The Problem with Astrology Research

An astrological chart is a picture of a group of symbols, and a person’s life and character is the expression of those symbols in action.

Modern scientific research method is based around the collection and analysis of large amounts of information from many sources. If the same factors can produce the same results in a large enough percentage of cases, then a link between the phenomena is proved.

Astrology, however, is based on an entirely individual application of symbols and each birthchart must be treated as a completely separate entity.  Even astrological twins, people who are born at the same moment, whilst they would have major character traits in common would not necessarily have the same kind of life experience.  Astrological symbols have great depth and the art is in applying the symbols to a individual’s life. This is why prediction is very difficult.

The main way in which horoscope column astrology has undermined serious study of the subject, is that it treats all people born within one month, regardless of which day, time or even year, as the same.  So researchers have said right if there’s any truth in it, all those people should have the same or at least similar characters and experience. This assumption immediately puts all astrologers who might be interested in doing research on the back foot, because it insists that research be done in a certain way that is not the way Astrology operates.

Astrologers have the symbols and also the knowledge of when one of those symbols is being triggered and in what way, but that’s not the same as knowing what will happen and how that person will express that symbolic energy. Its so much easier with hindsight of course, as you can look at an event and realise what the symbols were indicating.  Scientists would automatically rubbish this and say that there’s nothing in it and anything can be explained with hindsight. However, understanding, even if it is after the event is what Astrology is for.  The Universe does not really want us to predict things, not least because our foreknowledge would give us the power to alter things which might make a prediction fail anyway. If anything the Universe wants us all to live in the moment, but it sends us plenty of pointers to help us understand our own lives and those of others. This understanding can help us all accept ourselves, other people and events and allow us all to move onward. This is really the greatest give that we can be given in this life.

One possible avenue for research would be to collect birth data from a large number of ordinary people along with descriptions of their character made by their partners, employers, friends and family. Give the birth data to selected astrologers who would put them together in pairs.  The astrologers would choose the pairings on the criteria of very different birthcharts i.e one would be a Sun and Moon in Gemini, the other would be a double Capricorn. Once these pairs have been selected, give the astrologer the character descriptions and ask them to choose which one belonged to which. The astrologer would be left with a simple choice and would surely make the right one in the vast majority of cases. This type of research project would allow for the individual nature of people’s charts and should produce a positive effect.

Despite all of these problems, Capricorn Astrology Research has not been deterred, being fully convinced that Astrology could be proved even on the scientists own terms. The staggering results for the 20,000 plus Public Figures Research Project has proved a link and the hope is that more serious research will be done.


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2 thoughts on “The Problem with Astrology Research

  1. The problem is in the interpretation, not astrology itself. The chart/s need to be interpreted scientifically without opinion, bias, predictions, etc, just the witnessing of phenomena only (phenomenology).

    This discounts all negative fatalism, which is common in ‘trendy’ amateur astrologists, as well as the vagueties of magazine horoscope columns.

    In any case, it’s easy to analyse Mars in sports players for those playing the same sport. IE Mars in Cancer for tennis players. Then theorise on what Cancer energy really means psychologically (again witnessing the phenomena which stands alone, and not negative fatalism).

    • Thank you Michael. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments
      Unfortunately individual astrologers needs to make a living can lead to the subject being compromised in these areas, because many interpretations become vague, catch all and unspecific. More astrologers need to do actual quantitative research on their own theories before expounding them

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