Jupiter’s Three Year Managerial Itch

Capricorn Research is greatly entertained by the increasingly desperate attempts of journalists and other commentators to explain the changing phenomena of their own field without recourse to astrology.

This is particularly true in football because their conclusions, observations and predictions are becoming increasingly dependent on last weekends performances and in a season like this one will probably have to be thrown out of the window by next week.

Despite this, pundits seem quite able to completely ignore failed past predictions and the common view about for example Arsenal’s title credentials seeming to oscillate on a weekly basis from ” Ozil will carry them through ” to ” Wenger’s team lacks the belief and mental strength to even finish in the top 4 “.

If astrologers demonstrated anything remotely like this predictive performance they and their subject would be crucified, but the football pundits just carry on churning it out as if all of their past writings came from someone else.

This happens not just in terms of results and performance but also in terms of general theories of the state of the game.

Take managers for example. It was not so long ago that everyone was bemoaning the fact that they got sacked too quickly and holding up the tenures of Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger as being the thing to aspire to.

Now the common consensus is that 3 years tops is the right length of time for a manager to stay in one job. Presumably this is because the first year is to build the squad, second year to win a trophy and the third year to lose the dressing room. It appears that anything beyond three years and things become stale.

And the media’s job in all of this is to spend the third and final year agitating for the manager’s removal on the grounds that it is the best thing for everyone concerned.

But where has this 3 year cycle come from ? It seems that its simply inspired by an observation of the career of Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho left Porto for Chelsea in 2004, was sacked by Chelsea in 2007, left Milan for Real in 2010, left Real for Chelsea in 2013 and was sacked by Chelsea at the end of 2015 whilst looking odds on to become the next Man Utd manager in 2016.

No doubt the powers that be at Old Trafford are already working out how much Mourinho’s squad revamp is going to cost them this summer, aiming for the League win in 2018 and probably already sounding out his successor for 2019.

Its true that the 3 year cycle does seem to be a pattern for the Special One, but why has it now become the media accepted managerial term ? If astrology teaches us one thing its that the patterns and themes for one person are not the same as those of another or indeed everyone else in the same industry.

So what is it about Mourinho that seems to work in these three year cycles ?

Last summer a fan of both astrology and Chelsea was getting very excited about his teams Champions League prospect because Mourinho always wins the competition when Jupiter is in either Virgo or Pisces ( or 6 year intervals for laymen ).

It does seem bizarre now for even the most diehard Stamford Bridge fan to contemplate such an achievement, but last summer it was a reasonable notion to entertain.

This is particularly so when you consider that Mourinho’s previous Big Cup successes owed quite a lot to extra unexpected factors.

The unbelievable 2004 triumph with Porto occurred on the back of outsiders Deportivo La Corunna dumping the big guns of Juventus and even holders AC Milan despite being 4-1 down after the first leg. Similarly unfancied Monaco beat Real Madrid and Chelsea on the way to the final.

In fact the only big clubs Porto faced were Madrid in the groups stage where they gained a solitary point out of 6 and a late goal victory over Man Utd in the round of 16.

So the great benefic, Jupiter in Virgo definitely gave Mourinho a helpful shove onto the world stage.

Six years later even more bizarre circumstances allowed Mourinho’s Inter to achieve the unthinkable and beat Guardiola’s all conquering Barcelona in the semis.

The eruptions of the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, meant that air traffic throughout Europe was disrupted by the consequent ash clouds and Barcelona were forced to travel to Milan by bus rather than by plane. Most punters reckoned they arrived exhausted and not at their best so were beaten 3-1 by Inter.

Despite all this help from Jupiter, Mourinho’s team only managed to squeeze through with a Saturnine backs to the wall 10 man defence in the 2nd leg at the Nou Camp.

So given that the Universe seemed happy to pave the way for Mourinho to win in 2004 and 2010, it seemed not unreasonable to suggest a similar win in 2016.

If that is going to happen this season, its going to require even more lateral cosmic thinking. Capricorn Research is looking forward to hearing that the whole Barcelona board had their drinks spiked with potent hallucinogens and consequently sacked Luis Enrique on the spot, replacing him with their old Interpreter.

But back in the real world, with the whole UK media installing Mourinho as Man Utd manager, it looks like the Special One will have to settle for the Europa League as the height of ambition for the time being.

Mourinho’s failure to win the Champions League for the 3rd time on schedule has made Capricorn research take a fresh look at his chart and particularly the contribution Jupiter makes.


Jose Mourinho

Jupiter is in Pisces opposite Pluto in Virgo, helping us to see why people might expect him to win the Champions League every time the big planet transits either sign.

