but City still hoovered up every domestic trophy available.

The general sense of things was that City would carry on in the same vein and it was only a matter of time before they added the Champions League too. Money carries all before it in the world of football apparently. Everyone else would just have to suck it up.

But the world does not work like that. Everything goes in cycles. Even Guardiola has to have difficult transits some time.



Guardiola is one of the few managers that Capricorn Research has an accurate birth time for. This is very fortunate because we can really see what drives him.

Capricorn is an ambitious sign, with the Sun there in the 10th that ambition to be the best is very powerful and obvious to all around him.

A very close sextile to a Mars / Jupiter / Neptune conjunction also shows that he is both gifted and inspired and very likely to succeed.

The Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus in Libra. Guardiola is an exceptional man manager as well as a great tactician.

A close Sun / Pluto trine as well.

The only issue might be Saturn in Taurus in the 1st but it has no obviously difficult aspects and if anything it just adds to his seriousness and determination to succeed.

It all started with Barcelona. As a player he was a major influence and captain, but it was when he became manager in 2008 that things really took off.

Guardiola’s synastry with the Spanish giants is interesting.


Barca’s chart is extraordinary, 6 planets in Sagittarius is making a mighty statement. Barcelona have always been very attack minded and this is evident from that stellium.

Guardiola’s Venus is right in the middle of it, closely conjunct the Barca Sun / Uranus.

Both club and manager have a Libra Moon although they are not conjunct.

Guardiola was a surprise appointment as manager of Barca in the summer of 2008 when Jupiter was square to his Moon, but he won the treble of La Liga, Copa and Champions League in his first season, and many punters said that they were witnessing the finest club side ever.

Jupiter was conjunct Guardiola’s Sun during that season.

Also Uranus was square to Barca’s Mercury, Venus and Mars.

After 4 seasons of unprecedented success, Pep took a sabbatical and then went to Bayern Munich in 2013.

Bayern had just completed a League, Cup and Champions League of their own under Jupp Heynckes and although Guardiola’s time there continued to deliver the League title he never managed to conquer the Champions League and so many pundits were underwhelmed.

The synastry was not so hot either


It’s true that Pep’s Venus was conjunct Bayern’s Jupiter but it was also square the club’s Sun.  Also Bayern’s Venus was opposite Guardiola’s Moon.

So not a disaster but not really progressing the brand either.

With City however the connections are much stronger.


The City club chart is an interesting one. The Sun is in Aries but opposite Saturn – so great optimism thwarted by things generally going wrong ( as anyone who had supported them for the 30 years before 2008 would surely testify ).

Guardiola’s synastry with this chart is very strong. Their Suns are in very close square aspect and City’s tight T Square is turned into a Grand Cross by Pep’s Venus.

Consequently the manager’s fortunes and those of the club would go very much hand in hand.

So when Uranus reached 26 Aries conjunct the City Sun it was also square to Guardiola’s. This happened throughout the 2017 – 18 season when City took the title with 100 points, 19 clear of their 2nd placed neighbours, United.

The only problem with having this kind of synastry is that it can work both ways.

2020 brings Saturn into play. It will be conjunct Guardiola’s Sun and square City’s for much of the year.

In fact the lead up to this seems to be already happening as Saturn is square Guardiola’s Moon at the moment.

And while Uranus in Aries seems to point to all out attack and blitzing teams by 5 and 6, Saturn in Capricorn issues looks like problems with the defence which is exactly what has been happening at City this season.

Captain Vincent Kompany had the Sun at 20 Aries conjunct the club’s and he was a major figure throughout the Abu Dhabi period of the club.

Kompany also has the Moon and Venus in early Taurus and when Uranus reached these two by transit he left the club. Interesting also that Uranus conjuncting his Taurus Moon took him home to Belgium to manage Anderlecht, his boyhood club.

He was not replaced.

City did put in a bid for Harry Maguire but were outbid by neighbours United, Saturn causing previously lax purse strings to be tightened here.

Defender Aymeric Laporte has Mars in early Taurus, which would explain why he and Kompany dovetailed so well. It would also explain how Uranus conjunct to it this season has put him out through injury for 6 months.

So what will happen for the rest of the season. Will City do what they did last year and go on a run overhauling Liverpool ?

Saturn suggests they won’t but Jupiter will also be conjunct Guardiola’s Sun at the end of the season. So they won’t go empty handed.

Another factor that is starting to play out is Uranus conjunct Pep’s Ascendant. This has been in operation since June and could explain how City have been much more erratic and unpredictable this year. There will be more of this towards the end of the season but the really big changes for Guardiola are coming between 2021 and 2023.

Pluto will be conjunct his Sun then.

This will be a turning point for him.

It’s difficult to know how exactly this will work. For many it marks the peak achievement of their career. But it is always unexpected, and the one thing we know about Pep Guardiola is that he has had incredible success throughout his managerial career, so its quite conceivable that Pluto would work against him in a sudden destabilising way, knocking him off his perch.

It’s very hard to tell, because he has the Sun natally trine to Pluto so you would imagine that whatever changes are being demanded of him, he would be able to adjust to them relatively easily.

But maybe it was Uranus that brought us peak Guardiola and City.

Perhaps that Sun / Saturn opposition in the club chart will bring the return of Blue Moons. There are still many older supporters amongst the faithful who would be expecting it any day now.


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5 thoughts on “Are City Out Of It Already ?

  1. AS you know Cappy I’m a season ticket holder at Anfield with my son.

    I’m trying not to get excited as it has been a long time since we won the league. In fact if you are being exact we have never won the Premier League since its inception! It is only 8 games in so very early days and anything can happen over a season. Keeping Virgil fit and uninjured is a must he has been a game changer with Alison.

    We have had our fair share of luck so far this season, the two recent matches in particular. Losing a 3-0 lead and getting a late winner in the European cup and a slightly dodgy penalty last minute winner against Leicester!

    Having said the Liverpool of old (when they were winning everything in the 70s and 80s) could always could grind out result’s when not playing at the their best, this is something our team is emulating?
    My hopes are high this could be our season?

    BTW Hope everything is going well in Oz?

    God Bless

    • Thanks SK. It really looks like it could finally be your season at the moment. I’m having a fantastic time in Oz and I wouldn’t swap it – not even for a Liverpool season ticket.

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