Astrology and Sexuality Research

The Capricorn Astrology Research Project includes a section on Astrology and Sexuality.  A sample of 1787 Gay Men was taken from the Astro Databank between 2010 and 2013, 168 of the members of this sample were also in the 20,000 plus Public Figures group, but this should not be significant enough to alter the results of the research. It is important to note that this research would not necessarily provide a gay astrological signature. It would be pointing to a shared experience of the subjects of the sample. Most of the subjects were born before 1960 so much of their experience would have been affected by society’s reluctance to fully accept homosexuality.

Sexual expression is mainly the domain of Mars and Venus, so if there was a connection between the planets positions and homosexuality, it should be found in the sign placings of these two planets.



ARIES                       129

TAURUS                    122

GEMINI                     152

CANCER                    184

LEO                          177

VIRGO                       211

LIBRA                        158

SCORPIO                   174

SAGITTARIUS             127

CAPRICORN               126

AQUARIUS                 108

PISCES                      119

TOTAL                    1787

Gay Men Mars Sign Graph

The Standard Deviation of this distribution is                                          32.04

The Chi Square figure is                                                          9.44 E-12

so the chance of this distribution occurring by chance is                         0.0000000000944   %


ARIES                       174

TAURUS                    126

GEMINI                     154

CANCER                    177

LEO                          126

VIRGO                       196

LIBRA                        128

SCORPIO                   169

SAGITTARIUS             112

CAPRICORN               126

AQUARIUS                 176

PISCES                      123

TOTAL                    1787

Gay Men Venus Sign Graph

Standard deviation                                                                              28.36

Chi Square                                                                   1.20 E – 08

The chance of this distribution occurring by chance is                        0.000000120 %

Its obvious from the figures that there is a statistically very significant link between the sign placings of Venus and Mars and Gay Men.  The focus is very much on Virgo, Mars is there much more than any other sign with a score of over 40 % above the expected figure and Venus also top scores with over 30% above average.  The figures are strong enough to indicate a shared experience amongst Gay Men although its difficult to know exactly what this means. There are no similar correlations with the other important placings, Virgo scores are as expected for the Sun, low for the Moon and slightly above average for the Ascendant, so its fair to say that it’s not a general character trait.

The general description of the Virgo character is one that is quite reserved and hardworking, preferring to stay out of the limelight. It may be that with Mars and Venus scoring so highly in Virgo, a common experience for this subject group of Gay Men would be the need to keep their sexuality to themselves and avoid public displays of affection with their partners in the face of  society’s lack of acceptance over the years. It would be very interesting to conduct the same research amongst a group of younger subjects in ten years time to see whether society’s slowly growing acceptance of homosexuality would have an impact on the sign distribution of Mars and Venus.

Interestingly, the 2nd highest scoring sign for both Venus and Mars is Cancer and this is reflected in the Sun sign distribution. In the same sample the Sun in Cancer scored 181, which is 20 more than the next sign.  The classic description of  a Cancer is someone who is emotionally sensitive and receptive but is also aware of vulnerability and the need to protect both the self and those in close relationship. The placing of Venus and Mars in Cancer may also be a response to society’s reactions rather than a true signature of gay sexual expression.

The house position of the Sun is also very significant for this sample.



1st                       197

2nd                      138

3rd                       176

4th                       147

5th                       124

6th                       113

7th                       136

8th                       123

9th                       112

10th                     138

11th                     162

12th                     221

Total                  1787

Gay Men Sun House Graph

Standard deviation                                                                               34.07

Chi Square                                                                     1.14 E – 13

The chances of this distribution occurring by chance                            0.000000000000114

The findings for this group are similar to that of the 20,000 plus Public Figures in that the 12th house is the strongest and there is a much greater score on the Eastern side of the chart than the Western side.  If anything the Gay Men group score higher for the Sun in the 12th or 1st houses.  Generally speaking, the emphasis on 1st and 12th houses creates someone whose life experience is more driven and shaped by personal issues as opposed to a 6th or 7th house emphasis which requires the individual to take greater account of the issues of a partner. This may be affected by society’s views on marriage as civil partnerships have only recently been recognised.

