Float Like a Sun / Uranus / Neptune Grand Trine, Sting Like a TSquare Apex Mars in Taurus

Capricorn Research has a collection of over 20,000 charts of public figures and famous people. These have been divided by career choice.

In most cases the spread of planets is very much what astrologers would expect. Even if we just confine ourselves to looking at the Sun sign distribution the results are very often simple and stunning. An obvious case in point is the division between artists and scientists.

In the sample of 753 artists, Pisces is by far and away the most common Sun sign with a score of 100, the next highest is 76. The ” p ” figure for this distribution is 0.0002608.

In the sample of 737 scientists, Gemini and Capricorn share the top score with 85, but this is still significant enough to produce a ” p ” figure of 0.0001606.

Its likely that if you asked astrologers which signs they would expect to score highest, these are the ones that they would come up with. These findings on their own are enough to prove an astrological effect.

Many others are just as straightforward, Engineers – Aries, Musicians – Taurus, Teachers – Virgo, Politicians – Aquarius, Dancers and Novelists – Pisces.

There are also some that are perhaps not so obvious but make sense anyway like the most common Sun sign amongst Actors being Aquarius.

There is one however that does seem rather peculiar.

In the 2680 charts of Sportsmen and women, the top scoring sign is Pisces with 255. The p figure for this distribution is 0.0315, not stunning but just getting near to the magic 0.01 point where statisticians recognise it as an influence.

Of course there are many different types of Sport and they do tend to attract different personality types.

In the charts of 250 American Footballers, Leo is by far the highest scoring with 32 ( 2nd place has only 23 ).

The same thing occurs in the 397 Baseball charts, with 47 Leos ( 2nd place 42 ).

Leos are also the most common in Athletics with 21 out of a sample of 171 ( 2nd is 17 ).

In 116 Basketball charts its Virgo with 15 ( 2nd is 11 ).

In 106 Motor Racing charts its naturally Aries with 18. This distribution has a p figure of 0.000186 which is staggering in such a small sample.

But the one that is on the face of it most difficult to explain is that in a sample of 239 Boxers, by far the most common Sun sign is Pisces with a score of 30 ( 151 % ).

The pugilists who endeavour to succeed in the noble art of boxing have been called many things over the years but its a fair bet that if you looked through the keywords for Pisces in most astrology books you wouldn’t find many of them in there.

There are however, so many other things about the distribution of this sample that fit very well with the classic astrological description of a boxer.

Venus scores highest in Aries with 146 % and Aries rising comes out highest ( once the adjustments for general Ascendant distribution have been made with 159 % of the  expected figure.

But of course its Mars where we would expect the results to be most emphatic, and this is true as the highest scoring planet in any sign is Mars in Taurus with 36 ( 181 % ). The 2nd highest is Leo with 27. This Mars distribution has a very strong p figure considering the sample size of 0.0023.

Some might raises their eyebrows as Mars is in detriment in this sign but it does convey a sense of physical strength and stamina.

When it comes to aspects, the contact that most astrologers would expect is between Mars and Pluto. This is without doubt the combination that is most closely associated with aggression, fighting and violent activity in general. It gives an ability to react suddenly in any situation but can be linked to an explosive temper.

The sample does not disappoint as Mars / Pluto is the highest scoring aspect combination of all of them. The conjunction scores 141 %, the opposition 132 % and the sextile a whopping 169% of the expected figures.

The Venus / Jupiter conjunction occurs very frequently at 179 %. This might seem odd but it is an aspect that occurs frequently in all successful people’s charts and the members of this sample have all been champions.

The Mercury / Uranus conjunction scores high at 169 %, which shows a common ability to think quickly on one’s feet. Its interesting that this aspect fits well with Mercury in Aquarius which scores extremely high with 34 hits ( 171 % ).

But by far the strongest single aspect is the Mars / Saturn opposition which scores 217 % of the expected figure. Its also interesting that the Mars / Saturn conjunction only figures 66 % of the time.

