Andros Townsend and the early days of the Space Race

To boldly go where no man has gone before ! Well not quite but watching Andros Townsend running like an arrow in a straight line in an England shirt was certainly a sight for very sore and tired eyes. They say that young people are fearless but try putting them in the England team for a vital World Cup qualifying match and most of them are suddenly faced with the awareness that they are a tiny insecure fleck of dust in a harsh and uncompromising Universe.

The whole Nasa / space monkey thing has been done to death now, but Townsend’s innocent and courageous charge at the rapidly retreating defences of Montenegro and Poland does remind us of the spirit that pioneered the early days of the space race.

At the moment Townsend can do no wrong even scoring goals when he doesn’t mean to like at Villa for Spurs at the weekend. Everyone’s asking what has brought about this sudden transformation from someone who’s been sent out on loan nine times to the next Gareth Bale. Surely it can’t be down to spending time with Harry Redknapp and a bunch of underperforming mercenaries at QPR.

The answer as always is very simple. Can we think of any other fast and direct goal scoring wingers that played for Tottenham who we’re born on the 16th July. As it turns out both Townsend and Bale have their Sun at 23 degrees Cancer.

Jupiter the most confident and optimistic of all of the planets is currently at 20 degrees Cancer and heading towards Townsend’s Sun. Jupiter is also the planet of space travel so Andros Townsend is no doubt feeling the same rush of energy that propelled man into the unknown 50 years ago.

Townsend’s Jupiter / Sun transit certainly carried England through to avoid the dreaded black hole of the playoffs. His transits overcame any concerns about England manager Roy Hodgson’s Saturn. Hodgson’ s transits did not affect the results but certainly took away any lingering credit that he may have received as they guaranteed all the attention would be on the absurd notion that Roy’s naive halftime joke had a racist subplot.

Maybe we’re all guilty of overestimating the role of the manager anyway. The notorious half time team talks that are supposedly so crucial are probably not much more than expletive ridden crockery propulsion and now it turns out the manager of the national team is just like a grandad telling obscure old jokes at Christmas to a bunch of teenagers that are rapidly losing the will to live.

Things will calm down a bit for Townsend as Jupiter starts going backward from November 7th. Those crosses may not find their way in at the far post for a while but England won’t mind. The good news for the national team is Jupiter starts going forward again in March and is finally conjunct his Sun in June just in time for the group stage in Brazil. Maybe he will save Hodgson from his own Saturn transits again. Maybe Spurs will sell him at the end of the season. If Daniel Levy is up to his usual tricks he’s probably on the phone to his mate Perez at Madrid right now saying he really has got the next Ronaldo and offering Townshend in exchange for 100 million and the Welsh one with the bad back.



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