Other significant findings are the aspects of Mars to Jupiter and Saturn.  Mars is opposite Jupiter in 120 cases and conjunct Saturn in 111 where the expected figure for both is 79. Mars opposite Jupiter can produce an extravagant sexual appetite and an attitude of exploration and experimentation. Mars conjunct Saturn can bring about a restriction and limitation to sexual expression. Although these two aspects seem to be opposites it is possible to see them working together, particularly if the Saturn principle is seen to be restraint imposed from the outside by social conventions.

Another result of the research is the particularly high score of 125 for Mercury in conjunction with the Ascendant with the same expected figure of 79. It is a widely accepted view that most gay men are more openly communicative than heterosexual men. Mercury rising would back up that assumption.

Capricorn Research also has a collection of 390 charts of Lesbian Women and there are some similarities. Venus and Mars both score  41 in Virgo.   Mars, however, is most common in Leo with a score of 46 and Venus in Cancer with 47.  The Sun scores highly in the 1st house with 43 but highest in the 11th house with 50. The expected figure for all these placings would be 32.5.

Mars opposite Jupiter also scores high in the Lesbian group but Mars conjunction Saturn is extremely high with over twice the expected figure. Mars conjunction Uranus also makes a significant appearance with nearly 70% above the expected figure and this is probably the aspect that most astrologers would expect as a signature of Lesbian Women. All of  these findings in the Lesbian group are statistically significant but not off the scale like figures in the Gay Men group because the sample is much smaller.

There are a number of planetary placings that feature quite consistently in the charts of the 1787 Gay Men in this sample. Capricorn Research is always on the lookout for accurate birth data as it would be interesting to replicate this research over a larger sample particularly using younger people.


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27 thoughts on “Astrology and Sexuality Research

    • Thanks for your message. Much appreciated. Yes I would have thought Uranus too, but apart from a slight bump on Mars conjunct Uranus and Sun square it, the planet doesn’t seem to feature higher than average in my sample.
      It plays a much bigger role in Lesbian charts with Venus and Mars conjunct Uranus particularly strong.

  1. Regarding Mars and Venus through the zodiac signs: You have forgotten to take the consequences of Venus’ and Mars’ retrograde movements into account. If you make a statistic with random data, you will see that the graph for Venus forms a pentacle, i.e. a 5th harmonic graph, just like the one appearing in your data set.

    Similarly, Mars has a 1st harmonic with the phase in 0 degrees Virgo, meaning that Leo and Virgo will have the highest score, and Aquarius and Pisces will have the lowest score in a random data set.

    Honestly, your results does not seem to show statistical significance for Mars and Venus through the signs. At least you ought to compare your results with what is truly expected, instead of expecting the positions to be evenly distributed among the 12 signs.

    • Your observations are welcome. I would be interested to see data which shows that Venus and / or Mars are more likely to occur in some signs than others. I would be grateful if you would forward me some relevant links.

      • My knowledge about these things stems from a research project, which I published in 1995 in a Danish astrology magazine. The project was about musicians – thousands of them – divided in 3 different categories: Conductors, singers and composers. I have many times thought that it was a good idea, if I had the entire project published on the Internet, because it would be very educational, revealing the many pitfalls in astrological research, but so far I haven’t managed to do it. In 1995 Internet wasn’t really an option. One of the most striking things that the musicians’ project showed, was that musicality is very much associated to the 5th harmonic and its sub-harmonics in all 3 circles: Zodiac, diurnal and aspect circle.

        My best advice to any researcher in astrology is always to make random data experiments, every time you do any kind of research. Yes, it is hard work – but isn’t that what Saturn and Capricorn is all about? 😉 Other pitfall harmonics for planets in the zodiac caused by planetary movement are Jupiters 11th harmonic and Mercury’s 3rd harmonic.