Mars and Saturn are opposite forces, Mars is assertion and aggression, Saturn is restraint obstruction and limitation.

When Mars and Saturn are in conjunction the two energies are both operating within the person which can often result in the suppression of aggression.

In opposition however, the Mars of the person tends to experience the Saturnian limiting factors as being imposed on him by external means, and this would make him more determined to fight through it.

This is a good interpretation of a boxing bout. One man is trying to impose his own Mars on another but is receiving the other guys Mars as an obstructing and limiting Saturn force. This naturally makes him fight harder.

So all these findings make perfect sense for Boxers apart perhaps from the Sun in Pisces. It is also worth pointing out that Neptune is more likely to be rising than any other planet, occurring 143 % of the expected number of times.

It may be interesting to note that of the 30 boxers that have the Sun in Pisces the only one that would be called a household name is the Irish fighter Barry McGuigan, so its perhaps not the sign that is most associated with the very top names in the sport.

The 2nd most common Sun sign in the sample is Capricorn and a quick look down the list shows considerably more top boxers including George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Floyd Patterson and of course the king of them all, Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali


Ali naturally has a great many of the astrological features that are common in the boxers sample.

He has Mars in Taurus as well as Mercury in Aquarius, the top two planet / sign placings. Mars is also square to Pluto.

But its most interesting to look at Ali’s two major aspect patterns particularly as they both include his Sun. They both represent the two very different sides of a champion boxer.

Its worth noting that when the Sun is involved with the major aspect patterns it shows someone whose talents or challenges become woven into the very fabric of his or her being. They become a larger person as a result of it. So to have the Sun as central to both a T Square and a Grand Trine, its likely that this person would have a very strong sense of his own power.

Of course Ali was the ” Greatest “, we all know that but just in case we forgot he would frequently remind us of the fact.

Ali’s Sun is in Capricorn opposite Pluto. This powerful aspect forms a T Square with an apex Mars in Taurus.

He also had the Moon closely conjunct Mercury in Aquarius in trine to Jupiter in Gemini. His boxing style was all about movement, dancing round the ring.

But the extraordinary Grand Trine between his Sun, a Saturn / Uranus conjunction in Taurus and Neptune in Virgo completed the picture. This is a wonderful example of an extremely fluid person, able to think, move and act outside of the conventional narrow box.

A large part of Ali’s success was that it was extremely difficult for any of his opponents to land a punch on him because of his effortless upright stance and his ability to dance round the ring, ducking and diving always keeping his opponent at arms length. This was the Grand Trine in action, the Sun / Uranus trine was the quick unexpected movement, the Sun / Neptune trine was the ability to dodge and evade any of his opponent’s punches.

The Uranus aspect involved trickery and the Neptune one deception. A common vision of Ali was with him dancing round the ring, even dropping his guard, taunting his opponent, challenging him to make an easy punch, but then shifting his balance at the last microsecond so that the exhausted fighter missed his target altogether.

As the Sun was involved in all this he would force his opponents to recognise that he was the greatest, that he was just toying with them and any time he wanted he could unleash the Sun / Pluto / Mars in Taurus T Square and finish them off.

But he would just play his Grand Trine Uranus / Neptune games with them first, just to make sure everyone got plenty of entertainment and the opponents got maximum humiliation.

Ali first won the World Heavyweight title in 1964 against Sonny Liston. Both Pluto and Uranus were square his Jupiter that year.

Unlike the vast majority of boxers, Ali was quite happy to hold forth on a number of issues. In 1967 he became even more famous for his stand as a conscientious objector against the war in Vietnam.

This was triggered by a series of Neptune transits.

It’s very interesting that the Vietnam war was so strongly opposed by a generation born in the early forties who had the Uranus / Neptune trine.

As Ali had the Sun connected to this by Grand Trine he became a a spokesperson and an icon for this anti war generation, a most unlikely position for a heavyweight boxer to hold.

Ali had converted to Islam and refused to fight unless Allah commanded him to.

