The Giants of European Club Football – Mutable Signs Dominate

If you ask any astrologer what their biggest frustration is, the answer is likely to be inaccurate and unreliable birth times. It is the bane of most of our lives, but at least personal astrology works from the simple standpoint of birth. Many people may not know their times but the vast majority know their dates.

When it comes to Mundane astrology, things get a bit more tricky. Most countries have a few different birtcharts. When discussing the political fortunes of our own country its a toss up whether to use the 1066 chart or the 1801 UK one. Recent attempts by Capricorn Research to get his head round the current Greek / EU standoff has been seriously complicated by so many possible charts to use for both the country and the institution.

This is nothing compared to the situation surrounding football clubs. Usually a search for the foundation of a club merely yields a year, never mind a day. Now Capricorn Research likes nothing better than a bit of idle rectification, but sod that for a game of soldiers.

So previously predictions about our favourites have been purely based on the charts of their respective managers, an approach that has worked fairly well in the past, not least last season when Jupiter’s transits to the charts of Jose Mourinho and Massimiliano Allegri yielded a decent return at the bookies.

But since we have a long close season with no major tournaments to consider, I need something more diverting than speculating about fantasy transfer swap deals, so have decided to try and get some clarity on this issue.

Early research reveals that we lag some way behind the big continental clubs when it comes to set up charts. The two Spanish giants, both Milan clubs, Juventus, Bayern and Ajax not only have foundation dates but times as well. How reliable such times are for institutions that began over a century ago is a moot point, but at least they are trying.

It all just goes to show that the Brits might have invented the game, but when it comes to understanding the fundamental principle of football, we have no idea.

So what are we left with ?

The charts of their first competitive match work very well for international teams as can be seen in the following articles – The Astrological History of International Football. The trouble with applying the same principle to the clubs means the likelihood of them all being Virgos because the season invariably starts then.

Recently I have been looking at the chart of Liverpool prompted by some nagging worries about Saturn and Neptune’s upcoming transits. But which chart ? The date for foundation is 15th March 1892.

Liverpool founded

Wikepedia gives the date that the club was officially recognised as June 3rd 1892

Liverpool recognised

And their first match was played on Sep 3rd.

Liverpool 1st match

What to make of this state of affairs ?

There is some similarity between them. The Sun in the first chart is exactly opposite the Moon in the second one.

The Sun in the second chart is closely square to the Sun in the third one.

But perhaps the most interesting thing is that all 3 Suns are in Mutable signs with the last two being in aspect to Neptune and Pluto. In fact many of the world biggest clubs have formation charts that have the same features.

The great Neptune / Pluto conjunction in Gemini lasted from 1885 to 1898 and so coincided with the early days of football and its not surprising that it forms part of many of the charts of these clubs, but the fascinating thing is that so many of them had their Suns and even Moons in major aspect to this conjunction.

Real Madrid

Although technically Real Madrid came into being after the conjunction, the position of Mars in this chart brings Neptune and Pluto together. The Sun in Pisces is square to Pluto. For more information on the Madrid chart see Real Madrid – The Finest Football Team that the World has ever seen

It’s difficult to rank club sides in terms of how big they are without a certain amount of subjectivity being involved but if we simply go on the basis of how many European Cups they have won, 2nd place goes to A C Milan.

A C Milan

Here we have both lights in Mutable signs with the Moon in the middle of the Neptune / Pluto conjunction and the Sun in opposition to it in Sagittarius.

In joint 3rd place with 5 wins each we have Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Liverpool.

Bayern Munich

Bayern’s chart is very similar to the Madrid one. Both clubs have the Sun in Pisces conjunct Mars. Their Suns are both the apex of a T square involving a Uranus / Pluto opposition. Both Moons are in early Aquarius in aspect to Jupiter.


Its only fitting that Real’s great rival Barcelona has a stellium in Sagittarius in antagonistic square aspect to Madrid’s Sun and Mars. This stellium is also aligned opposite both Neptune and Pluto.

Next with 4 victories comes the Dutch side Ajax


Yet again the Sun is in Pisces with a square aspect to Neptune. Mars is also in Pisces again at the apex of a T Square including Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter.

