How to Predict Football Matches

Capricorn Research has always been interested in getting rich quickly. Unfortunately having no Jupiter to speak of and a very strong Saturn, this state of affairs is not likely to materialise this time round.

But there’s always the possibility of doing the research during this life, putting it online and coming back with more obvious material advantages next time round, to make the most of it.

This particular Capricorn is happy to do all the leg and brainwork to use the World Cup as an exhaustive testing method for assessing the accuracy of the Contests charts to predict the results of football matches.

They do say that generosity in this life will reap rewards in the next one so the findings will be shared with everyone. Readers with favourable Venus / Jupiter aspects and a few quid to spare, might like to take advantage of any insights gained to help us bankrupt William Hill and friends.

The Contest chart is a relatively simple method. It is based on a chart drawn for kick off of the match concerned.  The Ascendant is ascribed to the favourites and the 7th house cusp to their opponents. The relative strength of the rulers of these two signs together with the Moon’s applying aspects should show which way the match will go.

All predictions were announced on Twitter before the game and can be verified on my account.



PREDICTION  made  10 / 6

JU dignified in CA for favourites Brazil. ME ret for Croatia. Moon rising in reception JU. Brazil win

Brazil v Croatia

Result   Argentina  1  Iran  0

This was a fascinating game, with the strong favourites Argentina expected to crush Iran but only winning thanks to a Lionel Messi goal in the last few minutes.  The Moon makes no aspects to either Venus or Mars so no prediction could be made.

Astrology  15 – 2  CR  10 – 4


PREDICTION  made 20 / 6

Moon is separating from 90 JU and applying 60 ME. A clear win for Ghana ! I know, crazy prediction.

Result  Germany  2  Ghana  2

This was a crazy prediction as Ghana were such underdogs that a win was 10 / 1 against, extraordinary odds for a two horse race and too good for Capricorn Research to miss.  The draw at 5 / 1 was taken as well so this chart brought financial rewards.

The Moon is separating from a square aspect to Jupiter for Germany and applying to a sextile to Mercury for Ghana. The aspects are very close as well. This has to be as clear an astrological pointer for the underdogs as possible.

In an amazingly entertaining 2nd half Ghana were ahead and had plenty of opportunities to win it but the Germans managed to haul them back for a draw.

This is the thing with an astrological chart. It can’t actually say who will win or lose, but it can show where the planetary energies are heading at any particular time, and its up to us to predict how that will manifest.

Despite saying Ghana would win, Capricorn Research feels that this draw was a result for this chart given the difference in the teams status

So Astrology  16 – 2,  CR  11 – 4.  Three games bet on so far, won on each of them.


PREDICTION  made 20 / 6

Moon is one of the significators again so will sit this one out.