Freddie Krueger – Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

Most people’s understanding of astrology extends only as far as their Sun sign. Its a sad but understandable state of affairs that we as astrologers have allowed to exist. The fact is the Sun’s sign is only one of several hundred combinations in even the simplest form of astrology.

Yet virtually every astrologer would say that it makes up the essence of the personality and is the most important single factor in the chart. After 35 years of looking at charts, Capricorn Research is not so sure. Time and again, one other factor seems to be more significant, this is the apex planet of a T Square

T Square is a pattern where two planets are in opposition, with a third half way between them forming square aspects to each of them. It is an aspect of tremendous challenge and tension because all three are pulling in very different directions forcing the individual to deal with apparently conflicting aspects of their character and life experience.

But there is something else about the third apex planet. The tensions that exist between the two planets in opposition are strongly projected onto the third planet and the person is literally forced to act in the manner associated with this apex planet and the sign and house that it is in.

You could say that the Sun is the most significant single factor in terms of the personality but the apex planet is easily the strongest in terms of the direction that the person has to travel in during this lifetime. So many of their achievements for good or ill will be symbolised by this focal point of the T Square.

What happens in the unusual circumstance that one person has two T Squares ? We would have to come up with an identity that was an amalgam of both apex planets. One very fine example of this is the chart of Robert Englund, the actor who is associated with one character, Freddie Krueger, the disfigured serial killer from the ” Nightmare on Elm Street ” series of films.

Freddy is a vengeful spirit who attacks his victims from within their dreams. He is commonly identified by his burned, disfigured face, red-and-dark-green striped sweater, brown fedora, and trademark metal-clawed brown leather glove on his right hand. Freddie uses the glove armed with razors to kill his victims in their dreams, causing their deaths in the real world as well. In the dream world, he is a powerful force and almost completely invulnerable to damage.

It is a well known astrological fact that the charts of actors who are known specifically for a single role will contain a powerful description of that part. Robert Englund is no exception.

Robert Englund

If we restricted ourself to the Sun sign nobody in the right mind would choose Gemini to represent Freddy. When we see that Englund has the Sun rising in the sign, its a million miles away from everyone’s worst nightmare. But when we look at the two T Squares we can see where the figure lurks.

The dream world has to be the province of Neptune, the planet of both illumination and illusion. For dreams to turn into nightmares of the most terrifying sort we would look no further than Pluto.

Robert Englund / Freddy Krueger has two T Squares, one with an apex Neptune, the other with Pluto. When there are two T Squares in a chart, it is likely that one of them will be stronger than the other. The stronger one would be the one that contained the Sun or Moon. In Freddy’s case this is the Neptune pattern.

Englund has said many times that he feels the character represents neglect, particularly that suffered by children. Freddy’s mother, was a nun who worked in a mental hospital caring for the inmates. Freddy was conceived when she was accidentally locked inside and gang-raped by a group of the inmates. He displayed sociopathic behaviour from a young age and was adopted by an abusive alcoholic who taught him to torture animals and inflict pain on himself.

This is clearly referenced in the Neptune T Square. It is based on an opposition between Mercury ( the planet of youth ) in Cancer ( one’s roots ) and the Moon in the dark sign of Capricorn in the 8th house of death. Both the Moon and any planets in Cancer will always have something to say about where the person is coming from.

Freddy is introduced as a child killer ( Mercury in Cancer opposite the Moon in Capricorn in the 8th ) who is captured by the law, but escapes prosecution due to a technicality. He is hunted down by a mob of angry parents ( Moon ) and cornered in a boiler room where he used to take his victims. The mob douses the building with gasoline and sets it on fire, burning Krueger alive ( Moon in the 8th ).

The tension from the opposition in a T Square will always result in the apex planet. The apex planet will then continue to be the area where the conflicts of the opposition are expressed. So while Freddy’s physical form dies, his spirit lives on in the dreams ( apex Neptune ) of a group of teenagers ( Mercury ) living in his old neighbourhood ( in Cancer ) whom he preys on by entering their dreams and killing them ( Moon in Capricorn in the 8th ).

