Raheem Sterling and the Jupiter / Saturn Conundrum

Prediction in astrology is difficult, fraught with problems. The main reason for this is the expectations of people who live in a black or white, x or y world.

If for example Cristiano Ronaldo has Jupiter opposite his Sun, everyone wants to know if he will move to PSG or Old Trafford and the astrologer has to say yes or no. This despite the fact that the same transit could easily indicate something else entirely, maybe even some commercial contract outside of football, more fashion related exposure or simply a lovely holiday with the latest WAG.

This is without even taking into consideration the fact that this Jupiter transit would be one of many operating at the same time that the astrologer has to sift through in order to decide how these often contradictory influences will actually play out in a person’s life.

We are also expected to make these predictions far in advance, sometimes even years ahead without having the time required to analyse the impact of all of the interim transits.

Astrology is not given the kind of leeway that is expected by any other predictive science. In Medicine for example, symptoms can have many complex causes but if one GP makes an understandable error, the whole science isn’t called into question.

Predicting the weather in the UK for anything further ahead than a few hours has always been a daunting task, so much so that forecasters invariably don’t stick their necks out any more. These days they talk in terms of things being likely to happen and that there is a 60% chance of precipitation etc without committing themselves to say whether thats of a full blown downpour or a light shower.

Perhaps astrology should be given the same leeway. Rather than having to say yes or no to a transfer to the Bernabeu for David De Gea, a true assessment of his transits this summer would yield a 40% chance of a transfer which would become more complicated if it was linked to the position of Sergio Ramos or anyone else. In fact the peak time for De Gea to move would have been in May when everyone was making the most noise about it, before the transfer window was open.

But of course the one that didn’t require astrological knowledge to predict has just finally been agreed. Raheem Sterling is off to Man City. Every man and his dog knew that Sterling’s Liverpool days were numbered once his agent said that even £ 900,000 a week wouldn’t keep him at Anfield.

An agent doesn’t normally pass up an opportunity to take 10% of 900k so we all realised that City just had to get close to Liverpool’s think of a number and double it, 50 million valuation, to get their little man.

The one thing that wasn’t expected was the level of all round vilification that Sterling has received for simply acting in a way that any of us would given the opportunity to increase our salary fivefold and have much more professional success in working for a new company.

This hatred has got so out of hand that even death threats have been made against his baby daughter, so why is it that such a highly skilled and personable young man can suffer so much opprobrium for doing what any of the rest of us would in the same circumstances.

Most people’s defence for their condemnations are that he was ” badly advised “.  Maybe this is the ultimate crime which also presumably applies to a growing number of families taking convoluted routes from Bradford airport to Syria in their search for a clearer, black and white view of life.

For some reason, Raheem Sterling does seem to polarise opinions. The suggestion that he was a little tired during England’s meaningless contests in a Euro qualifying group at the tail end of last year brought a response from many that would be considered a bit extreme even by members of ISIS.

After all it was only a few months before that Sterling was viewed as the only positive thing to come out of Brazil 2014.

So what accounts for all this ? A lot of it is to do with those polar opposites Jupiter and Saturn.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is a Sagittarius but his footballing skills particularly that explosive pace come from an extremely tight T square involving Mars, the Moon, Jupiter and Pluto. These four planets are all contained within one degree or so. Such a tight Jupiter / Pluto conjunction at the apex of the pattern is the reason for his astonishing rise to become talked about as England’s secret weapon at such a young age.

There is a downside however. Mars is opposite the Moon which is itself conjunct Saturn. The Moon will often signify the feelings and assessments of other people and its placing opposite Mars means that a lot of what Sterling tries to do will not produce the desired reaction with the fans.

This Moon is conjunct Saturn showing that this reaction will be negative. The fact that the Moon is in Aquarius suggests that much of this negativity is driven by the media.

Sterling as a Sun Sagittarius, Moon Aquarius and Mars in Leo is an optimistic, outgoing confident young man but this Moon / Saturn opposite his Mars means that would naturally find all this negativity stifling and oppressing.

Until October last year everything was going fine. Sterling had been a rampant force in Liverpool’s attack along with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge that came within a Steven Gerrard slip of confounding all expectations and winning the Premier League.

In the summer he was the only English player to emerge from Brazil 2014 with any plus points at all and was already being hyped up as the future saviour of the national side whilst still a teenager.

As a result of Suarez’ escape to Barcelona and Sturridge’s injuries, last season began with Sterling having to carry the pressure of expectation of the Liverpool faithful. Its not really that surprising that he said he was tired when England met up again for the Euro qualifying tournaments.

Footballers admitting to feeling tired in training must be a pretty common occurrence but one of the responsibilities of being a good manager is that you don’t allow such negativity to reach the press.

