Sir Alex Ferguson and the Astrology of Football Management

How does someone manage a team of footballers ?

According to many players its all about knowing when to administer a swift kick up the backside and when to put an arm round the shoulder. Most people would be able to manage both movements but the skill apparently is in knowing when and with whom.

Astrologically a kick would be a Mars activity and the ability to deliver it swiftly and decisively would be best in its own sign Aries.

The nurturing arm round the shoulder would be down to the Moon and to do it in a paternalistic way Jupiter would be needed and for friendly encouragement, Gemini.


Sir Alex Ferguson


Interesting then that the man regarded as the finest manager of all, Sir Alex Ferguson has both Mars in Aries and the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini. The famous Fergie hairdryer comes under Mars in Aries.

He also has the Sun in Capricorn a sign particularly recognized for organizational and managerial abilities.

Ferguson’s career is staggering in its achievements and longevity and an astrological study of the whole thing would be very interesting. In order to do this it’s helpful to have some understanding of the planets and what they mean.

Pluto is the most important and it stands for sudden and powerful change.  Pluto moves very slowly and it makes very few transiting aspects over a career, even one as long as Ferguson’s.

Jupiter is the principle of expansion and success, Saturn is the principle of limitation and therefore, in a sporting sense, trouble.

Uranus rules the unexpected and unconventional so it can come in handy to add a new dimension to things.

Neptune is creative inspiration but in an intangible way which is more useful in the world of the arts and can have a negative, dissolving and undermining effect in a results driven world like football.

The most important points in football charts are the Sun and Mars for the competitive nature. In Ferguson’s chart the Sun is in close aspect to his Ascendant so any transits of  Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune to Ferguson’s natal Sun, Mars and Ascendant should be considered.

The most important of all transits are Pluto to the Sun – no one will have more than two in a lifetime and they are always life defining watershed moments.

The stunning thing about Ferguson’s managerial career is that they marked both the beginning and end of it.  He became manager of East Stirlingshire in Jun 1974 moving to St Mirren in October of that year. Pluto created a powerful Tsquare with his Sun and Ascendant from the beginning of 1974 to August 1976.

He retired at the end of last season, the timing of which was a surprise to most people but not to Capricorn Astrology Research because Pluto was conjunct his Sun for 2013.

Ferguson moved to Aberdeen in June 1978 when Jupiter was opposite his Sun ( good transit ) and experienced great success there winning the Scottish Premier League in 1980, 84 and 85, with the Scottish Cup in 81,82,83,84 and 86 all in a country that had always been dominated by Rangers and Celtic.

Unbelievably Aberdeen beat Real Madrid to win the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983. The main transit for this period was Pluto opposite Mars ( extremely powerful  ) for 1981 – 2 with Jupiter conjunct his Sun ( very good ) in 1984.

Ferguson moved to United in 1986 but had no success for a few years. Neptune was opposite his Ascendant from 1986 to 88 and it was conjunct his Sun ( both very undermining ) from 1988 to 89.

Saturn was also conjunct the Sun ( as hard as it gets ) for 1989, so that year would undoubtedly have been his worst. This is an unfortunate combination as these two planets hadn’t been together in Capricorn for over 800 years.

In September 1989, United suffered a humiliating 5-1 defeat to Man City during an early season run  of 6 defeats and two draws in 8 games which had many journalists and supporters calling for Ferguson to be sacked. Neptune and Saturn were exactly conjunct his Sun for the City defeat.

It’s often said that Ferguson would have lost his job but for the goal by Mark Robins in a 1-0 win in the 3rd round of the FA Cup in January 1990. United went on to win the Cup that season and everything improved from there. Neptune and Saturn had moved on by then and were replaced by Uranus opposite the Ascendant during January and conjunct the Sun ( unexpected but favourable change ) at the end of the season.

The League title was finally won in 1993 when Jupiter was square the Asendant and the Sun ( again very good ).

United  won the double the following year with Uranus square Ferguson’s Mars ( inspiring ).

1995 was not a good year as Eric Cantona did his Bruce Lee impression at Selhurst Park at the end of January and was banned for the rest of the season. Neptune was square Mars ( debilitating ) from the end of January until June 1995 and United also managed to lose the League on the last day of the season.

This aspect was repeated from December 95 – January 96 when United found themselves 12 points behind Newcastle.

Jupiter came to the rescue in February 96 conjunct Fergie’s Sun ( excellent ) and United went on a run that saw them reach the top of the table by late March. They went on to win the title possibly aided by Kevin Keegan’s public outburst.

The next aspect was Saturn conjunct Ferguson’s Mars ( obstruction and limitation ) at the end of the 97-8 season, to which United responded by losing the title to Arsenal despite winning it 4 times in the previous 5 years. They also managed to get knocked out of the FA Cup by Barnsley and out of the Champions League by Monaco.

The following year saw United win the treble with Jupiter square the Sun ( superb ) in March including perhaps his greatest achievement winning the Champions League with Jupiter conjunct Mars ( powerful and dominant ) on the day. Anyone that saw United hit back with 2 goals in injury time after having been dominated by Bayern Munich for 90 minutes would have felt that fate had a major part to play and of course they would have been right.

Ferguson decided to retire in 2002 and announced his decision the year before, United had a poor year and the manager felt that the announcement had a negative impact on their performance.  He stayed on and they won the title back again in 2003. Pluto was opposite the Moon throughout 2002 -3 and given how Pluto / Sun aspects began and ended his career, its interesting that the only Pluto / Moon contact to occur happened when he threatened to retire.

Saturn was opposite Fergie’s Sun ( tough ) for the whole 2003 – 4 season, United won the cup but it was a disappointing season as they lost their title to Arsenal’s invincibles and got knocked out of Europe by Jose Mourinho’s Porto. The following season Mourinho’s Chelsea took over with Saturn square Fergie’s Mars ( challenging and difficult ).

The League was regained in 2007 and United did the double in 2008 aided by Jupiter conjunct his Sun ( very auspicious ) in January of that year repeating the aspect that brought him so much success at Aberdeen.  The record 19th title and Fergie’s 12th came in 2011 with Jupiter conjunct Mars ( dominant ) for the first half of May. This aspect had passed by the time of the Champions League final which they lost to Barcelona.

But perhaps the most dramatic result of all time occurred in the final minute of the 2011 – 12 season when United lost the title to their great rivals City as Sergio Aguero scored that goal.  This time the gods weren’t on Ferguson’s side as Saturn was opposite Mars ( frustration ) for most of the season and exact on the final day in May 2012 as well as for United’s 6-1 defeat by City at the end of Oct 2011.

And finally, to end it all Pluto conjunct his Sun in 2013.  As the great man himself once said – Astrology and ” Football, Bloody Hell ! ”


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