The second T Square really exists to accentuate the power of the violence and killing suggested by the first one.

One aspect that is associated with violence is the Mars / Pluto square. Krueger has an extremely close Mars / Pluto square as part of the second T Square.

Some people might be surprised to see the other planet in the pattern is Jupiter. This should not be unexpected however as Jupiter is the planet of expansion and simply enlarges the activities and expands the successes of the other planets aspected with it. So if you are a killer, with Mars opposite Jupiter, you will kill a hell of a lot of people.

So the Mars / Jupiter opposition projects onto the apex Pluto with terrifying results.

Just in case we are not sure about this the chart also shows that Mars is in square to Saturn, which is also conjunct Pluto.Its true that Saturn is thirteen degrees away from a square to Jupiter so not technically in the T Square, but Saturn’s relationship with Mars and Pluto would encourage most astrologers to consider it as another apex planet.

So in effect Freddy Krueger has 3 apex planets, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

When would the threat of these two T Squares be unleashed on the cinema going public ? Regular readers of these articles will know that when Pluto is part of a major aspect pattern at birth, the time when it makes its one and only transit to that pattern will mark the major turning point in the person’s life. This would also apply to the other planets.

Pluto made its only transit to the Mars / Jupiter / Saturn T square ( conjunct Jupiter, opposite Mars and square Saturn / Pluto )  from the end of 1984 to 1992.

Neptune did the same, conjunct the Moon, opposite Mercury and square itself from 1986 to 1990.

Saturn did the same, conjunct Jupiter opposite Mars and square Pluto in 1984.

Nightmare on Elm Street was released in November 1984. There have been 8 films in the series where Robert Englund played Freddy, although the last two were made many years after the others. Most people would agree that the main series ended with the film ” Freddy’s Dead – The Final Nightmare ” in 1991.

So the whole series was contained within Pluto’s transit through Freddy’s T Square.

When we are looking at TV programmes the charts of the scriptwriters resonate very strongly with their creations. When it’s films we have to look at the chart of the director.

Wes Craven was both director and screen writer of  “Nightmare on Elm Street ” and became known as Hollywood’s high priest of horror.

Wes Craven
 There is a similar analysis here. With Craven’s reputation and work, you don’t automatically think Sun in Leo.But if we say Sun in Leo in the 8th house we can see film director ( Leo ) with a fascination with death ( 8th house ).

If we look at the T Square it all becomes clear. Freddy Krueger had a T Square that included Mars, Pluto, Saturn and even Venus.

Craven’s T Square is based on the opposition between Mars in Capricorn and a Pluto / Venus conjunction on the cusp of the 8th house.

Venus’ involvement here shows that Craven creates this image ( Venus ) of a serial killer ( Mars opposite Pluto on the 8th cusp ).

The apex planet of this already deadly T Square is Saturn.

There is no need to say more except to add that Nightmare on Elm Street came out in 1984 as Pluto made it’s only transit to Wes Craven’s T Square, turning it into a Grand Cross, square Mars, Venus and itself and opposite Saturn.

Pluto went on to square Craven’s Sun between 1986 and 87 during the series peak with the 3rd film.

There is one placing in Wes Craven’s chart that is quite different from the thrust of this T Square, the delicate and sensitive Moon in Pisces.

The problem is that the Moon does not make major aspects to any of the other planets so it would be difficult for Craven to integrate its energy into the larger patterns of his life.

He had a go at this in 1999 when Pluto was square to his Moon. He tried a drastic change in genre in that year with “Music of the Heart,” a sentimental drama that was quickly dismissed by the public and the critics. He returned to his roots in 2000 with “Scream 3.”

Its likely that most people’s first port of call when looking at a chart is the Sun sign. Capricorn Research has learnt over the years to search for a T Square first.

If you are wondering about the absurd domination of Sun signs throughout astrology, just look at Krueger’s chart. But then again, Peter Sutcliffe was a Gemini so perhaps the horoscope columns are right after all. Capricorn Research hopes not, as we would be living in a much more dangerous world if we had to worry about everyone born in May / June.

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