        And then you should be careful with Sun signs, especially when it comes to team sports. Take soccer for example. If the season starts 1st of August and the children has to be at least 7 years old, when they start to play soccer, who will then be considered to have the greatest football talents in such a young age – and hence receive plenty of attention and future training options? Answer: The biggest and most bodily developed children will be the winners, i.e. the ones who are almost 8 years old, when the season starts. If somebody changes the date the season starts, a different sun sign will dominate your astrological statistic for soccer players, but it won’t be due to astrology, instead it is an artificially (or rather culturally) created pitfall.

      • Thanks for your observations. As you can imagine I do have control groups of my own, but hadn’t detected the things you suggested particularly not with Mars, although Venus does show a slight emphasis on Virgo. I will create some more random control groups and check again.

        Your research into classical musicians sounds very interesting. I have some interesting findings about classical singers. See for more details.

        I am aware of the Sun sign situation around footballers, the results are largely due to the age children are when they start school. Although the very top footballers still have a extremely high score in Scorpio, even taking into account the other factors.

  2. This is a general comment to the research published at “Capricorn Astrology Research”:

    – At first I did the same you have done here. I counted planetary positions in signs and houses and planetary aspects. I started in 1987.

    – Soon after I discovered harmonics – ref. “Harmonics in astrology” by John Addey. A whole new world opened to me – a new way of thinking astrology. This was in the beginning of the 1990s.

    – Then in 1997 I discovered neural networks (= artificial intelligence). Neural networks will save you from a lot of tedious work in the quest of finding the astrological signature of a defined category (profession, longevity, sexuality – you name it.)

    – The experiments with the neural networks convinced me that I had to rectify the charts before using them in research. I had always rectified my clients’ charts, before providing any astrological service, using the Heinrich Kündig rectification method. The neural networks experiments lead me to the conviction that the time-dependent factors in a chart are much more important than the factors, which only depend on a date – like e.g. the planets in signs. Rectifying charts is hard, tedious and time-consuming work – but also very rewarding. On average it takes me one or two hours to rectify a chart, and I need at least 300-400 rectified charts, before I have enough for the astrological signature of a specific category.

    – Finally – that is where I am now – it is important for each rectified chart to determine which two planets are the strongest in that particular chart. I use newly discovered Eris as the ruler for Taurus and newly discovered Makemake as the ruler of Virgo, so that each sign has its own ruler. If for instance an input chart has the Sun and Venus as the strongest rulers, I only compare the input chart with other celebrity charts, who also has either the Sun or Venus as the strongest ruler. If I don’t do that, there is a huge risk that time represented by the slowest moving planets will become an error source. Instead of identifying the input chart with a chart of the same category, the input chart will be identified with another chart close in time – like when the input chart has Scorpio rising and the birth was in 1963, then the neural network will be distracted by other charts with Scorpio rising and births in 1963 – unless I limit the comparisons to the charts with the same two strongest planets.

    There was an astrologer, who once preached the KISS idea – “keep it simple, stupid!” I disagree totally. Yes, you have to keep your astrology simple to your customers for commercial reasons – make it a kind of black box – but when you model a complex phenomena like an individual, the model must also be complex.

    The problem is of course that when you make your astrological model of an individual complex very complex and abstract in order to make it handy and generic, you distance yourself not only from the customers but also from your colleagues. In other words: When I try to communicate my astrological ideas, nobody understands, what I talk about. But I hope that you understand me when I say that my technology enables me to do a blind test for certain categories (at the present moment male business managers, female actors and solo athletes of both genders) with a precision of 90-95%, and it is only a matter of time, before I can incorporate other categories or increase the precision.

    I assume that it is every research astrologer’s wet dream or holy grail quest to identify the astrological signature for one or more categories.

    • Most interesting. I like doing rectifications and treat it as an astrological challenge. I wouldn’t climb that it is scientific however, and certainly wouldn’t use it in research as it would be rejected straight away.