With 3 victories we have Inter Milan and Man Utd.

Inter Milan

Although Inter were formed later in 1908, we still have the Sun in Pisces square to Pluto. The Moon is also in a Mutable sign, Gemini conjunct Pluto.

There is fascinating synastry between the great Milanese rivals. The Inter Sun is square Milan’s Sun. Their Moons are in conjunction in Gemini which is even more symbolically appropriate as they share the same home stadium, which would be the province of the Moon.

As with Liverpool, the formation chart of Man Utd is less clear. The club was formed as Newton Heath in 1878, but in 1902 financial problems forced them to wind up but the team captain at the time came together with some other investors to save the club and it was renamed as Manchester United on 24th April 1902.

Man Utd

This chart puts the Sun in Taurus, a Fixed sign but Venus is in Pisces at the apex of a Mutable T Square involving Uranus and Pluto.

United’s first match was at the beginning of the following season.

Man Utd first match

Here the Sun is in another Mutable sign, Virgo again at the apex of a Pluto / Uranus T square.

There are so many clubs that have won the European Cup once or twice that its hard to use that as a ranking of the biggest and best.

Although they’ve only won it once, Chelsea would undoubtedly consider themselves to be one of the world’s leading clubs.


Yet again the Sun is in Pisces as part of a T square involving Pluto and Uranus and Neptune. Whats more the Moon is there as well conjunct Pluto in Gemini.

Amongst the German clubs, Borussia Dortmund has the 2nd highest pedigree after Bayern.

Borussia Dortmund

Although formed later in 1909, Dortmund has both the Sun and Moon in a Mutable T Square involving Pluto.

Another one with a proud European Cup history that was formed later was the portuguese giant Benfica


Yet again we have the Sun in Pisces in square to Pluto.

So out of the top ten European Clubs all ten of them have a formation chart with the Sun in a Mutable sign in aspect to Pluto. Six of these Suns are in Pisces, the sign of the foot. Five of them have the Moon included as well, and Five have it as part of a T square pattern.

In fact the only realistic claimant to be a really big club that doesn’t have the Sun in a Mutable sign in aspect to Pluto is Juventus.

If the size of club was simply down to who has the wealthiest owners, Man City would surely be in with a shout.

Man City

Of course City have no real tradition to speak of so they don’t have the required Mutable Sun. But the Moon is in Virgo in opposition to Venus in Pisces as part of a T Square including Pluto

The only English club to have reasonable grounds for being upset about being left out is Arsenal.


Staggeringly the Gunners also have the Sun and Moon in Mutable signs but because they were formed a decade or so before most of the others, their lights do not aspect Pluto. This must be the reason why they always qualify for the Champions League, but will never, ever win it.

So what does all this explosive mutability mean ? Capricorn Research has no idea but perhaps it sits well with Harry Redknapp’s view that football tactics is unnecessarily complicated and all that’s required ” is to f***ing run about a lot “.

What does it mean for next year’s Champions League ? Well Jupiter is in Virgo, another Mutable sign so its suggests that the 2016 competition will be a massive scrap between them all.

But Jupiter goes into Libra at the beginning of the 2016 – 17 season, leaving Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius casting evil square aspects.

In fact for some this process has already started. Bayern Munich have already had glimpses of Neptune conjunct their Sun twice coinciding with humiliating defeats to Real and Barcelona in the last two seasons. This will continue next season with the added problem of Saturn.

Bayern manager Pep Guardiola will no doubt be blamed for all this and will regret not taking the chance to escape to the Premier League.

So maybe 2017 gives some other club a chance for once.

Capricorn Research can see it all now, after an extremely disappointing season with Bayern Munich, Pep’s star will have faded to the point where none of the big boys will be interested in him and he will be forced to take over the managership at Vicarage Road.

By then, the mighty hornets will have got through another 4 more managers as usual but will have qualified for the Champions League by finishing above City, United and Liverpool who will all have some kind of Neptune transits to deal with.

In early June of that year Jupiter is exactly conjunct Guardiola’s Moon / Uranus. So Watford FC win the Champions League.


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