Across the Congressional Astrology Divide

Forty odd years ago when Capricorn Research was studying the subject at A level, US politics always seemed so much more interesting than the British variety.

Whilst we were being led by buffoons like Edward Heath and Harold Wilson, America had real politicians like Richard Nixon for whom no depths were too low to sink in the pursuit of power.

The Watergate affair showed us what real politics was about.

The study of US representative government brought new terms like log rolling and pork barrelling and all kinds of fascinating ideas that contained more than a whiff of corruption. These things went on in Britain as well of course but they weren’t so openly accepted that they had their own names.

Another fascinating idea was that of the filibuster, whereby some wizened and cobweb ridden old has been often from a Southern state, could be wheeled out to talk for hours on end with the sole purpose of using up all the debating time so that a liberal policy had to be thrown out.

US politics just seemed to be so much more entertaining than the Brit variety. We may have laughed at the time but we were soon to suffer big time with the Thatcher revolution of 1979. It soon had us all hankering after the bozo leaders of the 60s and 70s.

Since the demise of Margaret Thatcher, many years of Tony Blair has taught us to lose any trust we ever had for politicians of any party.

We now have a situation where there is nothing between the leading politicians of any of the main parties. They are all faceless careerists trying their hardest to appear as uncontroversial as possible.

This is the current state of British politics and the apathy of the young is reflected in the miserable turnouts for elections.

It’s tempting to think that the same must be true in the US as well, that it’s just the natural way of things at the beginning of the 21st century.

An interesting piece of research into the Sun signs of members of US Congress however has revealed that this is very far from the case.

There is a quite clear astrological difference between Democrats and Republicans

This research showed an extraordinarily high score for Gemini in the charts of 278 Republicans. With an expected average of just over 23, there are 36 Republicans with the Sun in this sign 155 % of the expected figure, compared with an exactly average score of 21 for the 251 Democrats in Congress.

The highest score for the Democrats Sun signs is Libra with 29 or 139 %, a sign where the Republicans score only 19 or 82 %.

This is a very interesting and marked contrast between the Congress members of both parties. The Sun sign however, is not necessarily the first place that one might look for political instincts and views. For this the Moon and Mercury might be more appropriate and this is where the natural conservatism of the Republican party comes more into focus.

Gemini also features strongly for both the Moon and Mercury with 134 and 142 % but by far the highest Republican scores are the Moon in Taurus with 151 % and Mercury in Capricorn with 160 %.

The Democrat scores for these two placings are 100 % for a Taurus Moon and a lowly 71 % for Mercury in Capricorn.

Venus top scores in Aquarius for the Republicans at 142 % but in Cancer for the Democrats at 153 %.

Mars is in Aries at 138 % for Republicans and 153 % in Virgo for the Democrats.

The conservative theme of the Republicans is continued by the fact that the Suns most frequent aspect is the conjunction with Saturn occurring at 149% of the expected figure.

For the Democrats the Sun’s most frequent aspect is the conjunction with Neptune at 151 %.

The strongest aspects all round for the Republicans are the ones between Mars and Jupiter with the opposition scoring a staggering 194 % and the conjunction 146 %.

The highest scoring combination for the Democrats is Venus and Pluto with the conjunction and opposition each scoring 134 %.

A typical Republican character could be Senator Jerry Moran who has the Sun Gemini, Moon Taurus combination together with Mars in Capricorn opposite Jupiter. He also has the Moon opposite Saturn.

Moran is a Senator for Kansas, a political conservative and a staunch supporter of rural issues. He opposes gun control and supports a strong military defence force. He opposed the timetable for withdrawal of troops from Iraq in the 2000s.

He is pro life and opposes same sex marriage. He also opposed Obama’s health care reforms.

For the Democrats it would be Representative Kurt Schrader who has the Sun / Neptune conjunction in Libra with Venus and Mars in Virgo and the Moon in Gemini.

Schrader is a political moderate and co chair of the Blue Dog centrist group. He is pro choice and environmentally progressive as a staunch supporter of alternative energy.  He is a supporter of Affordable Health Care policies.

The astrology of Congress shows there is a clear difference between Republicans and Democrats and if anything the Republicans have a more cohesive astrological character.

With the traditional values of the Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Capricorn and Sun / Saturn conjunction, astrology seems to be saying that there is a classic Republican signature. The spread of Mercury in signs creates a p figure of 0.00654 a score of considerable statistical significance.

Capricorn Research is interested in these findings and is keen to do more research both in the US and other countries. It may be that we have uncovered a conservative / liberal astrological axis generally or it may just be specific to Congress.

In any case if someone tells you that all politicians are the same, you have the research to disagree.



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3 thoughts on “Across the Congressional Astrology Divide

  1. Hello, do you have a birthchart for the UK liberal Democrats political party? With socialism on the rise and other Marxist type ideologies which advocate giving up our liberty for the greater good of the state – I wonder if the Liberal Democrats will fight for our freedoms. This will become even more relevant as we enter into another global financial crash.

  2. Amazing article. I’ve been pondering about Astrological indicators in political leanings lately, so I am very grateful to read this thoughtful analysis.

    As a Pluto conjunct Venus in Libra/4th, progressive Democrat, I would say this article is pretty spot on.

    I do have a Gemini moon but it’s in the 12th and trine my Pluto/Venus conjunction so I think it just causes me to want to communicate my frustrations with injustice.

    I was thinking these additional indicators in my chart could reinforce this, curious if you’d agree:
    Mars rx in Cancer in the 1st
    Chiron in Aries/10th
    29° Cancer Ascendant
    Sun, Mercury, Uranus in Scorpio (Uranus square Saturn in Leo)

    • Thank you. Cancer rising with Mars in the sign ( in the 12th house ? ) would fit with a caring for the less well off in society. If Uranus is conjunct the Sun or Mercury that would certainly point to a progressive approach to politics. I have a client who has these same combinations and is very much a liberal voice on social media.

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