      My own approach both to astrological work and to research is the KISS model. I firmly believe that 20 % of the chart placements and aspects cause 80 % of the issues in a person’s life and I think that any astrologer who can get near 80 % right is doing very well indeed.

  3. The question is: Do we as astrologers need scientific approval? Leading astrologer Bernadette Brady thinks “No!” Read her excellent article “The Newtonian Merry-go-round” here:

    Lately I have been reading Richard Tarnas’ book “Cosmos and Psyche”, which I agree with totally. According to Tarnas science and astrology operates from two different paradigms. According to Tarnas, astrology assumes that the entire universe has intelligence and soul (“anima mundi”), while modern science do not. He calls the two views of the world “romantic” versus “rational”. And he points out that our culture can contain both views, like when we go to church and pray while at the same time listen to scientists in other situations, even though the two views are in opposition to each other.

    I believe astrological research should not reflect the way rational science thinks, instead it should reflect the way astrology is conducted in practice, hence the rectifications. Astrology’s popularity peaked around 1990, and at that time the Heinrich Kündig rectification method was highly praised in the astrological community in Denmark, where I live. So I learned to use the method believing that all astrologers in the world used it. It always surprises me how accurate my predictions are, once the chart has been properly rectified – I can describe a client’s present situation in detail at a consultation even though I have only talked briefly with the client on the phone to obtain the necessary information to set up and rectify a chart.

    Anyway, due to the rectifications my research is conducted very slowly, but I update the results regularly at The idea is that astrology will only be accepted, once a sufficiently large number of people have experienced how precise and accurate astrology can be – not when scientific authorities have accepted astrology.

    • As astrologers I would say we don’t need scientific approval, but there are billions of people out there who need to know that serious astrology works. We don’t need them, but they do need us.

      • Scientists who are strong Positivists hate astrology to the point of fanaticism because it challenges their rigid belief system. A belief system rooted in the Newtonian scientific paradigm. Carl Sagan, for instance, mocked astrology because the planets cannot influence human behavior in the sense of normal gravitational forces. But there is an emerging scientific paradigm, one can call it the Quantum paradigm; within which is more than conceivable that there might be planetary influence but, say, at the quantum level. For now science is in the dark about the latter, only Physicists are into non-Newtonian research methods. Just like in the time of Galileo, pure obscurantism trashing the valuable insight into human behavior of astrological analysis.

  4. You wrote: “Thanks for your observations. As you can imagine I do have control groups of my own, but hadn’t detected the things you suggested particularly not with Mars, although Venus does show a slight emphasis on Virgo. I will create some more random control groups and check again.”

    I strongly recommend that you do harmonic analysis both on control group data and the data itself. Once you have done that you will get a completely different “feeling” for the data at hand. Harmonic analysis is also called Fourier analysis – invented / discovered by Joseph Fourier (1768-1830), but applied to astrology by John Addey (1920-1982).

  5. There is a parallel between astrology and e.g. psycho-analysis. Sigmund Freud wanted psycho-analysis to be a genuine science, but the universities have never really accepted psycho-analysis. Nevertheless, psycho-analysis has spread out all over the world. At first artists (like the surrealists) saw something in psycho-analysis and used it in their art expression, later psycho-analysis was spread from Europe to the Americas, because the nazis persecuted the practitioners of psycho-analysis as “Jewish”. Personally I see all violence in the world as an expression of the Oedipus-complex described by Freud: When a person kills another person it is in most cases caused by anger against the father (astrologically: Saturn), i.e. an inner drama in the muderer. The point is that just like with psycho-analysis astrology will always survive, even if it is never recognized by science, because astrology contains something valuable for our understanding of ourselves and the rest of the world.

    • I’m not worried about Astrology surviving. Of course it will, it’s vastly bigger than all of us. I’m concerned about the unnecessary suffering of billions of people caused mainly by the ignorance of Astrology.