In 1967 when he refused the draft the transiting Neptune was opposite his 10th house Saturn. Saturn in the 10th house indicates limitations in terms of one’s career and the result of Ali’s Neptunian peaceful stand was he was stripped of his title and banned from boxing.

Ali was also sentenced to five years in jail for draft dodging, although he lodged an appeal immediately which meant that he never actually served the any time in prison.

His response to the situation was to continue to speak out and during this time he became an iconic figure against the racist discrimination that was so much a part of the culture in the US at the time. His statement that ” no Vietcong ever called me nigger ” summed up his position.

Neptune moved on to oppose Uranus and sextile his Sun as Ali drew more support for his stance.

In 1971 as Pluto was trine his Sun, the US Supreme Court overruled his conviction and Ali was able to return to boxing.

In October 1974, with the transiting Uranus square his Sun, Muhammad Ali regained the World Heavyweight crown by defeating George Foreman. This fight was a supreme example of Ali’s skills.

Ali retreated to the ropes and invited Foreman to hit him whilst  verbally taunting him. (“Is that all you got, George? They told me you could hit.”) This tactic became known as “Rope-A-Dope”, letting one of the hardest hitters in boxing strike at will but as Foreman, increasingly angered, threw punches that were deflected and began tiring, Ali countered with punches and flurries. In the end an exhausted Foreman failed to make the count and Ali had regained the title by knockout.

The real turning point in Ali’s life however came in December 1981 when he retired from boxing with Pluto square his Sun. It was widely recognised that Ali should have retired sometime earlier and that some of his final bouts contributed to his diagnosis of Parkinson’s syndrome, a disease that is common to head trauma victims from sports like boxing.

Even ” the Greatest ” gets beaten by a Pluto transit.

When we look at Ali’s boxing style it can help to explain why so many boxers have the Sun in Pisces.

Boxing is a two way sport. You have to attack and punch your opponent but you also have to dodge the punches coming your own way. In no other sport is the need for evasive action so strong and clear. This is where Pisces comes in, it is the sign of retreat, more than any other it knows how to find quiet places in order to rest and it needs this ability because of the many impressions ( punches ) that come the signs way.

Basically no matter how strong a fighter you are, if you don’t have the ability to move freely and fluidly to get out of the way of the blows that come raining down on you from all angles, then you are finished. So the Piscean ability to move along the line of least resistance becomes invaluable.

Ali had this through his Sun / Neptune trine, others have it through a Pisces Sun.

In boxing, it really is a case of float like a Piscean / Sun trine Neptune, sting like an apex Mars in Taurus.



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8 thoughts on “Float Like a Sun / Uranus / Neptune Grand Trine, Sting Like a TSquare Apex Mars in Taurus

  1. Interesting article. I see that the current self proclaimed ‘TBE’, Floyd Mayweather is a Pisces with Venus in Aries, a very close Mars Saturn opposition (2′ out) and Mars Pluto trine (2 degrees out). Interestingly, Astrotheme.com has the symbolic degree interpretation for the position of his Mars (11 degrees Aquarius) as “Two bulls butt heads at the edge of a precipice”.

    • Thanks so much for that, not looked at Mayweather’s chart before. That Mars / Saturn / Uranus Fixed T square is one of the closest I’ve ever seen. If he was born in the early hours, the Moon makes it a tight Grand Cross. Classic boxers chart. Bulls butthead would be a good name for him.

  2. Yes, that T Square in fixed signs must give him real determination. His work ethic is pretty intense and whatever you think of him, he is a ballerina in the ring, possibly reflecting what you say about Pisces, i.e. able to avoid punches while pot shotting. He may not be particularly likable but he isn’t all that dumb. He won’t end up like some punch drunk fighters. Pity his tob is not available…

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  4. No mention of Ali’s Leo Rising as having at least some influence as well in the fight? Leo Rising gives a strong, athletic body and the ferocity and strength and courage of a lion.

  5. Oh, also, is it possible to get a link of the study? I find it very interesting to see how astrology reflects in real life and where Leo tends to fall.

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