Suarez and Sturridge – the New SAS ?

With Liverpool’s encouraging start to the season much fuss has been made about the goal scoring partnership of returning bad boy Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. They have each scored 19 goals in their last 21 and 24 respectively and are clearly on fire but are they a real classic striking partnership. Sturridge has not been at Liverpool long and because of suspensions and injuries they haven’t actually played that often together. Most of their impressive goal tallys have been chalked up whilst their so called partner is in the stands rather than in tandem. The 5 goals that they have notched up between them in the last two games have been against the bottom two clubs but these facts haven’t stopped all and sundry jumping up and down to declare them the new SAS.

Strike partnerships are so rare these days as almost everyone plays with one up front and even Sam Allardyce toys with a 4 – 6 – 0 formation. There has to still be a question mark over whether they will both play in the biggest games or more likely one will play a withdrawn role. Still all this has got Capricorn Research to examine what makes a great strike partnership.

Strikers are such individualists really, the good ones are typically selfish and encouraged to be so. Central Defenders and midfielders obviously have to work as a unit but strikers are often a law unto themselves. Probably the most important thing for a pair of attackers would be an instinctive understanding of where the other will be and what kind of run he is about to make. Astrologically we are talking about the Sun and Moon relationship. If a No 10’s Moon is in aspect to a No 9’s Sun he will have that instinctive ability to picture his partner’s runs and to supply the perfect pass.

One problem with footballers Moons is the birthtimes are very seldom available so the analysis cannot be as precise as it should be as the Moon can move almost half a sign over 24 hours. It’s worth having a look though using the noon positions.
Suarez has the Sun at 5 Aquarius and the Moon at 16 Scorpio. Sturridge has both the Sun and Moon in Virgo. There are no astrological aspects between these two so the feeling is that they are both genuinely great individuals rather than a partnership.

Of course the whole SAS thing came from current MOTD regular Alan Shearer, who as we are reminded weekly was the highest ever premier league scorer and Chris Sutton. They teamed up as Blackburn Rovers funded by Jack Walker’s millions won the League. We do have a significant astro connection between these two as Shearer’s Moon in Sagittarius is square Sutton’s Pisces Sun and to return the compliment, Sutton’s Moon is square Shearer’s Sun. Two very different characters with career paths that were hardly similar but they did have an understanding even if it was just to get out of each other’s way as they banged goals in from all angles.

Many people’s favourite and probably the most successful strike partnership was that of Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush for Liverpool during their omnipotent period in the 80s. Dalglish’s Moon is square Rush’s Sun but the powerful link here is the probable conjunction of the former’s Sun and latter’s Moon in telepathic Pisces.

The strongest astrological link of any pairing was the other SAS partnership, the England one between Shearer and Teddy Sheringham. Both players had a Sun / Mars conjunction in Fire signs, Sheringham’s Moon is conjunct Shearer’s Sun in Leo. Their Suns and Moons are in trine and they have many more aspects between them than anyone else. Shearer said his relationship with Sheringham was much more instinctive than the one with Sutton ( which had to be worked at ).

So Shearer and Sheringham are the real SAS, Suarez and Sturridge don’t come close and may only be together for a short while until Madrid come calling.  Sturridge’s Sun is in opposition to Wayne Rooney’s Moon, however and we all hope this is enough to provide something for England this weekend as Roy Hodgson’s transits are not very encouraging.



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