Arsene Wenger – The Last Uranian ?

If Capricorn Research had a pound for every time I’ve read that the current New Moon in my sign is a ” good time to make a fresh start ” there would be no need to take my astrologically researched predictions to the local bookmakers.

The trouble with such noble advice and general exhortations to positive thinking is that they are always applicable, not just for a couple of days per year.

The use of astrology to predict specific events seems to belong to a dim and distant past. Why is this ? Because its difficult to do.

I’m fully aware that beginning an article in this way paints me as a stubborn old fool ranting against the modern ways of doing things but at least I’m not alone.


Arsene Wenger

Wenger’s Sun and Moon are widely conjunct at the end of Libra and beginning of Scorpio. The major aspect for both of them is the trine to Uranus.

Like a number of highly successful managers including his arch rival, Jose Mourinho, Wenger’s playing career was not a stellar one. It was mostly spent with small semi professional clubs but it was clear from an early age that he was interested in coaching and management.

When he was playing for Mulhouse, Wenger was managed by Paul Frantz, who inspired his beliefs in the importance of nutrition for footballers amongst other things. These days this is not a radical view but it certainly was in 1974 – 5 when the two men shared a season together.

Wenger also completed his Economics degree in 1974.

The transiting Uranus was conjunct Wenger’s Sun in 1974 – 5, suggesting that this would be a coming together of themes that would dominate his life.

1984 was the Turning Point in Wenger’s life as Pluto was conjunct his Sun and Uranus conjunct his Ascendant  when he took up his first managerial appointment at Nancy.

Pluto was square to Wenger’s Mars for two periods during 1994, the first when he led Monaco to the Champions League semi final and later when he was dismissed after a poor start to the following season.

The period 1995 – 97 saw both Uranus square to Wenger’s Sun and Moon with Neptune also square to his Sun. Apart from 1984 this is the most astrologically intense period of his life.

At the end of 1994 he became manager of Nagoya Grampus. A successful period in Japan saw him appointed manager of Arsenal in October 1996.

That this would be a success is evident from the chart of his inauguration.


Wenger at Arsenal

Wenger’s arrival at Arsenal was a surprise and the common response at the time was ” Arsene who ? ”

His intelligent and eloquent approach to management, together with his radical views on nutrition and refuelling in between matches soon brought an upturn in the club’s fortunes

Wenger was nicknamed ” Le Professeur ” at Arsenal, suitably fitting for a chart with a Grand Trine in Air. His arrival at Arsenal was a radical step in English football management as shown by the fact that the Grand Trine included the Sun, Moon and Uranus.

Instant success was also pretty much guaranteed by the T Square that focused on an apex Jupiter in Capricorn.

Wenger won the Double in his first full season at Arsenal, becoming the first foreign manager to do so.

The peak of Arsene Wenger’s managerial career was the ” Invincibles ”  2003 – 4 when Arsenal went the whole season unbeaten. This feat had only been achieved once before in English football ( in 1889 by Preston North End ).

As previously stated, the most prominent aspects in Wenger’s natal chart are that both his Sun and Moon are in trine to Uranus.

This combination would only be repeated by transit once in his life when Uranus was at the end of Aquarius and beginning of Pisces. This transit occurred during the Invincible season 2003 – 4.

Pluto’s trine to Mars in 2006, saw Arsenal reach the Champions League final for the only time in their history ( they were beaten by Barcelona ).

Since then the trend has been slowly but steadily downwards. There have been many reasons put forward for this, mostly tied up with the vast fortunes pumped into rival clubs like Chelsea, Man United and Man City while Arsenal’s financial hands were tied due to the need to build a new stadium.

Wenger is now 68 and has been at Arsenal for over 21 years. A whole generation of supporters have arrived who are too young to remember the Invincibles and the growth of Arsenal Fan TV over the last 2 or 3 seasons have seen increasing calls for him to move on.

A couple of years ago Capricorn Research discussed the Wenger situation with some astrology loving Arsenal fans and the general agreement was that Saturn conjunct his Ascendant and Sun ruler would see him leave the club.

This was not to be, however and Wenger responded to this transit by digging his heels in and clinging on for dear life, which is a suitably Saturnian way to deal with difficulties.

But of course since Uranus has been so prominent in Wenger’s managerial career, its pretty much a given that it should be involved in its ending.

At the time of writing Uranus is at 25 Aries. It will oppose Wenger’s Sun from April this year until February 2019.

It then changes sign into Taurus and will oppose his Moon from June 2019 to February 2021.

We don’t need to be William Lilly to predict that these transits will mark the end of Arsene Wenger’s managerial career.

With predictive astrology methods like horary, used by Lilly, the chief problem is in identifying which planets are the significators of which events.

Just because one planet signifies the end of one manager’s reign, that does not mean that it does for all of them.

Wenger’s nemesis Alex Ferguson’s managerial career was bookended by Pluto transits. He began at East Stirling in 1974 with Pluto square his Sun and retired from Man United in 2013 with the conjunction. Ferguson even announced his retirement in 2002 with Pluto opposite his Moon but changed his mind. For an in depth analysis of his career see Sir Alex Ferguson and the Astrology of Football Management

These days managerial reigns are getting shorter.

Jose Mourinho’s stays at his various clubs have invariably kept to a three year cycle, and Capricorn Research has previously made links to the Jupiter cycle Jupiter’s Three Year Managerial Itch

As things speed up maybe it would be better to look at a Mars cycle for outgoing managers.

Both Ferguson and Wenger completed over 1,000 games at the same clubs, that will never happen again.

One thing’s for certain, Arsene Wenger will be the last Uranian.




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