Aries is the Fastest Sign – Motor Racing Research

What makes someone want to drive a racing car for a living ? An addiction to speed, tremendous bravery and love of risk taking would appear to be essential. The one sign that everyone would expect to be drawn to such a job would be Aries. But is Astrology really that simple ?  Capricorn Research has a collection of 106 Motor Racing Drivers which proves that it is.

Sun Signs

Aries                  18

Taurus                 4

Gemini               15

Cancer                 8

Leo                      4

Virgo                   6

Libra                   7

Scorpio               3

Sagittarius          5

Capricorn          14

Aquarius              6

Pisces                 16

106 Motor Racing Sun Sign Graph

This distribution has a standard deviation of  5.36

and a Chi Square of   0.00019

It is almost unheard of to have such a Chi Square reading for a relatively small sample.

The results fit very accurately with the classic astrology profile. Anyone with the slightest understanding of Zodiac signs will tell you that Aries is the fastest and Taurus the slowest. The research agrees although Taureans score 1 better than the lowest sign Scorpio.

Astrologers would also expect Gemini to score highly although there might be a few raised eyebrows about Capricorn and Pisces.

The signs of the Zodiac divide into three different qualities, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Cardinal and Mutable signs are all about movement whereas Fixed signs are all about staying put. The distribution in these areas is

Cardinal      47

Fixed           17

Mutable      42

This also has a statistically very significant Chi Square figure of      0.00067

Another extraordinary sign distribution for racing drivers comes from Venus. The Venus sign that would be expected to be lowest is the gentle and peace loving Libra and it scores a mere 3 whereas same the planet in Aquarius scores 7 times as frequently with 21 !  Venus in Aquarius is considered to be cool and emotionally detached which is probably a very useful quality when hurtling round Brands Hatch.

The Sun’s distribution by House is equally remarkable

106 Motor Racing Sun House Distribution

The two houses at the very top of the chart ( 9th and 10th ) are clearly the highest scores while the two at the very bottom  ( 3rd and 4th ) are amongst the lowest. The Chi Square for this is again statistically significant at  0.0055.

Venus by House also makes a big splash with 19 in the 10th house of career and only 4 in the 4th house of home and family.

There are some interesting aspects as well. The Sun, Moon and Mercury all score significantly more frequently than expected in their conjunctions with Saturn. This may well be to do with the number of accidents that racing drivers have.

But the one single aspect that scores highest is the Sun’s opposition to Neptune with 15 as opposed to an expected figure of just below 6. This is particularly interesting since the conjunction between the Sun and Neptune scores zero. The Sun opposition Neptune tends to create someone who can be inspired but can also be deluded by dreams and fantasy. But if they were hard bitten realists like the rest of us, they wouldn’t get behind the wheel in the first place.


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4 thoughts on “Aries is the Fastest Sign – Motor Racing Research

  1. Agnetha Faltskog of Abba is an Aries sun with sun exactly opposite Neptune and her sun is in the 9th house and her venus is in Aquarius. If singing hadn’t worked out she could’ve tried car racing lol.

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