It is also a part of a Mutable T Square to Venus in Sagittarius and mutability is about movement. So perhaps this pattern is not so much about big victories as about moving on to pastures new.

Jupiter takes 12 years to get round the zodiac but that also means that every 3 years it will make another major aspect to this T Square.

Jupiter itself is the planet of travel and Venus is in the sign of travel. Pluto is the planet of unexpected developments and surprising upheavals.

Also its interesting that Venus is the apex because every time Mourinho has left a club, even when he’s been sacked, the vast majority of the fans have loved him and been right behind him, wanting him to stay.

He left Porto for Chelsea in June 2004 with Jupiter conjunct Pluto and opposite its natal position.

He left Chelsea by ” mutual consent ” in September 2007 with Jupiter square its own position and square Pluto.

After winning the Champions League in May 2010 with Inter, Mourinho immediately moved to Real Madrid. Jupiter had just passed the T Square at this stage having been through it in March and April. However there is a suspicion that he had been tapped up by Real some weeks before he actually moved, which would tie in exactly.

He left Real in May 2013 with Jupiter again in the T Square, this time opposite Venus and square itself and Pluto.

And he was sacked for the 2nd time by Chelsea in December 2015, with Jupiter again involved in the T Square. Jupiter was opposite itself and square Venus throughout October and November when the damage was mostly done.

Interestingly Jupiter will return to this position between the now and the end of the season, so no doubt we will see him installed at Old Trafford or perhaps somewhere else under this influence.

So we can see this whole 3 year thing working through Mourinho’s T square.

If it was just Mourinho, maybe the media wouldn’t be so keen to jump on the 3 year bandwagon but he’s not the only one to have Jupiter involved in a Mutable T square.


Manuel Pelegrini


Current, but only just, Man City manager, Manuel Pellegrini also has Jupiter in a Mutable sign, Gemini opposite the Moon in Sagittarius with an apex Sun in Virgo.

Really with Jupiter in Virgo having just been conjunct Pellegrini’s Sun you would expect Man City to be running away with the league rather than being 4th, six points behind Leicester.

But just as Jupiter peaked on his Sun, Manuel was distracted from maintaining City’s strong run of form by having to announce what we all knew anyway, that he was to leave in the summer and lose his job to Pep Guardiola.

Which if you think of it, fits very well with his T square. Just as Pellegrini is about to conquer all with transitting Jupiter on his Sun he is dragged off in another direction by the planet of travel opposite the Moon in the sign of travel.

And this is not the first time either.

12 years ago, the last time Jupiter was conjunct his Sun, Pellegrini moved from Argentina where he had been managing River Plate with great success to Europe and Villarreal.

His time with the the Spanish Yellow Submarines was to be an unparalleled success even reaching the semifinals of the Champions League.

At the end of 2007, as Jupiter was about to hit his T square again, Villarreal offered Pellegrini a contract extension, obviously aware of this 3 year cycle. This time Pellegrini stayed where he was.

But the next time Jupiter hit in May 2010, Pellegrini was on his ear. By now he had been installed at Real Madrid and despite his first season scooping the highest points total ( 96 ) ever in the Spanish league, he was sacked in favour of that other Mutable Jupiter T Square wanderer, Jose Mourinho.

From Madrid, Pellegrini went to Malaga, taking an unfancied little club to the Champions League quarter finals until Jupiter reached the T Square again, square his Sun and opposite his Moon in May 2013, when he left for Man City.

And now finally just as Jupiter reaches the conjunction with his Sun he is officially declared a dead man walking as City go for an upgrade.

Interestingly Jupiter returns to the Sun and goes through the rest of the T Square in August so no doubt he will be installed somewhere then. Many people are suggesting he might get the Chelsea job, but it would have a nice symmetry if this Jupiter / Sun conjunction sees him return to South America, maybe with the Chile job.

So the 3 year itch definitely works if you’ve got a Mutable T Square containing Jupiter like Manuel and Jose, but its dangerous to turn this into the perfect football management scenario.

Many journos have roped Pep Guardiola into this 3 year thing, on the basis that he has done 3 years at Bayern, but conveniently forgetting that he was at Barcelona for 4 years and had a sabbatical in between. But then Guardiola doesn’t have a T square of any kind so can’t be tied to such a timescale.

Whatever Capricorn Research is hoping that Jose Mourinho gets the United job, so we can have the next 3 years of soap opera style entertainment with his old adversary at the noisy neighbours. Naturally he will get the sack the next time Jupiter comes around in 2019 by an outraged Bobby Charlton, probably for something even worse than eye gouging.



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