The trouble with international week is that all other football is suspended and the tabloids have nothing better to write about than what goes on during England training sessions, a fact that Roy Hodgson has failed to grasp on a number of occasions.

These tabloids are largely read by people whose idea of physical exertion would be reaching for the TV remote control, but react to the idea that a nineteen year old under immense physical and mental pressure could be tired as if it was the greatest outrage known to man.

Because its England, Sterling’s admission was considered not as an honest assessment of his condition with the best interests of the national team in mind, but as if he had tried to assassinate the Queen.

At the time Saturn was advancing quickly onto Sterling’s T Square and once it reached 28 degrees Scorpio in December, his reputation as England’s potential saviour had been seriously tarnished.

The pressure of having to carry Liverpool’s debilitated forward line and deal with press negativity was easily enough to put him off his A game, and last season was a disappointing one for Sterling. As you’d expect with someone experiencing Saturn transiting T Square to a Moon / Mars opposition.

The fascinating thing though is that such a poor season by his standards has not stopped Man City breaking the transfer record for an English player. This is because the apex of Sterling’s T Square is the Jupiter / Pluto conjunction.

Sterling was always going to move for a big fee this summer because Jupiter was moving into this T Square coming to conjunct his Mars.

Jupiter and Venus have been travelling together through late Leo this summer and the move to City actually went through as Venus was exactly conjunct Sterling’s Mars.

Jupiter / Mars transits often denote big money moves – for a few current examples see Transfer Window – Jupiter’s Runners and Riders

With such a prominent Jupiter natally, Sterling was bound to break the transfer record when the giant planet returned to the T Square.

Liverpool got their £ 49 million, City with the principles of Financial Fair Play in retreat can afford it and desperately need young speedy English attackers to fulfil their quotas so you’d think everyone would be happy.

Far from it, all and sundry are despising Raheem for being a money grabbing disgrace whilst at the same time asserting that he’s not worth it despite the fact that City owner Sheikh Mansour could earn that transfer fee whilst eating his breakfast.

Why has it come to this ? Its all down to Saturn. Since the end of the season, Saturn has gone back into the tail end of Scorpio and currently sits on Sterling’s Jupiter / Pluto square to his Moon and Mars.

Without Jupiter and Venus also transiting the T Square, Saturn’s placing would have put the mockers on this transfer and Sterling would have been facing another season at Anfield probably still on 35 K per week.

But Jupiter is so strong in this Sagittarian chart, that it goes through anyway and Raheem gets a fivefold pay rise. Saturn’s position here merely ensures that he gets a damn good kicking all the way down the M56.

They always say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and no doubt Raheem Sterling will emerge from this trial by tabloid. One advantage of joining City is that he isn’t expected to single handedly carry their attack. No doubt he will dovetail with Sergio Aguero in a similar fashion to his exploits alongside Suarez.

We can all learn from these situations but perhaps Sterling’s experience is most instructive for that small but essential band of football astrologers.

Most of the time Jupiter and Saturn keep away from each other. In the 2013 – 14 season Jupiter was in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, so we knew where we were. Gareth Bale as a Cancer was going to have a dream of a first season at Madrid clinching the Decima with that goal. David Moyes as a Sun / Moon Taurus was going to have a nightmare at Old Trafford with Saturn opposite both of them. Both these things were confidently predicted by Capricorn Research at the start of that season.

2015 – 16 is not so easy however. Both Jupiter and Saturn will be in Mutable signs, Virgo and Sagittarius with Neptune there as well in Pisces so its going to be really tricky to work out how this combination will play next year.

It definitely means more work for Capricorn Research, having to carefully weigh up the relative positions of all three planets in each players natal charts before giving a prognosis.

But what about Raheem Sterling next season ? Will he tear up the Premier League now he’s free from the suffocating expectations of Anfield or will he spend the season on the bench at the Etihad.

Well Jupiter stays in the T Square through until mid August so he may well have a good pre season but Saturn stays in it until the end of September so he’s unlikely to get off to a flier and the doubts about his ability to live up to the price tag would continue until then.

Late October may bring some respite as Jupiter is square Sterling’s Sun, a transit that returns in March and June 2016, but the big problem is Saturn’s conjunction with his Sun between February and April.

How to deal with all this ? Capricorn Research will adopt the weather man’s back up position by saying that Sterling has a 50 % chance of facing a spell out being injured between February and April, probably with thigh problems.

There is a 25% chance of him feeling tired but probably only 2% chance of him admitting it. There is also a 10 % chance of him moving again next summer, probably on loan, but only a 0.001 % chance of that loan taking him back to Anfield.

I like the sound of this, it could herald a completely new direction in astrological prediction.


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