Saturn Turns Silva Into Lead

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

When Marco Silva was thrown out of Watford for having his head turned by those bluenoses, Everton, he was accompanied by a cacophony of curses from all Hornets fans, including yours truly.

But with respect to my fellow Rookery enders, a curse from Capricorn Research carries a lot more weight, chiefly because it packs the lead punch of Saturn.

And when Silva joined Everton as their much heralded saviour in May 2018, I predicted that it would be a failure and he would be sacked by December 2019.



Regular readers of these articles will instantly know why. Because Saturn made its final pass of 19.59 Capricorn opposite Silva’s Sun then.

But the truly fascinating thing about Silva’s odyssey and the reason for writing this article ( as well as providing him with a carefully aimed boot through the the revolving doors at Goodison Park ) is that his whole managerial career is a beautiful and astonishingly accurate expression of the transits that have been operating around his Sun for the last few years.

Silva first became known for taking a small team, Estoril to 4th place in the Portuguese top league and instantly got the manager’s job at Sporting Lisbon as a result in May 2014 with Jupiter conjunct his Sun.

This did not last however and despite taking Sporting to 3rd place in a 3 team league, Silva was handed his P45 in June 2015 for the crime of not wearing a club suit for a cup match.

Needless to say the non suit wearing Uranus was square to his Sun at the time.

He was appointed manager of serial Greek champions Olympiakos the following September under the same transit.

Silva managed to keep them as champions but left at the end of the season citing personal reasons.

Silva was not a big name as a player, he only made 2 Primeira League appearances, but for some bizarre reason he managed to get 3 EPL chairmen to believe that must mean he was to be the next Jose Mourinho.

With Uranus making its final pass square to his Sun he was appointed manager of Premier League bottom club, Hull City in January 2017.

He managed to get them competitive but still oversaw their relegation that season, but by now Pluto had kicked in.

Pluto was opposite Silva’s Sun as he was appointed manager of May 2017.

Pluto made its retrograde 2nd pass opposite that Sun when he was sacked by Watford in January 2018 because their great early season form had taken a nosedive when he was tapped up by Everton.

He was appointed manager of Everton at the end of May 2018 as Pluto went forward to make its 3rd pass opposite his Sun.

Pluto made its 4th retrograde pass towards the end of 2018, just as things were starting to go wrong for Everton after a reasonable start to the season.

The final hit came as they were sinking towards the relegation zone this Autumn.

But by now Saturn had also joined in.

Saturn opposed Silva’s Sun as people started to realise that despite all the optimism, all he could do is finish 2018 – 19 in the same position that Sam Allardyce had done a year earlier.

And with the final episode, Saturn booted him out in December 2019.

What lessons can be learnt from all this for Marco Silva. Perhaps its just the simple one for a Sun Cancer which is that it’s safer to stay at home.

He will probably pick up another job back home this year as Jupiter will be opposing his Sun for much of 2020. But if it does manage to help him turn his lead back into gold, for his sake I hope someone tells him to just look after his wardrobe better.

Meanwhile, what of Everton ?

At time of writing it looks like Ancelotti for Everton.

Great idea. Go from an unproven whizz kid to an experienced trophy magnate – just as Neptune is about to square his Sun.

Serves them right. As I said revenge is a dish best served cold.



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