  6. Listen, I am Capricorn myself, and I might be even more so than you. I cannot tell what you innermost motives are, I can only talk for myself, and I have spent a large amount of my life trying to make my astrology more scientific – because I desired the respectability and authority that I believed science might provide to astrology and to me as an astrologer. Your motives might be the same, but I cannot tell for sure. Today I realize that this desire was shallow, worldly and rooted in a materialistic way of thinking. It was only when I gave up this desire, that I was able to actually do something valuable with astrology. It was only then I was able to hear and feel the spiritual guidance, which made my life more easy.

    And honestly, I don’t believe anybody suffers because they are ignorant of astrology. I talked about the Oedipus complex before as the root of all evil in the world. The Oedipus complex only appears in patriarchal societies (Capricorn & Saturn again!), when mature men oppress women and even their own offspring theirby causing immense suffering and tragedy not only to others but also to themselves. That was the situation in ancient Greece – and the entire Mediteranian area, when the story about Christ (another Capricorn) appeared. Jesus Christ (I don’t believe he has ever lived, the gospels are myths, nothing more) solved the Oedipus complex once and for all by sacrificing himself instead of rebelling against the fatherly authorities (Capricorn and Saturn again), thereby showing all of us a way of out of our captivity caused by too much materialism. That is the mystery of the cross. Until then people thought the only solution was to return evil with evil – thereby repeating their fathers’ sins. Only through Christ (read Saturn & Capricorn) can we achieve real freedom from all kinds of suffering. Astrology is one of the rewards from fulfilling the Saturn requirements, it is not a means to stop suffering, it cannot be.

    This is of course merely my experience, my opinion and my belief – totally subjectively. It is the truth as I see it, but other may not share my view in this case.

  7. Jesus Christ (I don’t believe he has ever lived, the gospels are myths, nothing more) I think this statement Esklid has just put me off listening to anything else you have to say! LOL There is more evidence for Jesus than any other ancient figure in world history. I could write al long list of evidential historical proof but I think your mind maybe is already made up? I have had a personal experience of Christ as have many other Christians. It wasn’t subjective but a real supernatural experience. I know the church has done a lot of damage to Christ’s true message of healing, love and forgiveness. But do not give up Jesus….He might just shock you! God Bless Steve

  8. Hi skjones777. You wrote: “… I think this statement Esklid has just put me off listening to anything else you have to say!” But if you close your eyes and ears to any argument in opposition to your faith, the result is that you become blind and deaf – like any other fundamentalist believer. I don’t believe that is something to strive for. If on the other hand your faith is strong, you wouldn’t have to close your eyes and ears to any argument in opposition to your faith.

    Anyway, I base my statement that “the stories about Jesus are myths” and “Jesus has never lived” on this book from 1999: “The Jesus Mysteries: Was the “Original Jesus” a Pagan God?” by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy:

    This is the prehistory: For 10 years I tried to solve the mystery of setting up the chart for Jesus Christ. I looked up any source I could find on the historic Jesus, only to become more and more confused. I used my notes to write a script of 125 pages, which I was ready to publish. I was really sharp on the facts and the contradictions regarding the historic Jesus-person, when I read “The Jesus Mysteries” – and then all the pieces fell into place. I don’t think my 10 years research had been made in vain, instead my effort prepared me for the shock and made me ready to accept, what I see as the truth today.

  9. Moon opposing Neptune, Mars opposing Jupiter and Venus or Moon aspecting Uranus seem high indicators of homosexuality or bisexuality. Research has shown that Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio feature heavily in gay charts. Moon or Venus conjunct Uranus shows a lot of gay friends, even if the subject is not gay, possibly indicative of an open mind.

  10. The Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger had Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo and a 1st house Leo sun. He killed people because he was mad he couldn’t get a gf. But look around online and you’ll find MANY people who think he was actually secretly gay because of his effeminate features and his liking for fashion.

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